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Share the love
Share the love
Hi haven't seen some of you in a while (an some I have wink wink).
In real life (yes there is one lol) I am an optician.  I also work with an international non profit organization called VOSH, vosh.org.  We do free eye clinic around the world to help those who maybe never had an eye exam in their lives.
I am on the board of our Illinois chapter of VOSH and with very little effort on your part you can help us.  Rather than use your current search engine, (like google) go to 
 By doing your search here our group makes 1 penny USD.  That isn't a lot of money but just think of the good all of you FOD players could do if each of you used it once a day!
I wish you could see the joy on someones face when they can see well for the first time!  I have experienced that and it is wonderful.  You can be a part of that too bye using the above link.
If our organization doesn't pop into the "charity" box when you go to that link just type in vosh-illinois.
Thanks all of you for your help.  

(so much better than when your house over flows and they give it to the poor in Larkinor)
gonna start using that from now on smurfy...gb

That's really neat smurf. I've been all around the world on various missions trips and I can agree that the best thing in the world is to see people happy.

Share the love!

that is a wonderful cause smurfy glad i can help :)
I sent my students this link hope it helps
Oh thanks again.  Wow I feel the love LOL.  I am considering a trip this fall to Honduras where we'd be working in a orphanage.

And Trin two things first try larkinorguide.com
Second, don't swear even putting in ** cause the mods will get ya for avoiding the filter.
I have given this link to my friends in england, and am already using this search engine. I search a lot, about 20 times a day for run of the mill things like anagrams (yesterday in chat they came up :p), programming tips, film reviews etc... so I hoping that together, we really can make a difference.
I'm most happy to be part of this good cause, and am looking for other people to give this link to (I'm about to send it to my family :D)

Trouble325 - keep it flowing!

Larki people are the BEST!  I am so touched at the response.  And isn't it fun to see the contribution total slowly rise?  
Did you notice that the same link in the main forum has no responses?  That doesn't mean they aren't using it of course.  And I did put a different title on it so maybe it isn't as attention getting.


Anyway I can't thank you enough!
Well I'm from the "main forum" you speak of :p and i've been using it I just didn't reply (Unlike Larkinor other areas of the forum are moderated so it can be hassle trying to get a reply in and having to wait for it to be approved)
But good job and hope all goes well :)
Thanks Chris.  I did forget about that aproval system.  And like I said in my last post just because there are no replys doesn't mean they aren't doing it.
I have seen your posts over there so you name is familiar.  Sorry, us Larkinarians tend to get a bit isolated and we don't think you "others" read our stuff.  LOL 
Ty again
:o we're being watched by the 'others' LOL. hi chris:D
Well hi there :)  Actually I've tried Larkinor before, but I got confused and decided it wasn't my thing. I'm too impatient you see so I strolled back across the other side of the fence to "Billiards land"...
Congratulations, we just passed the $10 mark! Most of those $10 were this month, keep it up, that will be $120 a year for the cause! :D

I would just like to encourage everyone to keep on trying to use it and pass the word on... out of the 1000 searches I honestly reckon that I did 500 myself. :p My parents weren't interested, I got the only address I could remember of my friends wrong, and got told off in other forums for spamming when I tried to spread the word *sniff* LOL. Anyway, me being cursed is NOT a reason for you to stop trying. Keep up the good work!

I was wondering if anyone knew how to contact Smurfmom. I wouldn't try to do this here, but I don't know how else to go about it. I am a college student, and I have a group project to do on a charity or organization, and I have convinced my group to do our project on VOSH. We only have a few weeks to work on it, and I was wondering if I could talk to Smurfmom (maybe by e-mail) to get an "insider's view" of VOSH, such as personal experience. Even posting her experiences here in the forum would be helpful. 
(I guess I'll have to keep an eye on this thread. :)) 
If Smurfmom cannot be reached (or doesn't want to be reached) in time, it would probably be fine, but I thought that I would at least give it a shot. If she does respond, I thank her in advance for her time.
I would love to talk to you.  Look for me in chat or I have given both LadyDie and RalphtheDog permission to give it to you too if you see them.
Our local website is under construction but here it is

  LOL the local site stinks but we hope to have that changed real soon.
Wow, that was quick! :)

I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting such a quick response. I had some other homework and errands to work on, so I had to log off, and I missed everyone in chat today. I'll try again tomorrow. 

Thanks again for taking the time to respond. :D
I found LD in chat tonight, so I will try to e-mail tomorrow. I still need to e-mail my group and see if they have any questions they want to ask. 
Well if you ever need a programmer to work on that website... you know who to call (honest :p).

Keep up the good work eveyone!
$15 at the moment!
On IE 7, you can make goodsearch your default provider for that little box in the upper left.  Works nicely, and you don't have to think too hard to help out a good cause once you've done it.  
I just wanted to give an update on my project on VOSH. I don't know what grade I got for the presentation itself, since we did it on the last day of the course, but I think it went very well. As for the course itself, my final grades finally came in and I found out I got an A for the course. :D 

I just wanted to say thanks again to Smurfmom, and to LadyDie and Ralph for helping me get in touch with Smurfmom. :D