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why all this abusing to me 
why all this abusing to me 
why all this abusing to me 

why server pervent me to log in memory game ??

why all this Racism ,Persecution , and abusing to me ?

why ?  i must have  equal chance like any player here

The West always talks about freedom and equality for others, but I didn't see that

i paid  alot of  eg money to buy subscribe ,,really it,s 

very very  unfair  and  very bad thing 

you dont  want me  to log in  memory tour to nt have

vip ... you must  write at site  ARAB  not  welcomed  here

or  they must nt have  any  rights  like  others  here

 at  other  side ... there are cheaters  at this game

and all knows  and  they play  in safe and  peace becuse

they are nt  arab  ... plz  i want  my  rights here 
No one replay me 

Noone here cares about what I'm suffering

as a result of feeling racism, persecution ,abusing  

and injustice here

last sub ... the one who pervent me to log at memory game

only at days of tournes  .  Now pervent me all time to 

log in at memory game ... when i log in  its writin out 

there  server may be  down (big LOOOOL)  ... AND at same

time  i can log  other  games 

when  i  buy  sub  ... It was written i can log in  any

game of site  and i can have vip  when i win at tournes

But the site does not comply with this towards me, plus 

Iam subjected to injustice, hatred and racism here

ITS NOT FAIR  at all .. plz i want my money back for the 

 rest of the months

my sub buing  since 7|3   ... YOU can take  money for  3

or even  4  months  and  you Refund me the rest of my 

money ,, i buy sub  with  very high EG money ... 25 out

there  its  nothing  but here its A large sum of money

I cannot stand this racist site any more


Your allowed to join UBR anytime, unify might help in your situation.


Report here anything you might feel suffer from, I used to be victim of bullying on this website and because of UBR im still playing it :)

Feel free to join us all favored community in FOD, Cheerz. :)
oooo  thank youuuu  very much.. you really make me happy

for 2 reason  ... number  1 ... becuse you replay me 

two ... becuse  i can log in now  ... but i hope when im

at tour  not log me  out  like  2 or 3  times  before 

i found myself  out and fastly my number are green ( that

means  i can not play for  end  of tour ) 

ty very much ... greetings 
hello   UβR•ØЯḉԼӘᴴᴰᴹᴵ 

it's happend again  ... they (he_ she) block it 

to can not  log in to  memory tour ... i really  used to be 

victim of bullying on this website 

:@ :@ :@

i want to tell you  that  the link that you give me  blocked

it  to  as well  when i click on it  ... it's  written 

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to discord.com. The OCSP response is not yet valid (contains a date in the future).


    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem

they  abusing me  with all  the power  they had  for sorry

Your joined in our discord server so that proves the link works i also joined it with a new name and also i got a error not but just click away the note and your joined nevertheless.

I added you Џ฿Ṝ Ŝήфшђiţє with the übermachters role.

Share all your messages here in this discord page and our members try to help you with it :)

Have a nice day my friend.

it,s nt working here at all ... i tried severl times 

first time  i can open the link but nt go on  

when i tried open it again  it cant open i dont know why

i try from another browser  its open  when i try to log in

with my nick name  its blocked ... it,s  obvouis 

i get tired from that abusing here ... and why i must 

spend all this time  in that  war here  to  convence 

some  that i must  take my  rights as  subscriber  and

be  equal  like other players  here 

thnx  for being  kind and  nice  .. have  abeatiful  day

If your account was blocked you wouldn't be able to talk here on the forums. Pretty sure you have issues but they are on your end, not the websites.

Perhaps a slow internet connection or faulty outdated browser version or plugins even. Perhaps you have malware or some viruses on your system and just don't know it. Consider running some scans to see if anything is picked up.

They would not prohibit you from playing their games just because you're Arabic, that's not how it works here buddy.

Doesn't matter where you're from, everyone from any Country is welcome here. :).

Perhaps do some virus/malware scans like I suggested, update your browser if possible too ect.

Hopefully you manage to fix it.
hello  .. i mean blocked  IP  nt my nick name at only memory

game ... its happend  alot before  when i was  subscribed 

with my  arabic  name  Anna karenina ... but its happend 

at days of  tours to not log at tour ... once i complaine

then i go in tour but they let me out of tour and i found

the numbers  behind my name  turnd  green that means

i cant  go on  in  tour   .. me  and  

another  arabic player  then  he asked me why only us ?? 

my conaction is good  nt weak  

 im sure of what  happend  here  to me  thnx for being

helpful  but  the  story  like i  said