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Dear Moderators
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Dear Moderators
HELLO!!:DWould it be possible for League Rooms to Be Made in TANX?!
I For one know a lot of people would like Rooms just for Clan battles , Duel Tournaments Perhaps even a room for Clan Discussion Would Be Great for the Game itself & clans.
Last Year Flyordie Gave Tanx a tournament room & new Emoticons & Many players dislike these , because they like the original ones from years ago i for one miss the old ones..they made the game more amusing for people aswell
another thing players seem to miss is the Old Tanx Rating system il give you an example: the Average Major Rank is obtained at 350 points & it was once 450 points i know a lot of players dislike the current rating system.

Other problems such as Delaying On Moving & Firing.. has been around tanx since the end of 2008 it had seriously messed up the gameplay & a lot of players left flyordie because of this.

One Other Thing , Once Flyordie updated tanx pc , version last year it changed the controls..
A lot of players would play Using A & S Keys to turn the camera/turret some players use CTRL key to move , tho i 
noticed this doesn't work now i use to play holding ctrl , when trying to grenade or , turn the turret , now it doesn't work at all..its not just the ctrl problem , the A & S Key configuration , tons of players were use to these keys to play , now we have to use the Arrow keys , without the use of CTRL key.
Meaning Players cannot move & grenade at once , like before if they aren't subscribed.
There's also a problem for Players using Web Version to play tanx without a subscription it takes 3 clicks to fire once..& it doesn't fire at all half the time especially if you click your opponents tank , or an object such as ammunition.

My personal opinion.. Tanx needs a new Server maybe i don't know if its possible to have a new server..as no other games may have this delay & Freeze issue like tanx , with tanx being a shooting game , not a board game or billiards it just isn't the same.

the Main Problem is the Delay , Freeze & Lag
if this could somehow be fixed..the game would be a lot more lively & a ton of players would come back , subscribe which would be great not just for the game but flyordie itself.

Player Requests.

New Room : For Clan Battles Or A League Room similar to billiards For Players to create their own tournaments for numerous game modes such as 1v1 2v2 or 3v3 i am sure
would without a doubt change the game population by a huge amount it would attract a lot of players.

Old Emoticons : The Old Tanx Emoticons Were Great Also the Game seemed to lag a lot less before flyordie upgraded to the current set.
And A lot of people miss them.:(

A New Server: Would Be A Great Addition to Tanx & flyordie i am not sure if this is a possible request tho it would be appreciated by many players including myself.:D

Old Controls : Now Iv No Idea If This is a possible Request either but if Flyordie could change the Tanx Controls For Pc Version Back to the original Control configuration i am sure the game would be a lot better like it once was.:D

Many People say Tanx is Dead 
i disagree its not like it once was but if these requests became existent it would be very much alive & a lot more populated Which would also mean a lot more subscribers for flyordie. 

If Flyordie Could Maybe , just Maybe Consider Some of these requests it would be much appreciated by everyone in tanx.

Thanks & Bye For now.

Yours truly 

YEAH,i think it would be good if we got more rooms like 8ball :) :D ... we need more action in tanx! and adding more rooms would be great ;) ... i request FOD to make please add the rooms!

FTW Kreaper :p 
Warrior is right. Let's go back to the old emoticons. There was far less lag before the system changed. League rooms would also be good. Main issue is the lag though.
This seems like a good project and will help Tanx community to expand and also it will help a lot for tanxguide to host its tournaments and mini games as we come along. Thanks a lot Jeff for this useful post. I am sure the OPERATOR will look into this. Just to make it clear that we users from Tanx care for its community and wouldn't like to end as a dying community so we provide projects to make Tanx look cool. And that Tanx has a lot to offer as provide skill and have fun with other users.

TanxGuide Forum Staff
nice Idea Warrior, I agree with u...the project can help tanx to be famous around world.
Is the leauge room request real?
There are average 20 players in tanx.
Tanx has 5 rooms.
4 out of 5 rooms aren't active.
You can do you leauge in room 3...
But whats the problem with room 1?...
They are not going to spam Tanx with rooms.
I bet if they make leauge room no1 is going to play in that room.
This part of the topic is like a chinese would ask:
-Why dont you make chinese room?
Guys! Use your brain before ask a silly question like this.. 

I Appreciate your opinion guys , im just trying to help the community & There is alot more than 20 players.
Just Depends What Time You Are On.
This Would Increase the Population By a huge amount thats a fact.

I Hope OPERATOR Looks into this , it could save tanx & bring it back to its former glory.
i Also think An Exhibition Room Would Be Great.

Thanks & Bye For Now.

Yours truly FTW WARRIOR.

Barry your obviously not a frequent tanx player if you were , you would understand players would love a new type of room for Exhibition Matches , this is not a silly request & theres no reason to be negative man, dont you want to help the game , make it better not just for yourself but for everyone think about the new players that show up each day.
if they see the game is popular , they will stick around , try & improve ,perhaps invite others to the game aswell.
As one player leaves , another appears this is a natural fact.

I Will support This Thread For Flyordie
Being honest i really miss the old tanx
Even in 2008 the game was great.

Also Tournaments Such As COPA TANX Only Happen once a year & it gathers the best players.

If We Had More Tournaments such as this the games popularity would skyrocket.

I Think i will also Post A New Thread on advice for New Players , help them get into the game , other than just telling them a few simple controls to use.


Bye for Now
Yours Truly FTW WARRIOR.
barry! do you even play tanx! :|  many players are on at a certain time! maybe you come when they are less players! we need these rooms for many tournaments! just like 8ball.. :p It will make Tanx better and more interesting! :)  
Eric . you can use rooms 2,3,& 4 as they are always empty.
Julie! when your in room2,3,4 people think your banking or something of the sort! we don't need room2,3,4 ! they can be re-named! so that we get league rooms! 
I think that updates to come play for now, few people Tanx.
If there is more interest in Tanx it would be nice if there are multiple rooms to avoid it just lags.
Currently there is no question of the rooms but I do not delete important.
It's great I think it would be possible to use these appropriated to open tournaments and other needs.

i now think this is a waste of time cause no operator has given a respond! No 1 cares about tanx i guess :( :| :@ (f)
Kreap don't rush into things, i am sure we've been noticed and for updates it does take patience. Years back when harry was around we heard rumors about tanx updates but we never thought it would come till recently we see ne emoticons and supposedly new servers as ppl been saying 'i myself feel no difference'. But the old tanx was fun and the old emoticons where better it made tanx unique. But now in days people complain that tanx lags when i myself have never lagged, perhaps delays "sometimes" but that does put the conclusion that tanx needs better bandwidth in the servers for its game.

As for the negativity we should encourage the operator to make these requests as it will help populate the community instead of just posting awkward posts.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask moderators to be in tanx frequently 'moderators visability are a big role of tanx and fod in general'.

TanxGuide Staff

yeah, i guess we just have to be patient :) all we can do now is wait :D 
well, i am holding my fingers cross for this one. This update about tanx has been brought up only in tanx forum, but never in the "dear moderators" forum. I really wish before i leave tanx again, which will be once my subscription expires to see an update on tanx. Just like when i left tanx in 09-2010 and came back, and to my suprised tanx was updated without me :(lol. But those changes on the icons in my opinion, i think it was bad. The old ones were much better. Now my idea on this update, in case it does happen<<<really hoping to see it in my life time. At least new map (idc what kind just put a new map for god sakes), tanx weapon upgraded (maybe like a rocket that once you shoot it, even if it hits the floor, it causes a shock wave explosion causing damare to you're opponent). Also, new style on the tanx (maybe customising you're tanx since you're pay subscriber would be good, giving the player few options on how to customized it before going into battle) Another idea, a machine gun would be nice too. If thats not all, make the game look a little bit 3D. In other words, more realistic, if you add a little "screaming painful noice" after someone dies it would look so realistic. Well there you go, some of my ideas. I don't wanna make this long like FTW-Warrior, which btw, i didn't read cuzz it was too much to read. 
Of yes, we were, Raiden :D
And I support everything offered above :).

TanxGuide Staff,

 - help and entertainment for tanx!
still waiting for a response from the op/developer ! but nothing :( 
Many Great Ideas i hope Flyordie thinks about this topic o.O