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What about working on clearing monsters away from the north city so it can be rebuilt?
The TA Army is a little late in deciding where we will focus, but at this point, [url=
/url] (continuing north from the previous block) is the clear front runner.  The poll will end on Monday.

And by "Monday" I mean "Tuesday"... which should be obvious.

I'm not in Army, but I wonder if you guys might consider working on clearing the west coast of TA at some point. 

Going directly north from the previous block does reduce the 'front lines' by 1, but not sure whether that will really make a difference. On the other hand, no immediate benefit from starting at the south end of west coast, but north end also reduces front lines by 1. Plus, this would completely encircle the invaders.

Just wondering what everyone else is thinking..

For the record, clearing [url=
/url] (directly north of "stairway" block) doesn't reduce the frontlines at all.  It removes [url=
/url] ("stairway") from the frontlines, but [url=
/url] itself becomes a new frontline block.

My vote went for the north ([url=
/url]), but my clicks go with the clan consensus.

Well, Sandy, I think it all comes down to exactly how the reinforcements move, which I'm not sure we've 100% established. My thinking was that 10381 has 2 sides adjacent to cleared squares, while after clearing it the next square to the north, 10346, would have only 1. Again, not being sure how the reinforcements move, I don't know if that would help or hurt the cause of bottling up their movement. 

Really just an academic exercise for me, since I'm not in Army and not a professional splatter. Just figured I'd offer my 2 cents worth to the discussion.
In this active area: 10382, 10415, 10416, and 10417 are currently invadable squares. (4)

By removing 10381: 10381, 10382, and 10417 are invadable (3)

We are adding 10381 as an invadable, but reducing the net by 1.

Beavis, so you are saying that reinforcements can travel corner to corner, rather than just across an edge boundary? Hadn't considered that aspect, actually. 
i would like the army to consider the state of the buildings and the fullness of nub slots on the market, it is VERY annoying doing 700+nub trips with vanquisher cos i have to homeport to drop my nubs, whereas if we attack from the magetower square, building work will be encouraged, nubs will be used and not lost to selling them at the store.
Building is an effort that is completely ignored by some while others value it for its large experience earning potential. Be it as it may, for a period (it was about 6 months long I think) there was not possible to build anything - before the reinforcements were introduced and the north mage tower square was conquered. I would not like to see that happen in the near future again. Why not consider the north as a 'farm' for building of sorts, similar to what we had with monster drop commodities.

My proposal is therefore to continue splatting down south - 10381 probably. If anyone still prefers the north, I'd suggest 10168 - that block has certain probability of another building on it.

The north city is not fully functional - there is no general store - and I don't think anyone misses the now damaged buildings much. The only one I would want is the casino, to complement nail thieving in the dark district there. I kindly propose to direct any ongoing building efforts there.

There may be a way to conclusively check whether the reinforcements can be deployed corner to corner (as opposed to across the common square border): 
if 10346 turns out to be a part of the lake
, once 10381 is cleared, if any monsters ever invade there, the only way they can come is from the 500k square 10347 - diagonally!

Conserving nubs is not any more an issue I think: there is now an unlimited number of them in theory. Keeping sufficient supply of them at 50% on the markets is, however.

Sorry about this longish post, I had to unload these things that have been on my mind for some time.

I'm fairly neutral on the next splat target. I don't build, and don't plan on starting until 1 on my fighters hits level 100. I've got 4 fighters generating about 500 splat per day, who are happy to splat anywhere. 

I'd like to clear the west coast, so for that reason I'd go with splatting in the north. However, what I'd really like even more than that, is for 
 to be splatting on the same square, regardless of where it is. That was my thinking behind the recent competition, and it's amazing how much can actually get cleared if we all work together. 

For as long as there are reinforcements, if we don't focus our efforts on the same square, it's going to take even longer to clear the island, and probably make more players less motivated. So yeah, although the army will probably be continuing in the south - let's make a deal here. If the next target is one in the south, how about the next one is in the north? (or vice versa - either way, I'll still be splatting with the majority).
Either Mombassa's idea with the vice-versa, or we could compromise. Those who want to splat in the North do so, while those in the South the same. We could even have a mini race like the bridge. But if in the end everyone wants to splat on just one definite square, then my vote is the South.

I'm thinking we are never going to clear TA unless we continue making concerted, unified efforts on each square. Otherwise we're just killing invaders.

That said, I don't care that much where we go. I'm willing to go with the army.

I offer four possible goals:

1. Get the monsters away from the north city.
2. Decrease (or at least don't increase) the size of the front.
3. Continue what Vod and Subprime did trying to get a look at all squares on TA.
4. See what's under the (supposed) square with 1 million monsters

It's all good, but I don't think we will get anywhere unless we continue to unite our forces.
There are a number of people above who are claiming that we need to be focused on one block at a time to clear TA sooner.  Those sorts of statements include an assumption that players spend more time/clicks conquesting when they are fighting along with others.  This seems to be the prevailing opinion, but does anyone know if this is the case?  The opposite could be true, or neither.

In my case, it makes no difference either way.  My conquestors spend all their clicks conquesting on TA, regardless of how quickly the target block's monster count is falling and regardless of what other people choose to do with their clicks.

From that perspective, if we spread our conquests evenly among all the blocks, it would still take the same number of conquests to clear TA, and we'd still clear TA in exactly the same amount of time.  In such a situation we might have long periods without a block being cleared and suddenly 15 of them get cleared within a week.  That would be cool.

Each partially beaten square grows back... whereas full squares don't... fighting multiple squares effectively increases our front.

Also... its discouraging enough as it is for a block to fall in 4 months... 6 block wold take two years....
It's a valid point Sandy, and I guess it doesn't really matter how many open target blocks there are, assuming that the rate of invaders doesn't really change as the blocks get cleared. But you'd be pretty hard pressed to find splatters willing to be the only character splatting on one square.

Clearing one block as quickly as possible, and then moving on to the next, does keep up motivation and interest in the game, which is what it's going to take to eventually get the island cleared. 

If there weren't reinforcements, it would be a different story, but now that there are, we need to approach splatting differently. 

LOL hey why am I arguing... I'm just going to splat where the army splats.. and that's that.

Sandy, if you have time, I would be thrilled if you would put the brief character guide I wrote on your website.