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Big Grand prix cheat
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Big Grand prix cheat
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Big Grand prix cheat
Dear Moderators,Dear flyordie!I'd like you to stop, this year, that disgusting GP fraud what 6 players do. I think people are good in 1-2 games but not in 6-7. A player having 3700 Gp points per year is very sad.  I would like to highlight players like: oewan,police,giest,virusantrax.juan A.VB,AMÉRICA. The problem is outstanding when they are not playing in a darts game, they only come to the race and win them. This is a clear fraud. They pass the points around. If someone doesn't play for example in darts, it can't win a race. I have a printed picture as player ewan throws the cricket out of 30 darts and takes 2 places. I would like you to check their info, how they can reach 3700 GPpoints in one year??!! I hope  you will eliminate this type of fraud. This year they are already at 288 GP points, which affects the sports performance of each game.Oewan player won 2 times darts race in 2019 without being an active player, check his info, please. He won 77 GP points in darts this year. Eliminate such clear scams in the tournament and sanction them against these players! Thank you! Cud
I agree with you, but I do not cheat in this game, I try to play against everyone and I'm pretty bad

If I have more than 3000 points in the GP, they are very few in darts. I really only like board games. :|

they should change the tournament system or simply that these points do not add up to the Gp.

no matter nobody will do anything and this issue will go unnoticed like most in the forum
OMG cud you are a 41 year old man sobbing like a baby ! Take a look at yourself, if you don't like it then just don't play..simples ;) You need to get a life !

Who are you kid 'Grand prix'!u have 1000 niks!'robot robbie;)Play with yourself as you have done before!the post is true I hope you look at the cheating players!Good luck for u;)
Dear Juan,oewan,Giest,virusantrax,Police,Đℯαтн☠Nℴтℯ!Darts was weak or as you wrote, but you were able to play 301 tournaments with me 1 to 1 and play in a cricket tournament against a 23-strong winner.

Darts is a game we practice for years

You are an inactive player

What do you come to darts, or why come only for a race?

I've been darting for 10 years, seeing the cheat you do in a darts race

Players like you and your friends should definitely clean up the flyordie to balance the page

Currently, it is over 400 points this year, your GP score rose to over 3000 last year

This is a clear cheat for me

What you do about it is that good players are being cheated by this consequence, so you should be banned from doing so

You should filter Teamwiever t you do wisely to make 5-6 people behind the name here out there

If you played darts, you wouldn't be able to throw a triplet to beat champions

I play darts every day and every time I go to practice even after 10 years

Next, "giestet", oewant or "virusantrax" would be raised by similar caliber cheaters

Do not come to Darts to cheat or play on a daily basis

One more question about why you didn't play with me in last cricket race?
I have been reading a bit what this player Cud writes here but it really makes no sense.Try to write 2 words in a row without spelling errors first.
All kinds of people are not allowed to join a dart tournament according to you ?Are you the boss here or something....
Inactive players who play a tournament...nothing wrong with playing any tournament without being in a regular room often.
Disgusting GP ?Amount of points people have?What do you have to do with players in all games while you can only throw a dart and nothing else?
Or are you just complaining because you like to complain.
Your whole story is a joke. You have a mirror at home? If yes look in it