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Jock Kuta
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Jock Kuta
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Jock Kuta
My good friend Jock Kuta is very ill. I’ll not go into details as thats Jocks place to say whats wrong. He has already said to some people.  Wishing you all the very best Jock if your reading this. I’m worried about you as I’ve not seen you in a while so please text me, email or reply to messenger messages. Lastly to those of you who mock him ffs take it easy for a bit & play nice when you see him. Hopefully see you soon mate & take it easy. Regards Wullie
rest up Jocko..hope to see ya soon
Just to update you all, Jock text me yesterday & his op is today 23rd, praying that all goes well & i'll let you know when I hear anything. Wullie
GL JC.. spurring a quick recovery
Wishing you all the best Jock! Hope to see you back online soon! Get well soon my friend.

Jock went through bladder surgery on Friday to remove a fist sized lump which was cancer & he says it looks hopeful. He'll be staying in hospital because 1 of his kidneys is dead so I think its another operation. I wouldn't be posting this but as he's already said to some of you then I thought i'd update you's. No idea when he'll be back but i've passed on your good wishes to him.
Regards Wullie
I don't play curling nor have i spoken to JC but my sincere best wishes and condolences to him and those around him. I hope the treatment goes well and that you have a speedy and succesfull recovery mate, praying for you from Dundee.

Fingers crossed man, hope you pull through

All best wishes mr.Jock from the Netherlands

Thinking about ya Jocko.  Cancer would have better luck havin lunch with the pope than beating you my friend.
Please return to curling soon. It is not the same without you.

Wishing you a speedy, full recovery.
Message from Jock as I passed on your good wishes.
"Send them a warning i'll be back soon"

He'll still be in hospital for a while yet but seems to be in good spirits.
Good stuff man..hope he recovers swiftly and gets back to normal soon.

Best wishes mate.
Hello Jock/Wullie

I just saw the message, I wish you a lot of strength during the operation and a very quick and prosperous recovery Jock, that you may be back home soon and curling is not important now, I will watch over you
regards your Guardian Angel
Latest text from Jock

" Good news my bowel is clear of cancer and the final kidney op is Tuesday"
FFS that’ll go to his head now having his own guardian angel lol.
Been really busy this summer and this game has been on the back burner so just saw this. Jocko - be well and I know we'll see ewe back better than ever mate!
Best of luck Jock. Take care.
Been a while, any updates on his well being? Hope you're doing alright bud, best wishes.

Been getting updates from 2 friends of Jocks. He has had a kidney removed but is not doing too well at the moment, he can't speak, his lungs are weak due to years of smoking, he has had a tube put down his throat to try & drain his lungs. To be honest its touch & go, he has 1 good day then a bad day but at this stage its hope for the best. Regards Wullie
Thanks Wullie,  we pray for his recovering
Ahh..man that's horrible...

I seriously hope he gets through it, sad to hear his condition has worsened..although I would expect him to be weaker in a recovery stage..this sounds even more serious now.

Poor guy..hope he makes it man, il say a few prayers for him, sincere best wishes to him and his loved ones around him, stay strong Jock, you got this buddy.
Latest update from Jocks friend. 

“Jock has been moved out of ICU onto a ward, he is a bit stroppy & restless but is making good progress “

Thats great news & I’m sure that you’ll all be glad to hear it. Regards Wullie  
Thank you Wullie for the update and Thank God that it's good news
I just said a little prayer before opening this message Wish Jock well and a speedy recovery and I will definitely continue to pray for Jock

Jocks sincerely Guardian Angel
That's wonderful news man.

Hope he recovers swiftly without complications and bounces back, I'm sure he will :)

Fingers Crossed Bud.
Latest news. Still in hospital but may get home at the end of the week. That suggests that Jock is coming along better than any of us expected but here’s hoping. Regards Wullie 
Happy to hear that Wullie.
 Jock, i wish you a lot of health and a lot of strength so that you can get over this period of suffering!
Healing takes time, arm yourself with patience and faith!
Sounds like he's very strong willed. I'm sure he'l be back in no time running this gaff :).

Thank you all for you kind wishes and thank you WullieMonster for keeping everone up to date on my progress. 7 weeks in .ICU and out of my head the whole time so can't give any details, but did have 4 seraious ops in that time and have been told by the Doc's that it was touch and go the whole time, so I'M lucky to be back in the real world and enjouying  the friendship of all my curling friends.
So once again a big THANK YOU ALL.
Jock Kuta.
Glad to hear you are doing alright Jock. We are fortunate to have you back! Stay healthy and rest up.
What excellent news - Great to hear, Jock!
I'm delighted that your on the mend mate, rest up & take it easy, hate to say it but I missed you & missed your spelling lol. Great news though.
Glad to see you made it out of that man, glad you're back.

I'm not a Curling player though sadly, but best wishes to you mate, hope you get a full recovery swiftly.

Look after yourself bud

kind Regards, Jeff.
Glad to hear you are doing alright :)
Hey guys, anyone any news from Jock?