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Too many wrongful Demerits
Too many wrongful Demerits
Too many wrongful Demerits

Please fix the system soon. Glad You all are trying to work on it.

However, it's insane the last 2 days, especially at Othello!

We used to have fun! We used to be able to kid around, flirt within limits, and talk about whatever we liked and need to!

Not so now, we are being told not to discuss our friend's demerits. It's been ongoing all day, that I am here. People are being blacked mark a lot, and for only voicing their rightful concerns. In the last 6 months or so, many people are getting them. Some for a short time, others banned Plus demerited!

Most of us now feel we cannot talk freely! We must walk on the proverbial eggshells or ELSE!

Come on, this feels like a dictatorship now, Not a democracy as We once were.

We dare not to talk about, "The elephant in the room!

Please examine all of this chaos. It isn't needed and will drive some players, (Dear old-timers,) away!!

We are being told that this system 99% of the time, gives demerits! And, that it is being worked on. OK. But, the least MODS and/or OPs can do, is make this right somehow. Even apologize to those so wrongfully demerited! For, having them is humiliating, hurtful, and emabarrassing and they cause anger, tears, fear, and no longer can We the People Of Othello feel free to be me/us!

Please help?!! We need love, patience, tolerance, fairness, compassion, empathy... and often let us give people the benefit of the doubt!

Please Dear Thor and or Goddess reply here, if possible.

I have complete trust in you two, and a few other Senior Moderators. 

Let's nip this in the bud. Let us be FREE once more, of this I beseech You!

Yours in Othello love and service,


I agree on every word written by Contessa and I will add my own contribution to her text.
I just got a demerit today for no reason at all, maybe for a bad joke that I said. Many players got demerits today. Miss blond got at least 3 demerits, same for magicman0. Frame & Lucas got both a ban for 15 days. This is too much. We are a group of friends that meet every day in reversi room to chat, play, joke and kill time. We need to talk freely without any constraints, we are all adult and we cannot handle to see some of us unfairly silenced. The role of moderators has to remain within limits without any abuse of power. As for the system, it has to be very simple because too much rules will kill the mood.
FOD should remain above all a free space for socializing.  

Thanks, doc, for speaking out. I hope and pray it will help us all, go back to better days! -
What kind of moderator do Flyordie want to represent this site??? 
A moderator that use several nics to hide and spy on players? 
A moderator that whisper lies to players?and lie about that its a new nic even if we all see its the Moderator 
A moderator that use the power to send demerit to players that the Moderator dont like personally?
A Moderator that set its own rules and nothing like we seen any other Mod do?
Is this what Flyordie looks for in a Moderator???
I thougt a Moderator was a person that can act neutral in ever matters.
Thor! You are a good representative. 
I can take a demerit thats not the problem but revesi site became a joke when a Moderator got to big shoes to fill and drop demerits like a never ending pouring rain. 
Maybe you should take a look on whats really happen on this 
I know I will be called a liar now but I can handle that and I really wanted to tell my truth and other players truth. 
Best wishes for a representive Mod like Thor. 
Take care 

salam judy 
the problem of demerits is that sometimes they are put without real proof or justification in my opinion


Thanks miss blond and malik for your replies. Hopefully, this discussion will help us all.

Yeah, mehtinks so too, Mailk. Demerits without proof or investigation. :( 
Hi all

Sincerely, i think this is being misunderstood. Yes, the automod system may not be the 100% accurate as we want to be. But that's why all the chat it's being recorded 24/7 and when we get notifiednthat something may not be correctly done we are always reversing demerits (that's why the automod has a minimum amount of time till a maximum amount of time regarding to the demerit duration in case of something might to be fixed) that was the case with the nickname aka Condessa, just for say a example.

And me as example, i have been here for a very long time and while I was on line I never got demerit by the automod and we use to be a very nice group of friends from the 8 ball Spanish room. I don't know why now this is topic of disgusting (in my opinion)

Each moderator, senior moderator, automod system or Moderator assistant action taken is being recorded into a list supervised by the admins all the time and can be easily review it. 

One more time I would like to suggest that if you have any complaint against an assistant or moderator you are 100% free of send the corresponding report by the chat report abuse tool featured from the infopage. Why? Simple, the whole running chat will be send to all us as a extract of chat and can be check by any of our admins.

I hope I may helped a bit with this situation and let's be back to have fun into the chat room without this eternal arguing. Let's play, let's enjoy our family site.

Don Tico