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How I solved Java
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How I solved Java
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How I solved Java
I myself had this problem the other night..I corrected mine by uninstaling all Java..including Java cache and Java files..then re-installed it...works fine for me now

StreamLine (Senior Moderator)
I un-installed and re-installed everything Java on my computer, FOD still says I need to update Java to play....:(
Yes me too....any other suggestions on how I can try to fix it
What is the problem with Java then?

Why does it not work for FOD?

Btw, nothing is working here. I'll try tomorrow.
alright well at least thanks for trying to help, it is very frustrating, but nothing is working, hopefully this goes away within the next few days:(
@streamline I appreciate the help, but I have spent hours uninstalling and reinstalling all my Java programs. I have done everything regarding FlyorDie FAQ towards Java. This is getting frustrating not only for me, but I can also see for others. Could you please mention something to the Operator / Flyordie so they can fix this problem, as it is FOD website's malfunctions, not Java's. 
Regards, Trout.
Use Chrome,,,,,  ie wont be fixed..   soon if ever
I have same problem too on IE.
So I am now using Mozilla and it works fine.
There is currently a problem with Internet Explorer and Java.

We are fixing this issue asap, until then you can play using another browser.

Thank you for your patience.
The problem with Internet Exlporer has been fixed. Please try again.
(You might need to clear your browser cache)
Thank you @FlyOrDie for fixing the problem, much appreciated.