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FlyOrDie Grand Prix
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FlyOrDie Grand Prix
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FlyOrDie Grand Prix
Welcome to the most challenging, most diversified competition of FlyOrDie ever.

FlyOrDie Grand Prix
 is based on our system tournaments. You can earn points by getting yourself in the Top10 of ANY FlyOrDie System Tournaments.
Scoring: 25 for 1st, 18 for 2nd, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1.

All tournaments of year 2012 count.

First three players overall will receive a real engraved FlyOrDie trophy.

Additional rules:
If you have 0 point in a tournament, but still in top10, you will not get any points for that one.
We reserve the right to disqualify anyone for any reason.
We reserve the right to change the rules/prizes etc.

Non-subscribe players can also participate, as there will be also public tournaments, though you have better chance if you can participate in all tournaments.

UPDATE 2013 Jan.:
The billiards points are divided into three parts: 8-ball, snooker, rest of the pool games, so every part will have one tourney per week (not counting the weekend tourneys). In the overall GP, only one of these three scores are counted, and it is the one with the highest score.
So if you have 100 points in 8-ball, 80 points in snooker, 60 points in other pool games, 100 will be added to your overall GP points instead of 240.

Have fun

where can i find when is the nearest public tournaments?
Fantastic Idea!, very happy to see flyordie changing for the better. I love this idea and I'm sure everyone else will too.

Once again thanks!.

Wow. :|

As mentioned before in previous threads, it is great to be a part of FOD at this moment in time, growing and growing by the day with fantastic opportunities to gamers.

Good luck everyone!

FlyOrDie Moderator

P.S Please no cheating this time, we don't want OP to cancel this and therefore ruin it for other users.
Wow amazing improvements!

What exactly are public tornaments and when are they?

Also is there going to be a toplist kind of thing for this?

Brilliant idea..I can just see myself in a FlyOrDie T-Shirt :p
ooo never thought this would happens.
Very nice OP.
As Paul alreasy asked, will there be a toplist?

There is going to be a toplist in the coming days. 
Oh ! what a good initiative.
it becomes more and more interesting

Well done OP (y).
OP can you explain whats public tournaments and when they will be held?

Glad I started playing again, FOD seems to improving alot.

Nice one. 
great I will try win some tourneys :p
lol u guys arent that slow are u a public tournament is a tourney that is for ev1 not just subscribers im preety sure lol :p
Does this toplist get updated after tournament or do you just keep posting the updated one?
I know it's early days but ♥Georgia Foote♥ is running away with it people :p

FlyOrDie Moderator

Some tourneys at 1:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. are to late
If some tourneys are at night so why not at middle of the day some people can't play at night but can play during the day 
>Some tourneys at 1:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. are to late. 

To late for you, but perfect for others around the world.

>>If some tourneys are at night so why not at middle of the day some people can't play at night but can play during the day 

Some players work Mon-Fri 8-5, some players work night shifts, some work weekends and some do not.

It is not possible to please everybody.

FlyOrDie Moderator
georgia is running away with it because there is too many billiard tournaments each week .all other games only once a week.
>georgia is running away with it because there is too many billiard tournaments each week .all other games only once a week.

Fair comment.

I just had a quick check of the number of current tournaments scheduled and compiled a list of how many per game type:

Chess: 4 Tourneys
Curling: 5 Tourneys
Backgammon: 4 Tourneys
Checkers: 4 Tourneys
Billiard Variants: 14 Tourneys
Darts: 4 Tourneys
Tanx: 4 Tourneys
Go: 1 Tourney
Pente: 1 Tourney
FODBall: 1 Tourney
Go-Moku: 2 Tourneys
9 Mens Morris: 1 Tourney
Connect 4: 1 Tourney
Reversi: 1 Tourney
Memory: 1 Tourney

I can only assume there are more Billiard Variant tournaments because we have a variety of variants available to our users.  Also, Billiards is probably most popular game..  Maybe OP can enlighten us as to the exact reasons for the above numbers.

FlyOrDie Moderator
yes  i agree there is more billard tourneys but there is more billard players then any other thing on here i think there should only be billard tourneys wen do u ere of tank tournaments or memory or so on so dont complain ... we need more 8 ball 9 ball tourneys :p
Lewis, no problem i just started yesterday with my tournament playing. :D
I will follow him. ^^

chess has most players of all fod games and lots of variants. yet only 4 tournies ?
Popular games have 4 tournaments per 4 weeks, plus an extra weekend tournament per 4 weeks.
Not so popular games have one or two tournaments per 4 week.

(8Ball has 4 tournaments in itself, as it is by far the most popular game as far as tournaments are concerned. Last time there were 100 participants.)

It is easier to get higher placings in not-so-popular games, as there are also less participants.

As there are many games involved, it cannot be arranged so that you can not find anything unjust, if you really want to.

It's like complaining in the olympic games, that a swimmer can win 8 gold medals, while a football player (in fact a whole team) can win only one. Still there is medal table and points competition in the olympics, isn't there.

(Chess does not have many variants, it has only one. The rest just differs in thinking time, tournies always have 1 min though)

There are also a few billiard players there, that are capable of winning tournaments, but has not shown their real strength in this years tournaments yet. So don't worry, not all billiard tournies will be won by the same player.

i,m right just admit it. balls with cue . = same game .  top billiard players will win all that is given ( if so it will prove me right) enough said now .i wll wait till next year u will see how right i am . :)  ty
your games, Darts and Tanx are well over-represented in  our tournament schedule, especially if we compare it to player numbers...

mmm. tanx and dart tourni tomorrow  . :s at the same time :D    ow funny is that .
Be nice if I could see when tournaments are on :D

arsenal fc .toppish right of main page under snooker lite . click on tournament schedule ok
>Be nice if I could see when tournaments are on :D


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Re: Tournament schedule	 Posted: Jan 12, 2012 7:06 AM
Actually there are FIVE 8Ball tournies each 4 weeks, and 9 for all pool games (not including snooker), which is way higher than any other game.
I agree with Lewis , but not only for this reason , of having an appointment at 8.00 am , but for those who lives in the other side of the world , like (Russian and Australia) , they have to play earlier at morning 7.00 am or 8.00 am , so the most of them if we dont say all can't play at this time .



[Edited by: Translator on Jan 19, 2012 11:56 AM]

In one of my previous message I tried to explain why are there more tournies in pool than in other games. I suggest you read that one as well.

This quoted message was a reply to an inquiry about why isn't there even more pool tournaments.
Some people want even more as you can see, some people want less.

There is no real point in further flooding this thread about your dissatisfaction of the current schedule, especially as you have not provided any constructive ideas, just stated that it is wrong.

I trust you can come up with a system that will satisfy each and every one of our players, because I admit I can not.
to make it fair all games should have the same amount of tournies,the amount of people that like a certain game should not be a reason for more or less tournies why should one subscriber have more than another ? and yes i could play in billiard tournies if i wanted but i don,t play billiards .ty OP for your time i will now stop (FLOODING) this thread now :O 
There are more pool trnys cos there are more varients than any other FOD game
8ball is not 9ball and 9ball is not blackball.
But chess is chess and tanx is tanx etc etc :p
You might think that it would be fair for all, but it is not that simple. What is 1 game?
Some might thing pool is 1 game, some might think pool is 5 games, some might think that it is only a half.

Also as you can see, half of the pool tournies are held for players in other timezones. In timezones where some other games are not played at all. 

It is very hard to find a good balance for all the different interests here.

Anyway, until now there were no tournaments at all in most of the games. So basically now we are closer to your desired situation. Everyone's happy. 

Is logical to have more billiard tournaments, because although apparently belong to the same branch, they are not! Are different and individual games .. I for example, play ball 8, but NO play power snooker, or snooker quick .. You must understand that they are different games .. and so there are more of billiard tournaments do not think that's all the same ..
I think It's a very good idea to organize Grand Prix. I'm going to try to get some good places on tournaments in this year. Congratulations to the idea of Grand Prix! Good luck on tournaments and enjoy the game.

It is a good idea, however I think the calendar should be tweaked so there's never two ongoing simultaneously.
I won the tournament on Jan. 18, will win a trophy for this? If the answer is yes, how will I receive?
Another thing, what is VIP / DSC is the gold star?
There's no Win prize for every tournament . The winners are the players who get high points from the tournaments played during this year 2012 .
VIP means " Very Important Person " is a status you can get after being 1st on tournament schedulled Table in the end of tournament.
DSQ "Disqualified" when the user plays with double nicknames in same tournament , or using Program in Board games tournaments.

Roger (Translator)

FlyOrDie Moderator. 
It is an admirable thing that some of our "top" players are trying themselves in some games which they do not have a clue about.

The problem starts when they refuse to play against players who do have a clue in that given game, and this small group of players only play amongst themselves.

Such behavior will be considered as unfair and sanctions will be taken if these players will continue to do so.

Last warning.

My opnion is that the all of us should be allowed to play who we want as we pay for this site, and all the games i play i know how to play :p
I dont see why we cant play who we want tbh :)

Just my opinion..
So... for instance in chess or checkers we must play with players with ranking 500+ ? we dont have chances with them we playing with players with similar level so maybe system of tournament is bad maybe should be ladder tournament
One question:

what would you do if a few dozens of checkers player visit a snooker tournament, playing only themselves. One of them reaches a 100 score, but refuses to play any of the snooker players (even lower rated snooker players), saying that "we don't have chances against snooker players who can do 1+ breaks". And so wins the tourney.

Would you say that they are right or would you be the first to complain?

(no need to reply, we all know the answer)

The system might not be perfect but that is not a reason to spoil it even more.
Please check my info in checkers in last tourney 80%my games was with checkers players and 2 or 3 games with pool players and noone with us was in top10 this tourney because some players make few moves per 1sec. I saw player in chess which make 20+move in 3 sec so how can you beat him in builet 1 min ? its allowed to using time programs in chess? 
Maybe that what are you talking about happened in chess tourney but it wont repeat. Same is in snooker tourney many players refusing coz we have high rank
if checkers players played only checkers players to get up i dont see anything wrong that, if they have paid to play the game they should be allowed to play who they want, if checkers players dont play billiards players then its not the end of the world :p Not until 21st december :p
So can we play anyone atall who plays the same type of game as you? is there a certain number of players you can play? also why wasnt this mentioned at the start?
Is it to let other players who dont play billiards have a better chance in the grand prix? maybe it would be easier to spread the games out more? :)
Sorry if im wrong about this, im just saying what i think :)
so let me get this right. Us snooker players are NOT allowed to play each other in any other games outside of billiards in tournaments?
Simple yes or no answer please :p
I don't see the big issue, as far as I can see the regular billiards players are still winning the billiards tournaments, and the board game regulars are winning the board game tournaments. Occasionally a billiards player might sneak in a 7th or 8th place or whatever in checkers for instance but you can't turn round and forbid them from playing other billiards players. At the end of the day you enter a tournament to win, not spend the whole hour getting thrashed by masters.

Your theory would also require an awful lot of players, and a defined set of results between said players, for it to really come off.
It might not be an issue in board games, where lots of players compete, and many matches are played, but you can easily win a tourney with 4 unskilled players in games like curling, where only a few matches are played, if those 4 players ONLY play among themselves.

To make it clear: no player is forbidden from playing another player once in a while. What is forbidden is a group of players only playing among themselves in order to gain undeserved benefits by exploiting this liberty of the system, especially if it is obvious that they have 0 skill in the given game.

I really hope that you are right about this not being a big issue, and we will never have to take any action due to such things ;)

Our FlyOrDie Toolbar has been updated with all the relevant GP information (easy access to rankings, all games, etc.), so if you have not yet installed, it might worth a try now:


If you already have it installed, it's time to refresh ;)

Just out of interest do the top 3 players in the GPrix at the end of the year get the same size trophy or are they different sizes :)
Please get back to me ASAP thanks 
Bonjour, moi je trouve que ce tournois ( en regroupant tous les jeux) n'est pas une bonne idée, vu que la plupart des joueurs jouent qu'à un ou deux jeux... Cela poussent les joueurs à joué à d'autre jeux... Et avantage fortement les gens qui jouent à plusieurs jeux. de plus que les abonné ont encore plus de chance, vu qu'ils joueront plus de jeu ( jeu abonné et non abonné ) Cela poussent les gens à s'abonner... Pas très loyal tout cela.

Bonjeu et bon tournois à tous =)
Almost a quarter of the way through!
Not much seperating the top4 :p
Participating in tournaments increases chance of receving experience ? " DICE in mini profile" ?
I think half points for winner tournament in which is no more than 10 players would be good. Some tourneys like go, pente , tanx you need just one game to win to be in top5 comparing this with 8 ball tournaments where sometimes is more than 100 players its big difference 
some ppl plays board tournaments only to have a grand prix rating, bit sad to be honesy
My personal point of view - there is nothing sad about this. They compete on the same conditions with other players. Being myself an umpire of mentioned tournaments I've seen some players achieving success (getting some tournament points) thanks to getting experience in the given game.
I agree that being first of 100 players is much harder than being i.e. fifth from 15, but it's still the matter of skill (and a bit of luck). Why not to try playing that game and make sure it isn't as easy as it seems in fact? For example, in tanx it's not enough to shoot a tank - you will need to save yourself from being shot right after it, too.
Even the next quote is a bit out of context, - "
you have better chance if you can participate in all tournaments
Something wrong in snooker grand prix list it show i have 6 tourneys won and in pool i have 5 tourneys won but in overall list i have 17. Last time when i saw snooker gp list i had there about 500 pts and now 284 

check these screens please, in snooker grand prix list i have 377 pts and in snooker compound list in grand prix pts i have 625



The discrepancy occurred due to 

containing results of only "regular" snooker tournaments.

Other one contained all snooker (quick, power).

Now both should contain all.

I speak for many players. We have a big request to the organizers of this site. Could you do more, at least one intermediate level with GMs, as they have a very big difference in the level of the game.
if you do enter public tourny unsubbed and you win do you still get vip ? (with  2 or more spots on dice) 
i ask because i won darts (501) tourny with my nic jajaja . on the 18th of this month . i came first and the nic has 3 spots on dice. it is not subbed  
how can we participate in tournament?please can someone tel,hurry
tomorrow finish grand prix I understand ?
yes rulez (matuesz) you win lol

Is the format and prizes the same for this year?

A response would be good if you can. Thanks

The (more or less) final classification for 2012 is as follows:

1. Maтeusz 1847	
2. Gary Ridgway 1327	
3. Ronnie O.KIEV.UA 945	
4. ĿŏVĂŀ ĶĬЙğ1 782	
5. Wяoиg≈Ѕнот 727	
6. ♥Georgia Foote♥ 657	
7. Shаun Murphy no1 609	
8. gabrielamihaela 475	
9. Tactical Player. 471	
10. ftw†eliminator 454	

More details:


Congrats to the winners, thanks everyone for participating.

Good luck for 2013!
so i guess they are the same as i got no reply? :)
Top six places: in order to receive the prize, please submit your shipping address by January 10, at 

Bonsoir, c'est un peu injuste car les bons joueurs d'échecs, de backgamon, de curling, de dames ou de billard ont plus de chance que les bons joueurs des jeux tels que puissance 4 ou reversi. Car il y a 1 tournois par mois pour puissance 4 et reversi contre 6 en moyenne pour les autres jeux! J'espère qu'il y aura plus de tournois de puissance 4. pour avoir plus d'action dans ce jeux. Car entre les programmes, ceux qui sont banni sans raison et le peu de tournois... Ce serait bien d'avoir un peu plus de tournois de puissance 4.

Merci d'avance


Hi, this is a bit unfair because good chess players of backgammon, curling, billiards or checkers have more luck than good players games such as power 4 or reversi. Because there is one tournament per month for power 4 and 6 reversi against average for other games! I hope there will be more tournaments power 4. for more action in this game. Between programs for those who are banned for no reason and some tournaments ... It would be nice to have a little more power 4 tournaments.

Thank you in advance
Why system still adding points to GP 2012 ?
The calculation of the overall Grand Prix has been adjusted for 2013, in order to equalize the fact that strong billiards players have way more possibility to earn points than any other games.

The billiards points are divided into three parts: 8-ball, snooker, rest of the pool games, so every part will have one tourney per week (not counting the weekend tourneys). In the overall GP, only one of these three scores are counted, and it is the one with the highest score.

So if you have 100 points in 8-ball, 80 points in snooker,  60 points in other pool games, 100 will be added to your overall GP points instead of 240.

This will hopefully allow players of other games to fight for the top places as well.
when can we expect shipping our prizes ?
I had to restart computer during a tournament and when I came back I could not play. It was less than the total amount of timeout time I should have, which doesn't make sense to me. The system should give me the option to leave the room (by restarting) and come back and play. This should at least be allowed if at the first 1/2 of the tournament. As well I can't see where rules about timeouts and exiting rooms are stated...tournament rules doesn't say you can't leave the room and come back again.

i think leaving tourni for 3 mins and coming back to your game has ended is a joke . just get rid of brb button in tournies  .but if they leave tourni twice its over . i know it sounds simple .  :)
You can take a timeout 3 times during a single tourney. The total time allowed is 180 seconds.

You should be able to continue after a simple restart if it is within 3 minutes. Unless you used brb/dnd a couple of times, or for a couple of minutes already before.
Rulez™: the prizes are personalized prizes, not just stock items, so they might need some time to get ready for shipping. 
You will be notified when they are shipped.

I had used no timeouts, and tried to be as quick as I could, but no way I could get back in 3 minutes. I think I got back on the 5th minute. Is it not possible to implement possibility to leave rooms in the first half of a tournament? It wouldn't change the outcome of the final tournament barely at all. It would only allow people to settle their problems in the first half of a tournament. It is really just them losing time to gain points imo. In the late stage of the tournament leaving can give you advantages. You could for instance have a "permanent break" for 10 minutes, but it should as well only be available in the first half of a tournament.

Does the scores of the billards games get added at the end of the week or end of the year?
So we can not really see how much tourney we have won in a year. :|
Just wondering why the scores of grand prix have not been updated from yesterdays 8ball tournament?
Is it a server problem or...?
The 2012 prizes had been shipped, so you can expect them in the coming weeks hopefully.



I told you the 8ball tournament wouldn't affect your Grand Prix because your snooker points are higher, I tried to find the post about it to link you but failed to find it, im sure you probably read it anyway
P.S forgot to say in my post I believe when they said not counting weekend tourny's they meant there is 1 of each tourny monday-friday, not that weekend tournys added to your GP regardless of snooker/pool is higher etc
When i won the snooker tournament on the weekend i got the 25 points but not this one ;\
Ofcourse u got the points because snooker is the category you have scored the most GP points in.

If you don't understand the system still I am speechless and now give up ;) post on page 6 if u must read again.
Again i didnt get the points from yesterdays 8ball tournament... some got their points, some didnt, why is this?
A Reply would be nice.
you reading a post would be nicer ;) you're giving a bad impression off yourself lol. Its painful to read when its like talking to a brick wall :D
I got my trophy today, i love it, thanks:)
Sorry about posting again but i have not got my power snooker points and that is the game i have got most in.
Sorry if ive missed something :$
You have to wait till a tourney is official.
And this tourney is still inofficial.
Keep waiting, sometimes it takes a few days.
I got trophy today. Awesome, thank you :)
Congrats Ronnie, enjoy your treasure!

If any of you prize winners is interested, you can send a photo of yourself with the prize, and we will upload it to the GP page. 


Thank you for the photo, Ronnie,  it has been uploaded to the GP page as well:



Operator, moderators, FOD players :)

I can't fully understand FOD GP-2013 rating system. As i thought in complete standings goes only highest points one of the games (8-Ball Pool Snooker Curling Chess etc...)

But, for example, i don't understand why player Tactical Player have rating 316?

Also i don't fully understand about counting weekend tourny's.

I will be grateful for examples with the rating calculation TOP-5 current players in GP-2013.

Thank you in advance.

Ronnie O.KIEV.UA
I will give you an example:

player A has the following GP points:
snooker 20
8-ball 30
pool (not including 8-ball) 40
curling 50
chess 60

All points are added, except for the 3 billiard games.
So first we add 50 + 60 = 110 (curling and chess).
Then we take the highest of snooker, 8-ball, pool points, which is 40 in this case (pool). It is added to your overall score, which will be 110 + 40 = 150.
In this case snooker and rest of the pool were excluded.

If you have any points in any other games, they are simply added as curling or chess in this example.
Thank you, Operator.

Very good example. Now I understand everything.

Also i'm sure this information will be useful to other players too.

Ronnie O.KIEV.UA

if less than 20 players in tourny you win 5 days vip yet you still get 25 points in grand prix ?. 
Congratulations to the 2013 winners!

1. myfault
2. gabrielamihaela
3. Tactical Player.

(Please submit your shipping details at 

 to get the prizes)

Thanks everybody for participating, good luck for 2014!
Congrats to all involved :)

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
First three players overall will receive a real engraved FlyOrDie trophy."
4th to 6th will get FlyOrDie T-shirt, cup or something like this.
Why now no prize for 4th to 6th ??
>Why now no prize for 4th to 6th ??

This is a prize.. "4th to 6th will get FlyOrDie T-shirt, cup or something like this."

Senior FlyOrdie Moderator
hi i was just checking to make sure you guys received my shipping address?

thanks :)
We are terribly sorry for the huge delay with the prizes, however, I have been informed that the prizes have been shipped to everyone who has submitted the shipping address, so you should receive them shortly.

When you receive them, we would be much obliged if you could send an photo of yourself with the trophy.

Thank you.
Come on FlyOrDie in fairness we are in September now. Still no prizes for 2013 grand prix. why say theres going to be prizes? Are we ever going to get them? 
A response would be nice.
Thank you from a paying member.
Prizes for 2013 have been sent out months ago for those who  qualified and supplied a valid post address.
Ok well thats strange because i provided a valid postal address for my prize but never received it. Has anyone here received their prize? 
Congratulations to the 2014 winners!

1. giest
2. мσѕѕιмσ
3. power

(Please submit your shipping details at 

 to get the prizes)

Thanks everybody for participating, good luck for 2015!
The places 4-6 doesnt get shirt or something this time?
congrat for this players , was a close fight!!!
In 2013 i send you my adress for wining 2h place in GP overall  , in 2014  i was on 5h place. I understand will get a ti-short or cup?  Must to send again my adress?
Congratulation all for participating! Was a fun and competitive year.
For those who have not done so, yet:
please send your shipping address by the end of January at latest.
Still waiting for: giest, Tipcike, gabrielamihaela, Shаun Murphy no1.

Thank you.