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Tips for saving Flyordie's POOL
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Tips for saving Flyordie's POOL
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Tips for saving Flyordie's POOL
I played on this site in 2003, I lost part of my life addicted to a game, but I met amazing people, and I saw spectacular players here, I've been stopped since 2008 ... Due to the corona virus I'm back, a lot has changed, who is old here you know how popular pool games were on the site, I have some suggestions that could bring old players back.

1- Flyordie could retrieve e-mails from all registrations, send e-mails inviting former players, with messages such as '' we miss you '' especially those that have already had top 20 nicknames in snooker and other games from the website.

2 - the community itself could seek contact with old players, friends, invite them to come back.

3- Doubles tournaments, we have long dreamed of this. very developmental can bring cheer to players.

4 - An Application or Program for subscribers, similar to the old 3d Billiards.

5 - Monthly tournaments with the best of the month in each modality, not in terms of score, but in a balance of games - performance and points. (this inspires more games and rotation of points) and players reaching higher levels, at least 8 of the top 20 in 8ball do not play, perhaps because they are in their record, I have been there, and those who are old certainly understand, but this is detrimental to the game.

6- Place in the info for players to leave their social networks and contacts. This allows us to make friends, and always contact the players we like here.

7 - Annual Subscription Prize for the winners of the best of the month tournaments.

8 - Real money challenge option, one player could challenge another, in a bo5 game, with a value agreed by both in bet, the challenges could be for a score range with a margin of 200-300 points, ahead or below.

9 - hall of fame with the crowns of each game and the time that remained crown in the month, this also encourages matches, players would be forced to play to reach the crown, and the crown to defend it.

I love this game very much and the times and memories I had here, I found the lapoueze today, and it was great to see it again, see that there are still players from my time here.
the best thing about this website is someone else buy it and change everything... talking with developpers is actually useless but your ideas are nice.

what if we asked players to comment here? maybe it would draw attention to the developers
3D Billiards coming bck would bring players back in my opinion... every left when it went. something needs to happen to get players back again. 

let's ask players to comment to get attention of developers mate
I think a daily billairds tournament would be great.

Also shot timer average on players would be great especially in snooker, im sure you could get these stats and put them on info's.

tHX m8s ask for ur m8s on the game comment here #SaveThePool (Y 
i am since few eeks and the game is barely playable, the control of cueball is impossible, power is totally messed up...
I agree they can make this game so much better. Add more tournaments. 2 vs 2 feature would be great too. Do more stats such as avg shot time, rerack option would be useful too. 
Add a welcome message to the room 1 lobby upon login that states the primary language of this room is English.

This could help detour French users who have been FLOODING THE ROOM constantly for years now to the ''FRENCH ROOM''.  These rooms were made for a reason years ago..

I logged in a while ago and asked for a ''game'' publicly and ended up translating 3 different users text that were speaking French who quoted my name in the lobby and one of them called me a Pig (pretty sure his name was anthony with special letters from character map) someone else called me a dog and one of them had the nerve to call me a parasite.

I'm not even a regular anymore and i get that..ugh <_<

Some of the OP points are good + the comments about shot timer etc would be beneficial 

I particularly like the idea of playing for real money etc. Now don't get me wrong I aint that good but I'd love nothing more than a bo15 for a few pennies to pass the time

This would attract more players I think, and move towards a diluted form of esport perhaps?
Im with u m8! Really are good ideas but the part of u talk about to transform the site in a app, it no good because then it should get some programs.So, too get a option for keep the break on snooker if the opponent leave the game...