Rules of Use

Without respect toward others, no online community can function properly. Please be aware you are entering a community comprised of different age groups, heritages, races, social levels and educational backgrounds.

By registering as a user of FlyOrDie games the user accepts the rules declared in this document.

Epilepsy Caution: If you or any member of your family has a history of epilepsy, consult a physician before using this service or any other computer game product.

You use the games at your own risk.


All game rooms and forums are moderated. Moderators do their activity on a voluntary basis, for free, on the request of FlyOrDie. Their primary task is to assure normal conversation between the users. Following this, moderation is subjective, rules will be applied in a manner that appears unfair to someone in some cases.

The number of moderators is small, so they cannot be present in each of the rooms all the time. Therefore we ask you that if you see a player with a behaviour that - in your opinion - comes into conflict with one of the rules described in this document - it hinders cultured conversation - then notify the moderators by sending a message to the moderators, preferably with a screenshot.

  1. Nicknames

    Players at FlyOrDie can register their nickname to prevent others from using that nickname.
    You must not choose a nick which (including those that in any way look like, sound like, stand for, hint at, abbreviate, or insinuate any of the following)

    1. is similar to another nick already existing on the FlyOrDie forum or games.
    2. is an obscene expression or graphics.
    3. incites hatred on the basis of race, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, political view or other personal characteristic..
    4. refers to body parts or sexuality.
    5. is abusive by profanity or used to harass.
    6. calls to or applies to unlawful action.
    7. is a form of advertising.
    8. indicates that you are an employee or representative of FlyOrDie.
    9. interferes other's reasonable interests.

    No context spelling of any offensive matter to slide by our rules. All such names will be deleted and made unregistrable. Please remember to keep your Username clean, fun and free from any wordplay that would be considered offensive to any community member.

  2. Cheating

    Any form of unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated, FlyOrDie reserves the right to reset points to zero and/or ban your nickname for this offence.

    It includes:

    1. artificially adjusting your rating (resetting, banking, playing another of your other nicknames ...)
    2. operation jumping
    3. encouraging your opponent to leave the match
    4. intentionally losing in favour of your opponent
    5. accepting your opponent's behaviour who is intentionally losing
    6. using another user's nickname to participate in the scheduled tournaments
    7. using more than only 1 nickname in a same scheduled tournament

    Using a computer program with board games

    Using a computer to decide your moves in a board game (specifically chess, checkers, reversi, gomoku, nine men's morris, go, four in a row, pente and backgammon) on FlyOrDie is allowed.
    FlyOrDie members have the right to know if they are playing against a computer. Therefore FlyOrDie uses a system - including analysis of client computing environment - to detect suspected program use, which will be indicated on the concerned player's info screen with a small icon.

  3. Conduct

    No player is allowed to direct personal attacks and/or vulgarity toward other players. You should be able to state your opinion without the use of inappropriate wording.

    The following are not tolerated:

    1. Criticizing others rather than their views and actions
    2. Offending a nick with vulgar language
    3. Inciting hatred on the basis of race, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, political view or other personal characteristic.
    4. Concealed or unconcealed advertisement
    5. Disclosing another individual's personal circumstances without their consent.
    6. Being abusive by profanity or harassing.
    7. Calling to or applying to unlawful action.
    8. Referring to body parts or sexuality.
    9. Obstructing the moderators in doing their job.
    10. Behaviour that interferes other's reasonable interests.
    11. Using other's account or creating accounts for other users.
    12. Lending your nickname to other players (please also see 5.5)
    13. Attempting to mislead users by indicating that you represent
    14. Making false reports to FlyOrDie staff members or moderators.
    15. Harassing, threatening, embarrassing, or doing anything else to another member or guest that is unwanted.
    16. Using, developing, promoting, or communicating the existence of a program that grants the user unnatural or unintended benefits in game or that alters performance of the game.
    17. Attempt to solicit account information from other players.
    18. Asking other users personnel details for abuse (personal e-mails, phone numbers ...)
  4. Forum

    All messages ruining cultural conversation will be deleted.

    Apart from the rules in section 3., in the forums these are considered as inappropriate as well:

    1. Technical destruction: large pictures, empty messages or any other action which changes the size of the forum or hinders its regular use.
    2. Content destruction: aggressive or offtopic messages hindering cultured conversation strikingly and intentionally
    3. Flooding: if a message is unintentionally posted more then one time, then all instance except one will be deleted. Intentional flood means if one posts a message in more then one instance or topic.
    4. Copying back a message, or parts of a message, which was deleted by the moderators may result in permanent banning.
  5. Banishment
    1. Moderators must restrict the rights of users who are intentionally or repeatedly hindering cultured conversation. The ban may be temporary or permanent.
    2. FlyOrDie reserves the right to immediately ban access to any account for violations of our rules. You may lose your account with no refund.
    3. A player attempting to damage the reputation of our site will be excluded from the games indefinitely and their player account(s) suspended or closed permanently.
    4. FlyOrDie has the right to ban a player from the games for any reason where they suspect adverse effects will be felt by FlyOrDie and/or its members.
    5. FlyOrDie will not tolerate using multiple nicknames in order to avoid banishments. Offenders of our rules might face permanent banishments on all nicknames used by them (please also see 3.12).

FlyOrDie does not endorse a player's view expressed in the game rooms or forums.

Players are encouraged to report any activity, which breaches the rules for using the games.


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