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No mods in french rooms
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Dear Moderators
No mods in french rooms
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Dear Moderators
No mods in french rooms
We really need a mod on the french rooms , there is always talking of racisme,swearing and insults..
All days i am on fod almost 18h/24h,and i see a lot of bad speaking in french rooms.
I have send a lot of screens (ss) to mod@fod.com,but thats not what we whant,we whant a real mod in our french rooms that will do a good job for fod..(like me) :)
If one day fod is looking for a multi language mod , i can talk french,netherlands,english and i'm also learning dutch,i'm here on fod since 21 march 2004 (with my 1st nick:Rushez Dj) and i'm all days on the pool games looking at all.
I will do a great job and i will not to disappoint fod.
This is one of the best games sites on the net , so please have fun all cause thats what we need in here. ;)

I thought they spoke dutch in the netherlands ?
You have nothing better to do than sit here 18h24 ?
 i tried to get a mod for the german rm, nothing happened :(
hope you'll have more success than me ;) gl :D 
18/24h bloody ell thts a record lol
actually after reading his post again i think hes implying he would be a good mod:(
Yeah yesterday he let his m8 won pts on pro tourney , he should be a very gd mod lmao.
Hmmm i dont think so Ok Man , do you know what means d/c ?
You didn t lose by dc so first shut up.

Then he asked u to collect some pts for your next games.

18h/24h worst than the fat mike, didn t think it was possible lmao.
you are really a sad person,i never give my points away, why should i ? And who is the player i give my points ?
I know the rules of FOD , so dont come over here to learn me the rules OK Man

And i dont say i play 18h24h on the game , but i'm just looking at all and everyone, i play maybe 5 games maximum on the day , so what now...
You gave it to your boss xtreme-ball lmao

If u dont play but just stay and watch 18h it s same u still on .
Hi Hitaf. Why don't you just take SSs 18h/24h and send them in? Then bad things still get punished, and we don't have to see you as a mod.
lmao Ok Man , xtreme-ball my boss , yeaaaa right , he's not my boss anymore since january . Oh , maybe you feel very sad because you lose on this snnoker pro tourney and you want do angry to me .....listen,i dont give my pts away....and absolutly not on sub tourney's.., xtreme-ball is a good player and i'm not...he play me so he won fair,on 8ball i'm maximum level (4) player...& xtreme is level (1) player , do you think i gonna win to this player ? absolutly not on snooker pro tourney lmao , i only got 20pts on snooker lol...never mind.
Hi Beppe , we really need mods in french room , do you think i really whant to send 100 SSs on a day ? 
>do you think i really whant to send 100 SSs on a day?

Well, as a mod you are going to have to deal with 100 SS sent ot you each day, so really what is the difference?
I think i prefer to receive them :)
So therefore being a mod is more important to you than getting the results :|

Il answer this post very quickly. French people, I have signed up to be a moderator.. I am french myself and i live in Canada.. Ive been playing for 2 years and they should pick me soon.. I just need as much support as i can...

See Ya!

Hey kadenator,

in this case you can count on me  ;)

Canadian cant understand french proper language.
no answer for my mod application , i'm french ...
>Canadian cant understand french proper language.
Sure they can, it's just that the French can't understand them.
The french swear words that young french people use now cant be understand by canadian.

Sry for you when canadian people talk french it looks like they are retards.
First I talk that as offense being both a Canadian and a french speaker(among other things). By your standard we will have to have mods that speak every dialect. I can attest that the swear words used by French Canadians and those used in the Parisian dialect of French are similar and would be equally recongized by both.
and i could apply to be a mod but i dont play the game in which you guys play so i dont know how fun it would be for me.
O yeah a canadian will understand " viens ici ma timp je vais te kene :)"?
I will not speak for other Canadians but I understood that. Ofcourse I lived in France for a few years so i may have an advantage.
Ok if u understood it then you have my support :p.
I dont know if I should apply though i dont play that game..