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Is anyone else kind of really getting bored of pool :|. I dunno i just dont get same little kicks out of it as before :( I think it was better when the leagues were running non stop. I remember when i would come on, Upa2 or phs would always be running.

Now your lucky to see a tourney, and i refuse to join a league that was named after the player who started it...

Then again i will just play out of boredom :)
just an idea :)
if u like leagues make your own for free and run it non stop ;-)
lol no i hate td'ing :( even though i was ace at in back in the day :D
Hmmm, not exactly bored. Just that 8 ball was really addicting. That's why I never play the game anymore...Plus I got lot's of stuff to do, so I don't wanna risk gettin' hooked again lol.  Haven't played in like 4 months or so. I think my lil' brother still plays tho, but I'm not sure 'cause he comes and goes as well.

As for me, 8 ballin' just ain't my cup o' tea no more. Too much rudeness in the lobbies and in the games, and I tended to stay away from those things as much as possible. 'Cause that kind of negative energy can be contagious to some degree if one isn't careful.

But of course, there are tons of great and nice peeps in Fod as well: (examples: Caption, Hara, Beppe, Samantha, Okey, Cream Rose, Fish, X, Jamez, etc, etc, justa name a few -- there's much much more lol sry if I didn't mention.....ya know who y'all are). That's why I luv these forums. The forum community is great! The only  disadvantage is that it's an internet venue lol. Great site tho and I offer my sincere claps to Fod for doin' such an outstanding job and effort. [img=

Oh yeah plus I think I'm way passed my prime in this game anyways and I'm happy wid my personal best so I got no desire nor the time to surpass it anymore. 587 rating oh yeah baby! Was it flukey? Seems like it, 'cause I was never able to achieve it again. But hey it was fun!

K, gl peeps! Enjoy the games [img=


OH thanks Firegirl! I have another great site for multiplayer games but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it. You know, it'd be kind of like advertising.

Yep, im bored hence why i haven't been on in awhile but hey i mite give it ago again in a couple of days as ive finished college

Muchas love to y'all

mwah mwah mwah

Yeah ive gotten back into it since i posted this thread :p
hitman u mean u went down to 450 and got bored then got back to 560(b4 i whoop u) and now ur ok :D haha
Did u like... wait a second do i even know u :| Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, :|
snooker is no1 player and is class hitman:p
and yea im getting well bored of 8ball
ahhh ty firegirl:p im a good and nice player:D

you are too:)