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tips on reversi
tips on reversi
tips on reversi
im new 2 reversi my trade is billiards and i like this reversi, ive seen the basic rules and played 6 games and lost 5 so plz can anyone give me some tips
and get used to not getting beat by one big move
talking to urself man ? thats serious,u must go visit a doctor :|
hmmmm, tips on Reversi (Othello people lets get it right).

i could sit here typing out a huge essay on strategy patterns, traps and concepts, but as its already been done for me.

here are the links you need to survive:




These are probably the best sources of information - some of the articles published on the Othellogateway may be a little complicated to start off.

The final link ill give you is


which is a much better place to learn and play.

thx for them links m8. and max ill stop talkin to myself, i was just bored other day but to resolve boredam i suppose i shudn't talk to myself
No problem, let me know how you get on with them!! if its what you were looking for?
im love reverwsi but sadly not so good
I use to play at reversilounge (www.reversilounge.com), it has nice graphics and there are some good players hanging around there that give me some challenges!
Most players are usinga  program, so taht is probably why you got beat 5 times. My tip is that you always try to have a line of 3 in any direction and secure a corner