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I took this from a translater. Missed some. No screenshot:( sorry. She is one of a few Nazi gang HERE. "Oh dear woman is back Annoying this woman How much here
You find yourself very interesting my love
I didn't do anything to you and if you feel it is .. your problem ahahaha just calm down and keep going
Although you don't hurt them: -d I am my child it is very childish LOL." 
This all needs to stop! Other Nazi jealous mean vocal german are ritaaa.( who seems gone ) Thanks MOD's If so.  onevarg rispurcel kabale at times, bodenseelady and latest Broslemachine  Flyhigh was nice, he said after the first of her insults, "No desire to spoil today."
I wrote as did many 3-4 years ago here, "BULLIES BE GONE." Passion began that thread. Our dear Chris, happymealliver<3 and I posted so much they like chapters in a book! Laugh. 
It is disheartening during The Pandemic, we have this mess still there! Some of us are helping to clean it up! For one;s true character comes out at tragic times such as these! I asked a German friend I've met and have known for 20 years to please play here yesterday, He won't! He said FlyOrDie's a mess! Well, hear the call or The Angels, Earth Angels too. We are not going to take it anymore!
We have always had an Othello Friends and Family place to play, to live and let live. Where politeness is the key!
Now players play at plyok.com and other places, Not here! 
We Need extra help please fro The Operator and all the devoted MOD'S, and we need it now! 
Some of the people that are helping to clean up the online catfish, bullies, harasser's, playboys that stalk we girls and women, the mean attention seekers, the soul-sick, the lost souls the mentally ill, even one that nearly took their own life, if not for we that loved him... Enough is enough! Here are the one's that will not mind me mentioning their nicknames; AlexPI, doceceos, miss blond, 9_9_9, mannnehund1, BOSS Z14, there are too many more to write save for this wonderful old friend, Dave aka magicman0! He is a fair Red Player and he used to be a Moderator at Yahoo Othello or The ZONE! Way back! You know! He uses funny sarcastic tough love and at times, Brutal honesty to keep the bad ones he calls clowns to."Move on," Etc.
I have played many OTB's, Live tournaments in The U.S. and as a Table Judge in NYC for The World Othello Champions, aka The WOC"s. As well as attended two overseas WOC's to meet and support my countless friends, ad to The British Othello Tourney that decides which one's play well enough to play in the WOC. When there, I was with and deeply in love with Michael Handel who passed 6 years ago. He was MidnigHt here. He is the only reason I came to FlyOrDie! He was an Honest Red Player! Unfortunately, we get players tat call Red's and people they lose to, ?Programs." lol. That we can handle. Kinda funny and a bit sad. 
Thank you for reading and hopefully for sharing this. All with The Operator and Moderators permission, of course. I remain your Love and service Contessa fr Othello-ers, and FOD people. 
Just Judy *

PS. Last year when I let it be known I am Jewish is when these and other germans ad s few others began to harass me! Long ago, xxxxEvelynxxxx and I played. We were buddies when I agreed to let her teach me her language! Therefore, on top of all of this I did hurt, and occasionally still do, for it was a seeming loss of a newer acquaintance. Now, Thank the Lord I see it as a blessing.
Lol Malik, 
I cannot help it dear one!
 I am a writer. Giggling. :)*
Thanks for taking the time to Respond! :p  
   Judy is  doing  lot  to  keep  this  site  lively  and  interesting  but  I  wonder  there  are  some players who  come  to  tease  her. Although  she  tries  to  to  keep the site  very  friendly  by  her  fun  loving  attitude. I  dont  see  any  reason  to  tease anyone  bcoz  we  all  come  to  play  and  friendship so  no  need  to  hurt  anyone Let  be  peace in  world and  let  be  smiles everywhere.
Aww, a hug to you from my doggie and me.

Thanks for your kind words, it says it all!

All my love,

Thanks for your kind words Confessa, and L'Shanah Tovah.