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time to rest
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time to rest
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time to rest
hello..i have decided to stop playing for a few months as my health is not good..in august last year i had a clott in my main artery.also in febuary this year i had another heart attack.and on sunday 6th july i had another heart scare so thats the reason i need to rest. to be honest i dont know if i will be back playing or not i just have to wait and see...so takecare and stay healthy kind regards derek
Good morning old-father-time, first of all I wish you a speedy recovery, don't worry health comes first.
Come back when you feel good, you will always be welcome.
Health and all the best.

Take care of yourself Derek, rest up my friend and speak soon.
Hello ,

Take care of your health and above all take rest by avoiding the internet.
I wish you a good recovery ..........

Hello, derek.

Wish same to you.

Take a rest, take care of your health first.
Hello Derek,

I'm very sorry to hear of your situation buddy. We don't know each other however I wanted to wish you all the very best. Keep your head held high, your chin up and never give up. You can beat this and we all know it.

Keep fighting mate, you got this.
Best Wishes, Jeff.
Hey Derek hope your feeling better soon pal and your back terrorizing people in snook again :D
Hey Derek mate, stay strong! I really hope you get better soon, wish all the best for you!