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To Resubscribe or Not?
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To Resubscribe or Not?
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To Resubscribe or Not?
Dear FoD Management and moderators:

I'll start this message with a familiar refrain:

VIP's have not been awarded for the curling tournament held 18 January 2020!  Please investigate this situation.

Unfortunately, FoD will not provide awarding of VIP's in a timely manner (within 7 days of the tournament).  This happens very often.  I do not trust that VIP's will be awarded without constant reminding.  This causes me not to trust FoD to award prizes at all.

I have been playing here since 2011 and have been a subscriber since 2014, but no more.  I will not be renewing my subscription for the reasons above and the general lack of FoD management caring about the curling game (no improvement in connection issues and very little improvement in game play over my 8 and a half years here, among others).

I will continue to play here without my sub and will play in tournaments when I am allowed.  I will assure you that if I finish in a VIP award position, I will continue to complain if awards are not issued in a timely manner.
Be more patient mate..i understand your frustration but this complaining which i can see you've been doing for years clearly hasn't helped resolve the matter so further doing so most likely won't either.

Just stop, be more patient before they end up hitting you with some sort of punishment for spamming them, pestering or even maybe obstructing them. They can't always be online when needed to do what needs done, this website has been around almost 20 years..i think you could be a little more mature about it and just wait it out buddy. Not worth getting on their nerves over a few days VIP honestly.

I can fully understand why you would be frustrated but please take my advice and stop flooding the forums with these posts before they get annoyed and give you more than what you're expecting..i have been down this road myself a long time ago and it's not a good one to finish on.

Just trying to advise you bud..not further add to your disappointment.
NJS, I'm sure they won't mind seeing you go, like many of us, we are tired of your complaining. There are far worse things in life to worry about.
Such sad news.

Our main source of entertainment bids farewell to a community that adores him so much.

Sad, sad, sad ...
Newfoundland  that is a disgraceful reply. NJS has every right to complain as he pays for a service that he is not getting. It’s not just the lack of award of VIP’s but also the server issues. He pays his money like everyone else & is entitled to expect a better service.  FOD are to blame for this not NJS. To all the others that are fed up with NJS complaining you can all do one, has he lied? 

I don’t blame you for not subbing again John, I done the same for a while too. The lack of service is shocking, where you feel a complaint is necessary keep doing so & ignore the halfwits that are having a pop at you. 
Regards Wullie
Wullie, everytime I have ever played in a tournament and have won, I have always been awarded my VIP's in a timely manner. I find it odd that NJS seems to never get his. Additionally, for the low cost of subscription, what kind of service do you actually expect to get. I pay my subscription just to avoid the ads, and honestly, I don't really expect to be getting any service from FOD other than being able to play the game. As far as server issues, rarely do I have any problems unless it's on my end. 
Why have a go at NJS when he just mentions the incorrectness of this site ,Newfoundland.Many times that s because there is no improvement from fod.When there are more important things in life,noone can say something about things going wrong?NJS is right and many ppl know it.
Or did you lose a game against him what makes you have this reaction.
Never ever played NSJ, nor have I spoken to him, I just see the many the comments from him in the forum regarding VIP's not being awarded. 
Doesn't matter if its a low cost, if you pay for a service then you expect to get it, many questions have been raised over the years & FoD has just ignored them. As for the server it can be a disgrace at times & it is on their end. 
I'm not going to argue, that's not what I'm here for, enough said.
i kicked you in the balls but i dont want a fight  cmon newfie....lets play sometime

I don't know anyone who hasen't been awarded the earned grants. Maybe it takes one or two days longer, but still everyone gets what he pays for. And I've never faced server issues (it's often a PC issue, cache cleaner helps)

It's just about the NJS's style, that sucks. NJS is just a spoiled pain in the neck playing the squeaky wheel for personal reasons or why ever. I guess he sits in front of his device awaiting the deadline in order to start his spams.

And when I see who is supporting NJS (merseysider: "Trump supporters" !!!???), then I know everything I should.

NFL has a good point: many are tired of NJS's complaining, and it really seems odd, that only he seems to be a target of fod's mismanagement.

Conspiracy theory?

Or could it be that he has the balls to complain?  Jock Kuta said the exact same thing as NJS & it you want to go through the forum over the years you’ll see that I’ve had many complaints about FOD. Too many people have also complained about the server for it to be pc issues on their end. If NJS doesn’t complain then he doesn’t get awarded the VIP & if he places in a paid tourney then he has the right to, if FOD done their job right then he wouldn’t need to keep reminding them so give the guy a break. You are targeting him rather than just ignore his posts.
FtW undisputed I can see your point but NJS is not complaining about a couple of days late. He has won tourneys & not been awarded VIP!s at all, that’s why he keeps on their case now. As you said this site has been running for 20 years, says it all really about them if they are still having problems. 

Wowjustwow your a troublemaker who just trolls people & likes to pick on them. I’d love to know you in the real world  cos you would have sore balls. Don’t bother even replying to this cos I’m able for you & will give as good as I get. 

To the rest of you that don’t like posts scroll on past them & stop getting involved. Keep up the good work John where you see problems & ignore these bams.
I was mistaken, the tournament in question was held January 28 (13 days ago now).
Mate just let it go, not worth the hassle honestly.

Go play and enjoy your games and worry less about something like this.

I'm sorry that you consider every post against NJS a lese majesty. Thanks for the compliment anyway.

I've been around since the first days of the tournaments (2012), I sometimes participate and have even won few free sub days. In the past few days I've talked to 5 of the top 20 "most played" list and 4 of top 10 "Grand Prix" list.

So let me ask you a question: Why literally no one has ever ever an issue with server (except once a year when the whole d'a*m#n" thing melts down), and why no one has ever been ripped off free subs?

So many are playing the tournaments, and only NJS don't gets the grants. Really? And when someone points this out, he's a troll? Really? You say, NJS has every right to complain. But when I say that I have never had that experience, suddenly I do not have that right and then am labelled as a troll? 

It seems that you believe a guy who has never proven any evidence of having a point rather than posting again and again and bothering the community. It seems that you are the problem here.
Wowjustwow if you think there is no evidence in what NJS says,look better at tournament results. One of the things what it s about is that vip days are not given in a timely manner. It happens regularly that results are not made official within 7 days.(and that they will do that within 7 days is in their rules).NSJ is not talking nonsense at all

Samples of past responses to me from WowJustWow:


"How old are you?"

You may judge for yourself who the troll is.

No one said NJS hasen't won tournaments, that's not the point. But what I wonder about is, why does this issue occures ONLY to him. So many participate in tournaments on a regular basis, and FoD just teases NJS?

Besides, maybe results are not made official within 7 days, but that doesn't harm anyone. I mean, everyone gets the exactly promised free sub days anyway. 

This whole thing is not about the point NJS may have, it's much more about the way he handles this. It seems to me, that he enjoys putting FoD in the pillory.

And yeah, 2-3 guys are backing him here, what I personally don't understand, because I doubt they themselves want to be treated that way. The majority thinks, NJS is a terrible person, and they are very glad, that NJS will not play any tournaments in future.
Wowjustwow  the last 2 responses have proved my point. I am not the problem either but I have had my issues with FoD in the past, I suggest that you go back through previous forum posts. Lastly thank you Mason for seeing it for what it is, a guy who is neutral so why is he saying what he is saying, think about it, think rationally & stop picking on NJS without looking at all previous posts & actually seeing where the problem is.
where is WallyWorld when ya need em!!!

I'm sorry, but nothing has proved the point.

You call someone trouble maker who has never had any problems in this place, no demerits, no fights, no complains. But only you and 2 others feel bad. And the only thing you offer are insults and personal attacks.

So many play tournaments, so many win free subs, but no one feels betrayed. And no one has ever been ripped off any rewards. Any answer to these facts? I thought so ...


What do the results prove? That NJS has won tournaments? No one denies that. That results are not made official within 7 days? Maybe. But does this cause any harm? Has anyone lost any free vip days?

What is this "I do not trust that VIP's will be awarded without constant reminding" about? This is a presumption. This has never happened her for the past 8 years.

It's not about the what, it's about the how that makes people feel sick of NJS. The very most here think so. 
In response to NJS, no I am not a Moderator. I was simply trying to give you some friendly advice to save you getting yourself into bother.

You can find the names of the current Moderators by visiting this Link here:


Kind Regards

Wowjustwow  NJS has already stated that he has won tournaments & never got a VIP for it, even after the 7 days. 

You also bypassed the point that numerous people have complained about various things over the years & have been ignored. We are in the 21st century & a site that has been up & running for 20 years should be running effectively by now should it not. Yes I stand with NJS on this which is my right & I’d support you too if you had the same problem. Who is to say that only he has this problem?  Others might & not post about it or more likely they haven’t noticed. The reason I called you a troublemaker is your obsession with NJS, your turning this into a personal issue, why not ignore the topic?

Merseysider. Stop trying to stir. YNWA lol