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Essence Pebble
Essence Pebble
Essence Pebble
Has anyone ever found out what this does or is for? You can make it in the mage tower with 9 vampiric herbs, 3 diamonds, and a wonderflask. Its stats are:

Type: weapon
Name: essence-pebble
Weight: 0.5 kg
Extra: mission-item
Max Damage: 0
Damage Scatter: 0
Class: piercing/slicing

Does anyone has any clue what this is or what mission it is for?
what level is it????????  just curious
It says mission item, so i'm guessing its not for a mission.
I don't recognize it but that doesn't mean I never had it.  I usually don't pay attention to the item I get from the mission - I just give it to the king to deal with.
Having the "mission-item" attribute, it's an item that was designed to appear in a mission.  It can't be the item that you bring back to the king/pub for your reward since it's created from three commonly available items.  It's probably used to create another mission item such as in the case of the the ruby gemma and Ogoshi's crossbar.  If this is the case, the essense-pebble is probably an ingredient in a recipe which includes an item that can only be found in a mission.  Now the question is does this item appear in a current mission, a future mission, or none at all?

How did you find the recipe?  If you found it in the pub, what level was the character that found it?

I saw it in the forum sometime in mid-December last year and saved it.
Update on that last comment. It is currently on page 142 under the post 'Wonder Flask' posted by myself, AR Acewall. The recipe was posted by 'Gharmn' on December 6, 2004 8:38 PM. Anyone have any info on this guy? 
His last post was on March 15, so it looks like he hasnt been around in a while.
It is an item that you'll need to make as part of forming a clan.  

If you try the recipy you'll see that it does in fact work.  Carry one around if you'd like.  It however has no current purpose in the game.

Among other places you can get the recipy off the Hungarian site (as this item is acually needed for their version where clans have been implimented).  I don't believe that the combo is given to you in the pub at present.

This what you were looking for?


Ah ha!  Read the huge message posted by "nicram72" in the following thread:


It calls them essence stones, but obviously they are the same thing.  Similarly, soulmortar is now soulplaster.  "essence" is either "e. quintessence" or "life-essence" now, but I'm not sure.

Don't bother making these now... you'll only waste your resources from the looks of things.  I built an essence-pebble, but I had to drop it since I couldn't sell it, put it on the market or into my house.


Pretty complex. I only understood about half of it. Any idea how soon people will be doing things like that?

Got about half of that....Seems a little overwhelming
No worries.  The complete detailed description of how Thord-Artin works would be similarly overwhelming.  I suspect the truth is that each step in Clans will probably take more than enough time to complete for us all to be able to discuss it here and come to terms with its requirements without falling too far behind of the leaders.