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Double Hit Rule
Double Hit Rule
Double Hit Rule
The Double Hit rule needs to go... honestly it makes no sense, and lets face it, no one thinks its a fair rule... Pro is hard enough as it is without this stupid double hit rule... When hitting the ball up close on PRO rules the double hit foul seems to always happen, you lose your next shot even if you sink the ball, your opponent gets to move... can we do a voting pole or something, would FOD ever consider getting rid of the double hit rule????? the stupid rule doesn't even apply to normal 8ball... 
if you ARE too close to a ball when you shoot, the que ball will bounce back and hit your tip again (double hit) that's illegal in ANY billiards game. It's the LAW.
Well said Hughjr. You're exactly right. It would seem you've spent some time in pool halls. For the most part I think these games are close to the real thing although I have one very big gripe. When a ball is tight to the rail and the shooter at right angles to it, the player hits the ball  dead on and it somehow travels down the rail into a pocket. Absolutely not possible. Let's see you do that on a real table. Have you ever seen a pro even attempt that shot? Maybe Willie Mosconi or other trick shot artists but I've never seen any of them do that either. That ruins this game in my opinion. You play someone safe and they do a ridiculous shot like that. And then there is NoMove in 8ball. How stupid is that? I think it started because someone was not able to kick at a hook or they scratched and so their opponent got ball in hand. So rather than learn to control the shooter and learn to kick at hooks, they decided to change the game. Pathetic really. That takes defense out of the game. In every sport or game there are rules and there are penalties if you make infractions, just like in football etc. Most good players play offensively but, if you don't have a shot, play safe or even hook your opponent. That's how the game is played.   
So learn the game, don't change the rules.