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Hey all the old school fod players come out 
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Hey all the old school fod players come out 
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Hey all the old school fod players come out 
Come out come out where ever u guys are.... Miss ya guys.
Hi Peachy I still get on very occassionally so does wifey
I been here for nearly as long as you :p
PEACHES!! aha how you doing dear long time no speak :p hope all is well.
you still here peachy? had many a good argument with you,all in good taste my dear:) if i come out of retirement to play theres no hope for the rest of u ...i might just do it though...be afraid...kiddin lol
OMG scotty n neal how the heck are u guys? great i hope....Im doing pretty good myself... Miss ya guys do u guys still use msn messenger???
wow i havent seen thos names in like 6 years 
im good trish,no dnt use msn now 2 busy..hows things with you?
i should take offence but i wont ;) lol@ just gone down the tubes..ponders a thought..yeah that happened ages ago not just 
Hello, I've literally only just logged on here for the first time in a long time.
hey guys, nice to see some names around that I recognise :D
Cannible_Kev , peachysweet i remember u 
i remember stezza and samurai (max) who was one of the best 
Hiya Trish ;) Talk about a blast from the past! How u all been? Newkieeeeeee!! Scotty :p   
Hey tara doing good n urself hun? Hi randy might i say love the wrestler... nice choice for a nick ;)
2fast_2furious (9ball crown 1000+ yes admittidly for finding cheat break) here aka Need4Speed & Nelson :) 
I registered 2001, does that make me old school? Anyway, its great to be back. Had so many awesome games against some of you guys. Enigma! Awesome to see you around man, was a pleasure playing against you and the likes of Jimmy White, Max, Greenking, Essence etc. Those were the good old days :)
Anyone remember Emma from like 10 yrs ago?
I recognise some names.

Popping in to say hello.

Euan, Tazz, The Wizard
>>Anyone remember Emma from like 10 yrs ago?

I remember about 5 Emma's back in 2001.  Any hint on which 1 it could be??

FlyOrDie Moderator
yea them were the good old days, never get time to play on here hardly anymore. 

I still play, but not on this nick :p
im back now playing i registered in 2000 or 2001 if anyone else was from back then give a shout out :p
Just thought I'd drop by and say hi, currently playing as Naive ;)
^^ is tht Matt as in Rocket? if so long time bud :D
would be amazing to have a big upa2 tourny again with all us oldies. every1 has grown up and stuff now, been in a few lobbys, dont recognise any1. :(
ya was fun back in the day in upa2 we use to get alt of peeps in tourney alot more were intrested in tournies back then..or maybe it was just cause league was ran good n tds advertised way more i dunno its weird..maybe its cause i owned league ;p lol just joking dodnt know y its weird
hi peachysweet :D long time hun... peach was one of my admins on upa2 as well as comboyz1 then i think we made ybpl lol

couldnt make my fancy characters nicknames again :/ 
Nice to see that FOD's been doing more games and stuff!


Aww it's so nice to see so many of u "old guys" it brings a smile to my face.

Glad that everybody seems to be doing great, I still keep in contact with Zeus and off cource Electric, but many of you old and dear pool buddys I haven't seen for years. I wish you all well, and miss our good times on FOD ;o)

Hugs from Ladyhawk
I started on here in 2003 under CueMaster~ҳр. Hi All!
Anybody remember me? :| don't think ive played since 2009 :D till like 3 days ago when a mate told me there was english pool now!
Crikey ! a few names from the glory days on here lol. Nice to see you all .

big luv...Rab
Hi all...
My name has been around a while. The first league i ever played in was Sginneta League. Anyone remember that one?
^^ I remember that league, was very strict if i remember correctly, i didnt last very long them days :p
Oh yes.. it was srict alright. You could hardly cough without getting a warning. At least back then there was a lot more respect between players
hi all, not played on this site for years my old names where TOP_DOG, SPENCE , Rizla
hope your all doing good :)
lol ya signetta league was strict she let it go to her head and got to carried away i think.. i didnt mind more just played in upa2`:)
I remember this chap named Davemeister. I think he settled down with a nice Polynesian girl and moved to the Maldives back in the summer of '09. Heard he browses the forum when he can get the signal....
You couldn't beat Upa2, that league was awesome all the best played there. and ybpl was awesome aswell.
i been here since 2005 on this nick.heard stories about upa2 but they didnt last through the time.
>I remember this chap named Davemeister. I think he settled down with a nice Polynesian girl and moved to the Maldives back in the summer of '09. Heard he browses the forum when he can get the signal....

insert expletive here

        Nice to see you back on here TOP_DOG......I always wondered if you were still around or not. Memories of massive defeats at your hands. I think out of all the times I played you I only won maybe 2 or 3 games.....lol.   Nice to See a lot of the "old timer" names again. Again..I used to be CueMaster ~xp, I was also SL1PSTR34M. Hope every one had a great Easter.
I drop in every now and then. Now playing quick snook.
haha howdy spence man long time no speak. :p 

Ah I miss those good old days!

I have been here a while and I am still rubbish.

Just saw that I went over 5000 8ball games and I thought that was a lot, then saw someone with a lot more in just a couple of years, what about you?
Hi you guys x Whitewitch here, just returned after a little rest :) been playing since 2004. Use to play with Grandma a lot. Love n hugs to you all, nice to see some old familiar names x good luck x