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FOD tourneys
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FOD tourneys
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FOD tourneys
I've just spoke with one man and he asked me an interesting question :"who won most of all FOD tourneys?"
I am interesting this too.Put the number of you FOD tourneys won in this topic. TY.

I won 11.

5 snooker pros 4 8ball and 6 9ball trnies
Well in Tanx where the comepition is not quite as deep as in Billiards the record is 27 I believe.
I have 1 win (pro snooker), lol.

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92, but thats only if you count 1 name. 12 if you dont.
92;\ i think they mean system tournies
your no way near good enough to win 1
I played 3, won 3, and got bored.:p I don't get anything for winning.:(
lol What does it matter most people have gotten Demerits in the past , why go into the tourney's for nothing , you are right Hara it get's really boring ive played in like 10 won 5 but its nothing to brag about , I think of these tourneys as people that want crown beside their name in a quicker fashion , thats why you see alot of people make a new name just for the tourney , it's just so they can see how it looks with crown.
lol Real man it aint the reason at all.  people make new names and use em cos in tornys people play anyone its about the red rating not the normall rating so they do this to get they new name off to a flying start 
since when did snooker lite have system tourneys? 
Before Snooker Pro was "Snooker"

Liam, its called a Joke. Sorta like yer attitude. Always a punk, no matter the topic, I say this,someone gotta argue that, I say that, yer whinin' about this.
92, you really had to think I needed explaining,whelp?
I been runnin trny's for 2 years, with hardly a day off,Munch, I'm pretty sure I can tell what peoples are talkin about.
>I'm pretty sure I can tell what peoples are talkin about.

Good, cos I can't tell what you're talking about.