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Snooker Smash Tournament
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Snooker Smash Tournament
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Snooker Smash Tournament
10 players double elimination tournament. 
Sub prize for highest break of tournament.
Sub prize for winning the tournament.

Open reds (smash reds on start of break).
The player who is breaking reds will have the first shot. The opponent should tap or pass turn leaving his opponent a pot.
Potted red on break, the 1st player will continue with the break.
No tip tap snookers.
No safety shots.
If any match goes to deciding frame then play this frame with safety and any snookers you wish.

All matches Race to 5 frames Final will be race to 8 frames.

Anyone causing hold up to any matches I'll remove and  replace or give the win to the opponent.

Below is a link to the tournamet bracket, I will update it with each result that you report to me.


Nice, im in ! I will be online everyday around 6 pm Brazil time (11 pm UK time i think).
Finally upload my rt5 vs mateus in Snooker ! 
Congrats for the 137 
Lost for 3-5 but it was really a fun game! B)
copyright violation :D

seems like the rules I have written for my tournaments on fod
Recording is absolutelly beautiful <3