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PGN Feature
PGN Feature
PGN Feature
Dear OPERATOR and Moderators,

I've been playing, table-judging, playing live tournaments, and going abroad to watch them since late 1999.
I fell in love with the game offline. Mastered it, so I thought, then came online to search out "Othello and her People.
When I met others addicted and devoted to reverse, something tickled my inners. I knew I had found where I belong on the internet. Laugh, maybe because what a WOC (World Othello Champion said about we true blue reverse players I have found to be true. About us, He said, "All reverse players are brilliant, funny, and emotionally immature!"
Laugh. Or,  maybe because I heard that a WOC Player hired a belly dancer to distract others! 

We are a special bunch. No matter how hard I might wish to leave,  friendship, comradery love of the game drew me in, captured something in my spirit, a feeling in my gut, the belly where I live. I was very competitive in sports, yet, there, I was fascinated with Her people more than becoming a better player. I didn't and still don't worry much about my ratings here.

I found myself connecting with people all over the planet, learning about their culture, personalities, backgrounds, touched by their spirit, persistence, integrity, attitudes, and, best of all, the way we laughed with, not at each other. Well usually! : p

Many of us were very young, eager to learn, to compete fairly, and often to help each other.

Where I was the average game time was 20 minutes. Laugh. A far cry from playing here, which I had to get used to, which is fine.

We had a Study Room, similar to the now Unrated Rooms nowhere you were kind enough to create.

Anyway, I've rarely been to a game site, of this game that means like it is in FlyOrDie reverse.

Many of us choose to call each other Cheaters, Programs (allowed there), in vicious ways. 

It happens over and over again, much of the day-night. Sure, like everywhere we have sad, lonely, mentally ill, angry people, and many kids methinks. Laugh, I am no angel as you may know! : P.

What happens is there is no way to prove one is using a BOT without a MOD. The PGN, Import/export button has not worked, since I've been here in 2008, that I can recall.

Now, this may be a big expense, for FlyOrDie no clue. I can only guess that when it was created it was used.

I have friends that would like to be here, if not for the constant harassment! Grandmasters, that could bring us all to a level of skill, motivation to be better players and people.

Today was just another frustrating example. One person I met and gave something to in the UK played here who won The British Nationals. He was here another day as well, but man today it broke my heart at the way people conducted themselves, on this day, angry, bitter, name-calling, like an unruly nursery school. Felt like people kept throwing food in his face, sticking chalk down his throat! 
Not unusual here, sad, sad, to say.

He asked when all was said and done, if there was a way, to look at the games he had played. I had to say, not anymore! (.

If somehow you could find a way to add this, it would solve hmm, at least half our problems, as well as give people in the Unrated Room a chance to learn without an outside Program!

It is my belief, it could generate all kinds of new attractions for our beloved game. 
Yes, I realize I am asking for a lot. We have far fewer players than other games. However, this might just be a golden opportunity for recruiting more FlyOrDie Othello-ers.

Goodness knows I'd help spread the word, shout it from the earth's rooftops! Or, if needed got to The North Pole and scream it waking up the polar bears in the dead of winter, I would :p 

Too often reverse has had umpteen Harassment Posts here.

If you need more money to do this, as fore mentioned in years past Forum Post, I'd help as best as I can to try to help more of us become subscribers, have a fundraiser, whatever~*. P  I know if so, it may be a little drop in a big bucket, yet, to have fun, peace, respect, and joy it all would be worth it! 

Thor oh mighty one, and/or anyone, please reply to this topic with perhaps, more details, but, lol, a lot less than me! :P 

For newcomers, to our game, try not to be discouraged.  We say, "A minute to learn. A lifetime to master." 

Yours in love and service,

PGN feature does work but only for one game at a time.

You need to click on the button soon after after the current game finshes and new game started, when it turns orange/yellow.

The button gets inactivated as soon as the new game started.

The PGN file is basically a text file with some prprietory formatting, I think.

It can be easily opened in any word/wordpad/text edit or similar apps by adding (.txt) at the end of the name (*.pgn) of the file downloaded and read the contents.
Hope this helps.

ps: I am no way connected to FOD.
I no longer play here with my nick as I don't like the way many players play just for points. Nowadays when I play here, I do so as a guest, so no worries about points.
Most People here don't want to learn/ improve their game skills, I think. They just want points, what ever means they can get them. That is why, people here don't use the unrated room at all! They don't want to help each other TO LEARN THE GAME!
Sorry for my rant
Small correction
I meant to say 

"You need to click on the button soon after after the current game finshes and 'BEFORE THE' new game started, when when the PGN button turns orange/yellow. It becomes inactive immediately when the new game is started"

Just to clarify any confusion




I will try this today!

"Sorry for my rant." Laugh, then I must be sorry too, for writing a short story! :p. 

Yes, all you say is sadly true. 

Thanks for taking the time to Reply!

I also have really benefitted from using the PGN download feature to help learn the game.  


I agree with your rant about many players playing just for points.  I just try to play the best game I can and then I try to thank everyone I play with, whether I win or lose.  Though when I win I imagine sometimes it feels condescending for my opponent when I text gg and/or ty.  

I do appreciate the folks who spend a little time talking about the game, which I find endlessly fascinating.


Yeah, I like to keep things real. Laugh!
So very glad we were able to help. :-p