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Ranking for Program Players with Subscription
Ranking for Program Players with Subscription
Ranking for Program Players with Subscription
I would like to suggest that in the game of checkers and chess there should also be a leaderboard for program players with a subscription, as there is currently only for players without a program at Flyordie.

I hope that Flyordie will reach more people who will also buy a subscription with a program.

Both players will be satisfied with this and I hope there will be peace and quiet during games.

I'm asking all players for their opinion on this proposal!!
It's fine to have leaderboards for program users, but they should make them point out that they use program so other players can avoid them. If they don't point out that they are using it and play with program they should be banned (or get a warning at least before ban)

I know it's hard to monitor those many players since  "cheat-detect-system" is not perfect. But there are so many users that are using chessbot (see the link) :
 This is so obviouse and still they are not forced to point out that they are using computer assistance ( i can report every single one of them ) but  flyordie team has to do some work too

They are ruining the game for others. 

Some better structure should be implemented to solve this problem. 
I am aware it takes resuources and time to solve this, but i think it is worth considering some changes becouse it really is a big problem.
I was hoping that more players would participate. It would be beneficial for everyone here. I see at the moment at checkers a lot of people have understood how to play fair play, but for certain people the crown is important to admit cheating, yet she claims to play without a program, but in 2018-2020 she always used a program.
Thank you Ivan and other players for your comment here.
I don't see why not as the devs should be able to easily implement a leader board for "flagged" computer assisted accounts.  Seems fair enough. I would vote for that.