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Game Development Suggestion - Historical Head-to-Head Record
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Game Development Suggestion - Historical Head-to-Head Record
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Game Development Suggestion - Historical Head-to-Head Record

I have suggestion for adding to players "Info". Is it possible to add a feature to search up a player in info and see historical records of games against this one player? Say I am Player1 and I want to see my historical record against Player2 (e.g. I am 6-4 - 6 wins 4 losses - lifetime over 10 games against Player2). Even if it only shows like the past 10 games against the other player. I think it would be cool for players to be reminded of past games and see records of one player against another over the years.

Let me know if this is possible, moderators and developers. Thank you.

But nothing is impossible to make...
Yes exactly I know it is not currently in the game. But question is WHY is it not possible. Not good enough programmers on here?
This is great, would love to know what my head to head against Wulliebhoy is. :D
Just as well I keep records bawbag, you've played 9 lost 9.
Would be a nice thing to have indeed.
Perhaps one day it will happen..who knows. Depends if the Developers think it's a good thing to implement, if they feel it is I'm sure they will take it into consideration at some point. It certainly wouldn't hurt.

@Wullie mate..don't call people that. That's not nice. Some folks here might not know what that means but I do. I'm from Scotland. Not something you should be saying on here..not even in private conversations. That word could get you banned if Moderators googled it's definition especially since you're calling someone it..and not referring to it in a literal sense. 

Remember people here are of all ages, not everyone is an adult. You really think youngsters need to be seeing words like that on here?..of course not. Careful mate, don't wanna see you banned because of it.
F†W Undisputed

Yes I hear you mate & sorry about that, Rubiam is a long term friend of mine & he knows that its banter, no offence was intended.
Don't worry about it FTW, it's all in good fun and I've certainly called him worse. :)
Good idea, would be a great stat to see.
The difficulty about implementing this function is that very much storage capacity (disk space) would be required for this, because every single match result would be required to be stored. 

There are multiple results in almost every second. This site is working since 2001, and if we stored 100 byte of each match, than it would have required more than 100 TB storage (100 000 GB). 

There are plans to record moves in certain games (for example in chess), that would require even more disk space. 

A possible solution is if we make this feature for only a small percentage of players, maybe for subscribers or only for players above a certain oldtimer score (count of "dots"). 
I like the idea of making this a feature for only subscribers. But make it inclusive so subscribers can see match results with all opponents, not just matches with other subscribers. So it's like in a match between a subscriber and non-subscriber, the subscriber can see previous head-to-head against their non-subscriber opponent, but their non-subscriber opponent cannot see that same head-to-head. Putting this in might even get me to subscribe again... :)
Also this feature will show if certain players are dodging to play each other. It will be fun  for the statisticians. We are quite good monitoring at the numbers here on FOD. FOD made already lots of different features, good to have this one too. At least to have these numbers for the subscribers and in the near future.
Wullie the legend, never disappoints! 

Good idea.