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Tanx Guide 
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Tanx Guide 
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Tanx Guide 
Hi there!
I Understand many players that come to tanx participate in a few matches & either find it boring , to difficult or just don't like it well fair enough , we can't expect everyone to like it , but for those that might be interested in improving i will post some advice here for you.

First of all , you will need to know all the controls & how to use them so please read carefully what i have written below.

Arrow keys can be used to turn the direction of your camera & turret.
Keys (A & S) also have the same function.

The mouse buttons used are Left & Right click , not scroll other then to go up & down the lobby.
Left click is to control where you will place your next movement.
Right click is made for shooting & deploying grenades & mines.

Ctrl Key can be used to make multiple movements at once all you do is hold Ctrl key & click around the map a few times (8) is the maximum amount at once.
However i don't suggest using this for moving when you are more experienced.Ctrl key can also be held down in order to shoot faster all you do is double click which ever you are using (Rocket & Nuke) so you can fire twice which is much quicker then shooting without it.
Ctrl can also be used to fire rapid grenades , depending on how long you hold the mouse button in when firing a grenade it may come out slowly or you may fire 2-3 in the space of 5 seconds(depends on the height and distance you wish to fire them).

Keys for switching weapons. These keys are often used to cycle between your weapons , however i suggest using your mouse to change instead as it is much less complicated.

Example of weapon damage.
Rocket is the strongest weapon but also rather slow.
Nuke is the fastest weapon (My personal favorite).
Grenade is the weakest of weapons as it does 1/5th of the tanks damage capacity.
Mines aren't often used to destroy another players tank but sometimes you can trick people into thinking you have no ammo , to get them close then suicide them with mines.(Cheap but wise if you can't obtain ammo).

2 Rockets Puts your opponent on fire leaving only 1 hit left till explosion so toss a grenade or snipe him with a nuke for a quicker kill.

It takes 4 nukes to fully destroy a tank.( I usually just play with nukes as i feel confident with them).

Grenades do 1/5th damage each time so it takes 5 for a kill.

It is possible to one shot kill someone with a mine , if they are close to one and you shoot it they will just explode instantly no matter what their damage is.

(Double damage) now there is a chaos theory based on double damage as to whether or not someone uses a program to fire one rocket & hit twice the damage then a regular one however this is based on server lag & not programming.

There is no such thing as a program for Tanx or any form of cheating software.

Radar ( Map ) 
now on your top right sector of the screen whilst playing you will see a radar.
This radar is used to display your position , your enemy & any power ups around the terrain.
the white dot in the middle of the map is you.
The other dots are your enemies ( white )
Red dots are power ups such as energy & ammunition.
It is important that you keep an eye on the radar to know where your opponent respawns or may be hiding.
If a player goes of the radar you have three choices.
1: use your mouse to scout the area hoping to find his name somewhere in the distance.
2:F4 ( Tank control mode ) this key allows you to use your camera and look for your enemy , however it also makes you more vulnerable as you cannot move whilst using this key unless of course you make a long move or use ctrl to make a random mix of moves just before you press F4.
3:Move around and wait for your opponent to come back into a visible location.

Note : As a tip for new players , i would suggest practicing moving left & right whilst your tank is facing this direction ( click the link to view the picture )OR copy & Paste it into a new browser tab.


Better to watch the video below

My clicking isn't what it once was so excuse my sloppy moves , i use to be way faster & smooth in moving but hey i guess i got old.
I Will make more guides and videos soon , please be patient.

Nice post tho, sadly no one is into it.
I used to play something like Combo shooting, picking up 2 ammos firing quickly one then another was fun to damage opponents real quickly.