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Ban Programmes.
Ban Programmes.
Ban Programmes.
Programmes make it unfair for "people" to play games on this site. most of the top ranks are programmes and so players don't have a chance for top ranks. I'd like FlyOrDie staff to look into deeply and it would be much appreciated.

Players post what you think.
Going by your reply's so far [none] I don't think anybody cares.
I've been playing at FlyOrDie off and on for about 5 years now. After breaking the 400 barrier, I became aware of computational aid that most players abused to make the top of the list. FlyOrDie moderators put forth the effort in decreasing these numbers (permanent & temp bans, demerits, calibrating point totals back to zero, etcetera); however, this only stirred more problems for users because banned players would create new accounts, complain, and cheat their way back to the top. This positive feedback loop persists and I'm afraid not much can be done to resolve this issue; after all, there is always a way to get around things with the internet. FlyOrDie staff have implemented "tagging" profiles as a way to notify players of suspected program-users and made those profiles accessible by everyone. I'm not sure how the detection or scan process goes in determining who those players are, but I do know that program users are undetectable when they use 2 separate computers to play. For example, a desktop computer to host the program (Fritz, Shredder, Deep Blue, Jester, etcetera) and a laptop with flyordie open, but this is just one possible scenario among millions. The number of program users has increased dramatically since my first login, and while I developed a really strong opposition against prog users, I'm really apathetic about it now. Like the predominant proportion of our society go online seeking status and value and respect, which is often lacked outside the realm of their online networks, program users do too. For some people whose conscience has little effect on them, being able to act as if they are true grandmasters makes life so much better for them. For I and others, who simply want enhance their skills in chess (gaining opposition, tactics, strategies, openings, variations, etcetera), don’t depend on their rank or win-loss ratio. I’m not saying that this isn’t accomplished by the use of programs because hey, if becoming a mindless, mimicking zombie enslaved by chess software is your learning style, then go ahead. Winning is great, but so much is learned more by our losses because only then are we fully aware of our mistakes. I’m beginning to grow tired of this subject, but emphasis on this “problem” grows every day. Since the industrial revolution, man has been predisposed to technology and developed an innate dependency on innovative technology. Technology is great. It makes life so much easier and allows us to get things done so much faster. Whether it be using your TI-89 to integrate differential equations or using that program to cheat in chess, we all do it sooner or later and often forget the real reason we even got involved. I know I didn’t start playing at flyordie with the intentions to “prog” my way to the top or take calculus with the intentions of not retaining any of it afterwards because I used my calculator to solve everything! So, it really just boils down to what and how much we care about things. I’m not sure how well my thoughts will be portrayed in this forum, or if anyone will even bother to read this. I played a few games in chess informant and a few in gomoku today. I saw this post and the one that followed, and felt it was exigent to reply and show how much some people do care. 

aye, that was what a was just about to say :D ?
I'm Portuguese and I'm going to use my language. Gostaria de explicar porque uso muitas vezes um programa. Não me interessam os pontos porque não jogo xadrez para ganhar pontos. Inicio uma partida com um programa auxiliar. A primeira jogada é feita de acordo com a resposta do programa à jogada do adversário. As seguintes seguem um percurso inverso. Jogo primeiro e depois vejo se a jogada do programa coincide com a minha. Se isso acontece continuo até que a resposta do programa seja diferente. Aí, paro e analiso onde é que eu errei para não repetir os mesmos erros no futuro. Abandono então o programa e jogo sem o seu auxílio até ao fim da partida. Já tenho feito partidas sem falhas e outras que são um autêntico desastre.´A partir da altura em que vocês me marcam como programista é muito difícil arranjar parceiros com quem se possa aprender mais. Sei que é difícil entender este modo de actuação mas se tiverem registos das minhas partidas podem verificar os altos e baixos do ranking que provam que os pontos não têm importância para mim. Lamento ter sido marcado depois de alguns anos e também a falta de uma análise correcta da vossa parte.


I agree, and also am against the use of the program,but unfortunately they are in our midst :(
I do not understand why it would be hard, let alone impossible, to permanently get rid of these programmes.
All you would have to do is ban their IP address. Which I'm sure you log everytime someone visits (as all sites do). 
This is exactly what sites like wikepdia do when someone breaks the rules. 
I play chess all the time and can't keep anything above a 300 because sooner or later I run into a program :l 

Most of the user IP addresses are not static so you cant really use IP for ban, plus there are proxies which could be used to easily avoid IP ban.
As i always said..
Just dont play all these programmers and you dont have this problems. ;)