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Thanks!  You ARE quick since I JUST made lvl 70 a few minutes ago!
dongrats banne...seems like yesterday i used to play and your name was on top of the toplist....:)

Congrads from the Kit Crowd :D
Kittin_101, 102, 103 and Molekat ;)
WTG Banne :D Hope to make it there some day

WTG Banne :D Hope to make it there some day

Keep up the good work, Banne. And great artwork Monty.


Whoo hoo!!!  
Way to go Banne!!
Yay for you! just think you're being congratulated by a giant, mutated, Twinkie isn't that a great gift?


congrats banne!
keep up the good work:)

congratz & way to go girl!!

as always  you are still the Queen of Larki

lots of love from "old friend"

yours Lucy
I wasn't going to respond on this thread again, but since so many were so nice as to say something....

Thank you, one and all, for your kind words.  If my computer feels a little more 'active' today maybe I'll even be able to play this weekend ;-)
cool bane if you can sometime drop by chat miss talking to you