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Bloody-rain-chillo talk
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Bloody-rain-chillo talk
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Bloody-rain-chillo talk
yeah lets all talk here then.
lol. do u feel left out? its ok. u can talk to us. if chillo wont talk to u then i will.

No it's ok. I just thought it would be weird we always talked on the russian forum. :)
well thats ok rain. u can still join us. im sure chillo wouldnt mind.;)

lol. i was on saturday lookin for him and u but u guys werent on.
shut up.nobody aksed for ur opinion in here.
it says bloody-chill-rain talk. ur name is nowhere in there.
power go make your own thread if you want attention.
bloody, do you have school today? I'm just curious as to who else is lucky enough to have the whole week off instead of just three days. :D

I also had a really weird dream today about my SAT scores...lol.
yeah i have school. i have a half day on wednesday and then no school for thanksgiving. im gonna eat alot. then im gonna go swim off the pounds. lol. cant wait cant wait. pkus theres gonna be an AMERICAN football game goin too so ill watch that while the family's eatin away and drinkin away. lol. 
p.s i hope u did good in ur tests and sat's. i havent taken mine yet. they havent offered it yet. 
hi bloody :)
hi chillo :)

got 800 both both test! yah! no more stress before thanksgiving!! :D
good job rain! im proud of u. now u can realx and not worry

So what are you two planning to do for Thanksgiving? My parents already bought 2 enormous turkeys (21 and 22 lbs) and we're having a lot of guests tomorrow so it should be fun! fun! fun!

Do you all want to try chess? I think it's more fun than billiards.
chess is more fun than billiards? lmao
I wud be happy if ya wud write me an email bloody :)  U do?
it will be a very good thing that makes me happy!!!!
C ya
AWWWWWW HE'S IN LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Power i agree you are entitled to your option BUT when someone wants there own little thread ,it would be 
 to let them have it and be just them.If they wanted you in they would have posted it as "All are invited" or something. 

Posting no more on this thread.
legend im not fat at all. compare me to other grls and u would be surprised. chillo, i will write an email soon. i promise. luv ya. rain, i had a very good thnxgiving. 6 pies, 2 meats, and alot of other stuff. thnx lilm for the comment. 
WAT?!! i said i was gonna do it! now my dads gonna see that u sent me one! omg.
its ok. u didnt add me to messenger did u?

ok hun. u can come to any room now for a few mins?
by the way chillo can u post a pic of urself here? i cant tho. i dont have a decent pic

im sorry bloody, duno how I can put in one, I wud like more to send ya 1 in email.  if ya writin me back 1   thats also ok?
oh, now I seen ur mail..... I´ll wait sum days 
dont worry i will get u in. luv lots.
I hope you guys didn't leave. :(
I dont. Im just a bit worried bout bloody
y u worried about me? nuthins gonna happen. i tried to get u as one of my contacts but it didnt work. ill try again later. im sry that i couldnt get u in. ill ttyl. luv lots.
wat i dont understand or do u not understand? its early in the morning so dont toy with me plz.
I dont understand...serious, I dont wanna annoy u :(
u said u were worried about me...y?
cuz u asked, y I like you.  I thought u think Im not serious...Im so sorry, I cant explain....I like ya, the reaosns I tzhink i wortoe in email
ok i g2g school is startin. luv ya. and dont email me. ill email u.
i´ll waiting ;)  have a nice day
I bet chillo's just getting out of bed right now. :)
Thanks chillo. You are very friendly too. :)
well i like u both so good morning.
You must get up very early in the morning. :)
i am. im at school at 7:11 in the morning. school dont start till 7:35 so my bus drops off everybody and watnot. it is so cold up here. and i hate it.
Yeah, I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning and get to school by 7:10. Then we have homeroom for 40 minutes in which we do absolutely nothing and classes start at 8:00. I usually go to the library during lunch and post here since lunch is almost forty minutes long. 
i have to wake up at 5:30 am, get ready for school and be done by 6:30, wait for bus for 5-10 min., ride bus, get here and wait for bell. 
Ouch, that’s really early. I never seem to get enough sleep nowadays. Fortunately we’ve had 3 2-hour delays due to ice and snow this month, so I’ve had a chance to catch up on rest.
i only get 8 hours of sleep in my case its not enuf. lol
rain, frank...im just wonderin but wat is ur guy's asl? just wonderin.
I'm 16 and male. What does the l stand for?
Oh bloody, I didn’t know you were older than me.. :p
god bloody how many guys u want on here ! lol :D
It's been so quiet around here these days........:(
wow you got your own private forum topic.wish i had one LOL.so hows it going all.bloody and chillo so are you two a couple now????bloody when are you coming back to offtopic ??????im gonna go these forums are getting worse and im finding some of my posts are disappearing.alot of posts are disappearing actually.enjoy your private topic which everyone can read and reply to.
You can join too if you want.
thanx for the invite i might join.now that chillo is leaving i can start putting the moves on bloodywatergrl lol.thats if she isnt heart broken.where is she havnt seen her post for a few days.so hows life RAIN????im not up to much just chilling back using the net and waiting for my car to get fixed.Bloodywatergrl when can i give you a game of 8ball been trying to get a game and a chat out of you for months now.
Life is ok. Winter break just started, so I’ll have a week of relaxing before school starts up again. You doing much for Christmas whiteghost?
im gonna be drinking and celebrating with family we just got a nice big 4.5Kg turkey aswell.im hoping to go down to see my friends christmas night and celebrate a little with them aswell.im hoping to go down to the beach on new years.its summer here and every year theres big parties down at the beach for new years.
Yeah I'm going to be doing a lot of celebrating too. My birthday's tomorrow and then we're having a lot of guests on Christmas, so it'll definitely be festive. My parents just bought a 30+ lb turkey, but they'll probably have to buy another one before the season's over. :)
hey guys im back. sry for the wait. lol. sure ghost we can play. i miss chillo but oh well, nuthin i can do about it.
hey bloody.i finally caught up with players club in 8ball i beat him once but lose twice against him.not surprizing considering hes a 3 and i was 12.cant find that denny guy yet.my xmas was boring just sat at my brothers house eating and had a couple of beers with my family.new years was good went to 3 different beaches and town.my m8 took him BMW beamer and we were having drag races in town against people.i got a bit trashed and we got back to my m8s place at 6am.whats your email bloody and i will add you to my msn contacts.we should be able to send private messages through here but for some reason we cant.hey RAIN how was your new years???? 
It was crappy. I didn’t do much this winter break (except for Christmas) so I was kind of glad school started today. 
whiteghost, do you live in the states by any chance?
ghost ill let u kno if u let me kno urs first so i  can add u and u wont have any probs. let me kno urs. wen i add u to my list , my addy will be on there and then we can talk, k? rain im sry for ur holiday. *hugs*
p.s  thnx for the beating on players club. u didnt have to tho. 
bloody send me an email on whiteghost666@hotmail.com and let me know its from you and i will add you on my other email.i dont use that account for msn messenger.and i dont live in the states i live in australia.
HAHA! Thanks for beating me? Like it was some sort of mission? Oh Comon..I was rated 750+ not (3) at I potted the 8 and white, but beat you twice.
player, y r u so dumb and mean sometimes? just wondering.
y do u not just stay with ur original name? jeez. lol
How am I? I havn't once intentionally offended you. 

And you wish to know why I don't post on hara kiri? That is because hara kiri has a demerit, and has had one for 3 months. It is due off very soon and I intend to post again on hara kiri as soon as I can. Satisfied?
so what? it's not like your forum name has a demerit...
hari kiri , players club,cadet or wateva your name is i meant you were a (3) as in a 3ball not 3 as in you had 3 rating points.i know your over 750 points and im a (12) on like 130 points.i still beat you one game fair and square.if i recall you had 3 balls on the table when i cleared the table and finished the game.
You can't post on a forum with a demerit.

750 is (1) not (3)
i had a demerit but now its gone. thank god! 
what for? (the demerit I mean)
i have no clue. i left tanx to go to billiards and it was there. nobody else got one in the room full of guys but the chic (me) got one wen i ddint even say anything.
Ouch! I hope you'll come back to tanx sometimes ...
oh you want to know how to pronounce it or just how to write it?
i wonder why bloody never posts on weekends :(
hey. rain i dont go on weekends cuz i got stuff to do and i dont feel like goin on. thats y. hi chillo.
I wonder why you lot are posting in the NON english forum....
Oh very well done, you have alerted them to their pathetic post again!
this topic is by invitation only hara and anyone else that feels the need to be involved you are not welcome this is our private chat so stay out of it.as for me i was invited by RAIN.

p.s.hara you ever want a game again come and find me i will take a screenshot and post it here just b4 my winning shot.
Oooo I'm without invitation...Oh dear, how about I dont care??? The forum is open to anyone, so your little childish games might seem fun, but mean nothing.

And as for games??? Just look at the 8ball top 20, thats proof for who would win.
if i want to post here, ill post here :D

You cal this violence? What the héll do you call people dying on the street due to crime everyday? What do you call iraq? WHAT THE HELL DO YO CALL THE OUTSIDE WORLD? EVER BEEN IN IT?
ok listen here virus. u have no idea wat kind of place i live in every single day! theres probably more violence in my city than ur country combined!! so u need to hush. im sry to say that in a angry tone, but my father was almost sent to iraq and i thank god averyday for not letting his unit be sent. yes i see the violence on tv, but that doesnt mean that i dont care. but then again when has the U.S. heard any news on the british helpin us?! not in a long time! plus i dont see u doing anything.
hara i have had more points than some of those on the top 20.the top 20 only means the top 20 subscibers.i refuse to pay to use this site so even if i had 1000points i wouldnt be on the top 20.bloody what has the british got to do with your useless war.if the americans wanna go starting wars then they shouldnt rely on the british to help them.i'm a british citizen i wouldnt go to war cause your american leader is a war mad dictator.
who says i was going with the war?! i hate bush for having our soldiers out there for no odd reason. and we never asked the british to help, or not that i know of. many nations volunteered to fight with us against terrorism.
Well done you half-wit for emphasising my point in the above post. You quite clearly havent properly read what I have written.

So then, if you have seen so much violence, do you think these forums are anywhere near violent?
Yes Whiteghost, I'm sure you have. Suit, Bloody is just too emotional, I'm sure she doesn't mean to be so foolish in every concievable way.
ive seen enough violence here to know what violence is.@hara im not saying i do have 1000points right now im on 200 and something.and i do recalling beat you.having 2names in the top 20 doesnt mean your better than everyone else considering you have play over 6000 games you should be.isnt it against the rules to use multiply user names????in the connect 4 toplists back a few months ago there wasnt any mention of me and i had over 300points i was  better than most the top 10.
No rules, you can have as many nicks as you like. My point was your crap, and I was 1st and 2nd by about 50 points.
Why are you even arguing about this anyway?
we have no idea. we just started bringin it up.
lol at "we".

Are they one mind?
bloody your british not helpin you comment was very lame, u started the bloody war.(yanks tht is.)
i thought i would just reply in this topic. dont know why. lol. man i seem foolish back then. lol.
why you changed over couple of months? 

your friend rain disappeared after he got found out to be saddest guy on this site :D
hey he was a good friend so leave him out of this. well im still in the process of changing. do i seem a little better? i wanna know.
The question is :  Do You Think You've Changed? 
Rain is still here...RAIN17 in tanx and cindy-14 in tanx...Why does he have the nic of a girl? probably a trany :$ lmfao!
jeez. Rain is a good guy. plus i havent been on in a while so i dont care.
He did sit there for hours on end writing stories about you lol
>>no that was somebody else

No it wasnt he messed up by postin last part on his real nic, then admitted it was him...
oh really? hmm....never wouldve guessed.
not really. ppl just tellin me a bit about rain.
i totally agree with hara kiri and the best
shes annoying