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Tourney (:
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Tourney (:
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Tourney (:
Hi all. :P

I gonna create a little tournament.
At first there will be 8, but if we can get quick to 8 players we gonna do it with 16 guys.

1st Round: rt4  (if 16 player)
2nd Round: rt5  (if 8 player its the 1st round.)
Semifinal: rt6
Final:     rt8

You can play in ratet or unrated room. I dont care.
But one thing would be cool, to avoid liers.
Please screen the score at the end. 

Join like this: Tommy, 18, Germany ..
So i am the 1st guy in. :P

I hope for a good tournament. (:

& good luck all. :*




FlyOrDie Moderator
By the way, its 8 ball. :D
& mods pls try to be quick with the posts. :x

Hi .

Still I Rise (Max), 20, Sweden/Iceland/Russia :)
Somebody got 2 loose- so I am in m8, ty for invitation ;-)

Yee imma join , 17 Matteus Brazil\US


Others know me as other nick but wount say =D

;* babys
Someone needs to win this tourney so im in, lol im joking =]

Glenn 19 England

Obsєssıøη ♥


im in (:



нєа∂ тuяиєя


Hello & gl all first round:

Miki              :  Ukaze Finest
Wrong Shot        :  Head Turner
Shaun Murphy no1  :  Basic Mistake
Obsession         :  NewBorn
Zeus47            :  Chevrolet
English Maniac    :  Goofy =)
ScottyLal         :  Still I Rise
Thunder           :  Juan Mata

rt4 & you have 3 days time to play.
Post the Score in forum or msn me. ;)


lost vs Ŧคเtђlєรร. aka goofy 
>>Thunder : Juan Mata

Ready when you are sir.  Im on every night, UK Time. :(

FlyOrDie Moderator
Obsession, waiting in room1 today- please call me when u wanna play, unrated np as I am low atm. Ty.

Lost vggs ty.  Very good player. :)  I was 2-0 up & lost 4-2 :(

FlyOrDie Moderator
1st Round is done. > Scores <

Miki 0:4 Ukaze Finest
Wrong Shot 2:4 Head Turner
Shaun Murphy no1 4:0 Basic Mistake
Obsession 2:4 NewBorn
Zeus47 4:2 Chevrolet
English Maniac 1:4 Goofy =)
ScottyLal 2:4 Still I Rise
Thunder 2:4 Juan Mata

Let's start the 2nd round, games are:

Ukaze Finest : Head Turner
Shaun Murphy no1 : Obession
Zeus47 : Goofy
Still I Rise : Juan Mata

It's rt5 & gl all. (:

Obsession 4:2 Newborn..

Sorry typed wrong. :o

Won 5:4 vs obsession, ggs ta mate.. so close :|

Well, here are the scores from round 2.

Ukaze Finest 5:4 Head Turner
Shaun Murphy no1 5:4 Obession
Zeus47 4:5 Goofy
Still I Rise 5:0 Juan Mata

So let's start the semifinals. :P

Ukaze Finest : Shaun Murphy no1
Goofy : Still I Rise

Race to 6 my friends & good luck all. (:

5-0 :|? was in 8ball the past 2 nites and i get a 5-0 loss ty vg tourney 
We searched u all 3 days. -.-
Never seen u..
Still I Rise 6-2 Gustavo
thanks for the games
Lost 6-2 to still i rise , wp and ty  for waiting : )
Me 6:0 Ukaze Finest

ggs ty :| 

Well, here we are let's go to final (:

Shaun Murphy no1 : Still I Rise

gl max hehe its rt8 (:
The final is done. :D

The winner is: >>>> Still I Rise

Conratulation mate, well done. :)

and also congratulation to Shaun Murphy no1
for your 2nd place. :)

Score was: Shaun Murphy no1 7:8 Still I Rise [vggs ta]

Thanks all for playing.
I try to make another one in a few days.
I'll make it like a league.
But everyone can join every tourney.
More informations on my next Tourney. :)

Well done Max :D

>>Steve 28 UK

A bit late Steve :(

FlyOrDie Moderator