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PGN with view of games
PGN with view of games
PGN with view of games
There should be option (at very least of subscriers) to analyse former games, by the same way what is on playok.com. At playok.co you can play gomoku, chess and reversi. The only differene beetwen Playok and Flyordie is fact you can not check  or view former game (except fast download after game, if you ask opponent to wait).... It is silly. I think there should be analyse of former games and I would even buy premium purely for that.

Look what type of saving games, use Playok.com, for example:


Playok.com even have community which created papersoccer.pl database with old games from 2014 for one game.... awesome. I would like to see that on flyordie, because of I like flyordie too.
Hello, this is possible, at least for reversi and chess!
When a reversi/chess game is finished, a PGN button LIGHTS UP on the right hand side of the window. If you click on it you can save a file with the moves made in the last game. 🙂 📈