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My dice points
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My dice points
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My dice points
Good afternoon, dear Moderators, I come to ask you for help in the following situation: about 3 years ago I had told the moderator Thor, that my nick's die points did not go up, he told me to play a lot with the nick, but since that time I've played a lot and the dice are just the same, could you help me resolve the situation, please?
Thank you very much and best wishes for a merry christmas and a happy new year to the entire flyerdie team and their families.
a hug Dav7d
Just keep playing and have fun.  

You'll see a progress bar on your players information page, when the bar is full, you'll get your next dot.
Hello friend, first of all thank you for your quick and prompt reply, yes what you told me I know... but I have been playing a lot of games and the bar is stopped/frozen, it doesn't go up, so I come here to ask for help. can resolve this situation.
thank you and happy holidays
>I have been playing a lot of games and the bar is stopped/frozen, it doesn't go up

The bar is always on the move ;)

It takes longer to go from 7 to 8 dots than it does 1 to 2 dots.

Just keep playing, and have fun.
@iSpy i think u dont understand what David is talking about. M8 im gonna tell u about my experience in dots here. If you never got a demerit in that account, so u will take your dots easily, but if u got some demerits like me , then i think u cant win more dots. I have my nickname Marshmello since february this year and i got two dots in 1 mounth. After that i got a simple ban and i lost my two dots returning to 0 again! After what happened it stopped of uping my DOT BAR, and i took more and more demerit points and i think i cant have my dices again or i can keep discipline and wish for dots again!
paper skill, you are right than punishments decrease the number of dots and most likely slow down the progress bar.
I would like to add though, back more than 12 years ago I got more than a dot - a temporary ban. And back then I didn't have a lot of dots, but I honestly didn't pay attention to those (defenitely remember 4 in around 2010). However now I've got 6 already, so it's defenitely growing if the person is playing by the rules of the website. So no need to worry about it too much, just keep playing and it will come.
Hi, thank you for your message, yes, it's logical what you say about demerits causing the bar not to go up, but I'll wait with the hope that it goes up again, because I'm no longer the person I was before, I've learned not to respond harm to others who spend their lives offending me, as 98% of the demerits I received were for defending myself verbally in legitimate defense of lies and offenses from other players.
Happy Holidays
Hi, thank you for your message and above all for sharing your experience, yes, what you say is logical, I will just wait for things to return to normal.
Merry Christmas and happy new year
With a punishment, the oldtimer score also changes negatively. 
It can take several years to go from 7 to 8 dots, for example.

In your case Dav7d, the value changes .. but as with everyone, slowly.

Merry christmas


FlyOrDie Moderator Team
>i think u dont understand what David is talking about.

I know exactly what he is talking about and I answered it.

Obviously demerits/bans causes a hit towards your Oldtimer Score, that's nothing new, it's been mentioned before in many forum posts about how the Oldtimer Score system works.

The key to increasing dots is simple and I'll say it again, just play games and have fun.
Ahhh that happens to me now
yes, but your dice will come back if you stay demerit free. 
have a good time, Kevin
Will be easy because I can't chat
But you can post on the forum.
kind regards,
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