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ads overlapping game field
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ads overlapping game field
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ads overlapping game field
Some ads overlaps with the game board area. 
Say you try to put a stone on board in GO game, but instead you redirected to 
 and no stone is put on board. The only way to deal with it is to increase the size of the window. 
I guess it is a smart way to increase ad click count, but extremely annoying for players. 
Please create a screenshot when this happens, and send it to us.

Thank you
We do not display ads simultaneously both to the left from and above the game area. Also, no ads should be displayed while you are playing a match.
If you see those extra ads, then they are injected by some malicious software.
Please try the following:
- Try different browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer/Edge.
- If you can see the extra ad in all of those browsers, then a malicious software (adware, malware, virus) must have been installed. Check Control Panel / Programs and Features if you can see some software recently installed in the list.
- If you can see the extra ad only in one of the browsers, then an extension must have been installed to that browser. Disable all browser extensions to see if it solves the issue. Then you can disable the extensions one-by-one to identify the malicious one.

I am having this problem also - both in Windows Chrome browsers and on Android Chrome.  There's no screenshot to show - the ads are not actually showing over the game board, but when you click on the board, it loads an ad instead.  Something is very broken- started a few days ago. It even does it on the screen where you pick a room.  Sometimes you just have to close the browser and hope for better luck.  This is happening almost half the time when I try and play.  It seems to happen with different ads also
Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the issue.
We could analyze it though, If you were able to send us a .har file of your browser's session.
Steps to produce a .har file in Chrome / Desktop.

- After opening the game window open Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows)
- Switch to the Network tab so network traffic will be captured.
- Continue with the game until you encounter the issue.
- On the Network tab in Developer Tools right click any entry in the list and select "Save all as HAR with content"
- Share the .har file with us. It might be quite large (upto 20-30MB), so you won't be able to send it directly via email. You can share it on Google Drive for instance.

Thank you for your help.

Still happening today!  When you click on position for placement of stone the ad pops up.. Also you are frozen out of certain positions .  May end this for me.. really frustrating.
Same problem, happening on phone. 

If you click to go to the chat, you can't click back to the board to play, each click pulls up a new ad page.   The game times out and you lose because you're stuck and can't get to the board.   On a phone there's no way to adjust screen size, you're just stuck, 20 ad pages will come up. 

This is definitely a real issue that's started happening in the last day or so.  
Yes here the same problem, ads pops up and i cant play, when i click i am send to another page, very weird, i tried all the posible solutions you suggested but nothing did help 
Developers:  "We do not display ads simultaneously both to the left from and above the game area."

The next day the devs remove the malware from their servers that have been displaying glitchy ads above the game board for a year.  Way to stay on top of things guys.  It's also a nice touch that you blame your users for your poorly maintained website!

Of course, there were no malware on our servers.

We have analyzed the .har file that was sent by one player, and determined that one of our advertisment partners, Sharethrough, was placing ads on incorrect positions. We disabled Sharethrough temporarily until the problem is fixed.
Glad to hear your server wasn't hacked.  Why did you rename my username to stipes?  Can you please put it back?
Can you please give me my original screenname back of ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀?  I'm sorry for being overly critical.  Thanks.
I would REALLY appreciate it if you would give me my original screen name back.  Please?
Thank you