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Play Billard in doubles [ 2 vs 2 ]
Play Billard in doubles [ 2 vs 2 ]
Play Billard in doubles [ 2 vs 2 ]
Would be good to have the option of playing pool in a couples, "two against two..." I think it would be
more exciting and fun .. bye bye[img=
i said this long ago they have this option on other pol sites so i know its possible n it would be a big hit lets make this happen plz
Yeeeee! Good Idea!

Dear Developer team please think about it :p

Also Tournaments :p
i think this is a great idea .. many people in all leagues ask for 2vs2 tournamernts .. so i know that its something many people want .. ty for idea .. gabriel . 
I agree this would be great for us and the game as may attract more users :)

I hope you bring this in MR OPERATER

Ash Bash
Great idea, if that is possible, would be interesting

ok so i like the idea would be great if it happened...
But the fact is this place is flat out running a 1v1 game at the best of times. So i very much doubt it will handle 2v2. Everytime i play on a non subbed nick or as a guest it disconnect's a lot. So good luck with it but ummm yea i doubt it will happen. Just my opinion...
i did mention this ages ago but nothing got noticed.
Yeah, that sounds just about right. You know what else would be nice? Make listom a moderator or something above them - Peace Up!
i not subbed no more it ran out n actually its not that bad no more wen u not subbed theres no add in game just lobby other then options u have i havent noticed a difference as for 2vs 2 it will handle it np other sites play this way im sure flyordie could easy

Hey aussiebloke....

I always play on a unsubscribed nickname and i never get dissconnected, Maybe its your internet and not a problem with the games :)


It would be great to see another multiplayer game on FlyOrDie. In my personal opinion, 2v2 games are more fun than duels :).
unfortunately because of the way the FOD system works i honestly cant see that working out

even if there was a way to sort that problem out i would be drawn away from that as i hate doubles and even say no to doubles matches in real life
ive played doubles in real life its usually more of a fun thing than a serious match.
i agree we should have double matches but im worried about things like the game will use a lot more  system resources and lag would be worse.
other sites have it n  theres np y cant flyordie
op can u plz respond to this n let us know if we will ever have it were 2vs 2 can happen  i know alot would love it it would be a hit