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Are u Stil Playin
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Are u Stil Playin
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Are u Stil Playin
sam, jean, jeff , max , tina , boss, gamer, brook , tca nightwalker , nitro , deadduck , villa ,danny  and so on,, if u still play tanx and u kno me , post a reply, ill check tha forums every week 

its me erik,,


Yea Were Still Here Bro You Should Come Back & play.
i miss your humor lol.

Myself , Sam , alex , Gamer , Ducky , Grave , Are Active.

Come Back Lol.

Erik!!! :O Where have you been:) It's your homie brooklyn here :D Yeah i do play Tanx on & off still. i watch Gamer play sometimes. And a little gomoku & four in a row also now & then :) Good to hear from you ! Hope all is well B)

Yours Truly, Brooklyn Ny
ah, hey jeff, hows tanx? anythin new?   miss u guys alot . i tried login in today but my java was bein a b%%#$ , so i just left it ,lol

brookly,, ahh, long time .. i thought u wud av quit by now
The same as always except we recently had clan wars , i kicked razor out of ftw , jean ditched us , joined SFT with him , zeus , we owned them 16-4 in clan wars.

They formed a new clan " gods of war " lmao.
Were Leading 8-3.

so yea , still cleaning house hehe.

get your java fixed and pop in sometime xD.

oohh, does alex still play? n tca? 

and tanx needed new clans, i bet it was gettin borin,, so its a good thing tey made gods of war, more wars, more fun xd

n ill try to fix it .
Yes, Im still playing tanx, and since my short time im back to ftw. To make nicklists and have fun with teaming friends.

I like it much you and vivek think about this game.
Thats says alot!

Have a nice day,

they keep arguing with each other , razor already disbanded the clan and gave it to zeus , now theres only zeus & anakha in gow , and anakha ditched zeus in a 2v2 yesterday.

so i dont think its going to last.

and yes , alex is around hes been my 2v2 partner almost every clan war we had vs sft/gow.

Hmm Luis is around aswell right now ^_^
dude come bk i miss my boss man :$ come on be a don 
Danny , I hope everything is fine wit u bro.

Boss, i was thinking about comin back but i came on today and saw only 4 people who were all quests -_- , this jut made me lose hope, so im not coming back!!!

Jeff, is tca nightwalker still there?

and  these wars never end , same old people, no new players , no new talent
no new tanlet boss u should see me now i own B) me and jeff beat zeus and jean so easy in cw's but there no cw now because razor is scared and he gave the clan to zeus lol 
and im going to be on all say every day waiting for my boss to come bk :$ 
im not comin back, is tca still there?
no only when tourny's r on can come on jeff's lefting now so come on or im going to leave and never talk again :S COME ON BOSS MAN :@
i came today but u werent tere, and i have no mouse, i use touchpad now, so cant play . maybe memory .. 
I dont wanna stop playing , im just seriously sick of playing the same people day after day , week after week for months on end.

i will no doubt play again soon if im bored , but it makes me sad knowing FlyOrDie cant take the time to send a 2 minute response to one of my requests , let alone ignore all of my emails after two moderators told me i would get a reply shortly "8 days ago"

and here i am still awaiting a response.

and people wonder why tanx is dead.

it takes seconds to rename one of the tanx rooms it is not hard work its simple.
i know this as i made tons of websites i know where titles are based , where they are placed..
its literally , looking at the code finding "Tanx" "Room 1" and changing it to "Tanx" "League Room" 1.

that is my recent request but np ignored as usuall.

Erik , i know you dont plan on coming back to play for good as theres nothing to come back for except play your friends and your clan members..

there is no new competition , no new talent , no return of an old school veteran capable of beating "us".

you get people like nBK_eLITE Coming back , thinking players like "Myself" are still new.

which is hilarious considering iv beaten all the top players in the past 4 years.

and i can say he wasnt good enough to get 3 on me.

iv had Rivalries with Tricky , Razor , Tornado , Brock Lasner , Pancho villa , TerminatorAzteca , Iron Uag , Ministro , Surge , Kobe , Alex , Zeus , Luis , Cody,
Maluko , Snake & Tons More.

The Only People I Know Will Always give A Good Fight Are FTW's  XC's Razor Tornado  TANK_MASTER  All4x  Surge  Pancho TEVEZ & TRAINOR.

its sad knowing im short on competition considering when i started the game was pretty active with top players like  Alex , Explosion , Logik , Sam , Corps , Navy , Baller , Tornado ,Jason along with tons more , although these were considered harder then alot of others.

i do want to play..i just cant stand going on tanx and seeing nobody worth playing..
Yes creeper.. i still play but only at certain times because i don't have internet in my house so i go to my sis house to steal her wifi. If you wanna see me come at night.off the topic,  I think im getting my skillz back but i need a new mouse :s. 
Skills? lol.

I hope your serious max.

I'l give you some more time , then prepare to play me if you want , since literally nobody good plays.

You wont find a better game then with me , alex or grave.

Not calling you out little man , just stating i'l play you anytime if you want someone good to fight.

well i think i still needs lots of practice...i have to start from the bottom again and try to reach that mountain peak. I been losing to noobs lately ex. Furinao i lost to him 10/8 although i know i could do better. I haven't play in 5yrs and my mouse is really mess up. Plus, i don't lagg...i literally freeze for 5 secs. So i think i did good despite im rusty as $%#@. I use to own Orion or w/e his nick and he beat me 10/6. But like i say bad mouse, constant freezes and rusty. So i guess is gonna take a while to fully get my skills back. Also, i don't feel comfortable playing in my sis house as i would be in my house. So yea...Jeff, i'm not ready for u because if i can't beat this players...let alone you. But one day i will make a full comeback to this game and you better pray you didn't call me out like you did here. :)
i will play any1 except you jeff...coz if you beat me...which i doubt coz im getting better n better every hr i don't play tanx. I know you will start showing off that you beat me. When you and i know that i haven't play in 7yrs. Not to mention that i have own you in the past so idc anymore if you beat me...as long you don't go around bragging about it. I mean, i know to beat me is like winning  an Olympian gold medal but take it easy homie. 
lol max , just stick to club penguin or farm vile, ur tanx days are over bro .once u leave ull never b as before,

its also one of the millions of reaasons i cant come back and play ,, i had my time . wasnt the best. but owned a few posers. xd
I have no reason to brag if i beat you o.O
i am willing to leave our problems in the past behind us.
there's hardly anyone left to play , why argue with the remaining players?

besides your one of the first i knew on here in some strange way i still have some respect for you , not by your playing just by the fact you weren't always annoying.
you were alright sometimes.

i was actually going to allow you to join me in FTW "if you wanted to" & perhaps help you get better.
i could understand it wouldn't be easy to take advice from someone you were once better then 3 years ago but like i said lets leave the past where it is?

i would rather help you improve then beat you Max.

Gold medal lol , your funny still.
good to know.
my exams r over i m back i will play frm 2/11/2012 or before but play till maximum 10 days lol 
I will try to play once a week when anyone is online :S