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Hello Flyordie..
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Hello Flyordie..
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Hello Flyordie..
  As Tanx Community, Everyone has the right to know if there's going to be an update or fix the tanx rating system.. I mean we are all customers of your website and we are all dying to know. Most other online games, they always tell us what going on and everything.. How come not this website? My tanx fellows will keep doing this until we get an answer... 

Regards Brandon.P
Well, Tanx is not the most popular of games on FlyOrDie and therefore, there is not a rush to update the game, there is a probability that in the future there may be updates for Tanx but I am un-sure, you'll just have to wait and see what happens, patience is a virtue. ;)


It was one of the most popular, with the room full where nobody could join. Now it isn't...why would that be? well a quick search on the forum would show that this is the case for most because of lack of updates. Patience lol...yes its only been what 6? 8 years? Yes around there, lets go ahead and wait 6 more.
Patient? We don't want to have patient for something that we no idea what is going on. We want to know what it is going on and players like myself know how to bring players back. Most players in tanx would come back if there's update and tanx rating system fix... Right now, the rating system is horrible.. And you telling us we need to have patient without knowing what's going on? Oh okay 

unlike the rest of the games on flyordie tanx required skill.

fast paced shooting game unlike a boring billiard game where all you do is move a cue around a table potting balls.

they dont update our game because they arent capable.

they dont know how to update it.

thats so obvious as the last time they updated it , they gave us nothing but severe lag.

i have no patience i have waited nearly 5 years for updates since i started.

i aint waiting any longer.

if we dont get an update soon i am moving onto a new game and taking the remaining loyal players with me.

that isnt a threat its a promise.

i am not wasting money subbing for a game fod doesn't care about , sub should be free for tanx.

dont tell us to have patience man , no disrespect but you dont know tanx ,or how it use to be.

it was one of the most intense games online years ago now its dead because Operator lost interest i guess.

i spent so long posting threads for updates , he didnt reply to one of them.

not only my threads but countless other players of tanx.

its like we arent here.
this is meant to be a friendly community for gamers..not to be ignored for countless years.

i am finished with this website if we do not get an update   and trust me , if i leave the game is over.
iv been carrying tanx on my back for the past 2 and a half years.

im the one that gets people playing , i get the oldies back with my forum antics..

i set up the clans , the clan wars , cause the action in the game.

without people like me ,& brandon there is no tanx.

look for updates non stop , but in the end we never get one.

last one we got was a toplist for 50 players..

i mean honestly?

who wants to see the top 50 players?

we dont need new maps , new weapons.

we need the old rating system.

and accurate tournament lists.

i have won at least 20 tournaments yet i am not listed on flyordie tournament history.

yea , not very accurate when it comes to listings..no offence flyordie.

we have spent so much cash on subs for not only ourselves but our clan members , our friends.

how about replying to one of our threads instead of just ignoring them all FOD?

not trying to be abrupt but i am sick of ignorance.

i just want the old game back as do every other tanx player.

the days tanx had 120+ players a room , instead of 10-20 on a daily login..

FlyOrDie loses money when they dont update games.
and if tanx was regularly updated like the other games fod would make another decent percentage to add to their funds & website value.

but ye np , just ignore all our requests.

See , didn't even have the decenty to reply to this one.
Why not update tanx? We tanx players spend a lot of money  on tanx and for what? So fly or die can update other games on fly or die. It seems to me that we are the least liked players here. But you know what we tanx players have something that other players on fly or die don't have and that's the will to win in a real skill game! As most mods know we argue and fight with each other but only because we are different in that we have a fighting attitude. But that is no reason to treat us as second class gamers!I have spent a lot of money on fly or die and im done paying for other fly or die games getting updated.  Update tanx would mean more money for fly or die. Take a look at your tanks add and do the same for tanx! You could start by having an option for different color tanxs is that to much to ask? Lets not forget that without paying and playing players there would be no Fly Or Die. DO IT PLEASE! Thump
tanx doesnt need to be updated. it has average 10 players ( LOL :D ) and you keep telling its very famous game etc.. Tanx is not first income of flyordie and this game has the least players.
Btw do you remember when flyordie updated 8-ball? Everyone were screaming , crying, commited suicide because they removed PC Game. Tanx still have PC game and 80% of subscribers are using PC Game.  If they updated the game the number of players would REDUCE. 
thats my opinion 
Tanx 'needing' an update is a joke.

Never seen more than 15 players in room in the last 6months-1year and I played most often in that time. Even at tourny u are lucky to see 7+ players.

They will not give you an update im sure, they will continue to improve and update the games that generate their income, they are a business lets not forget.

I look forward to reading the tanx update beg post next month, many thanks!
Why are you still going on about this game lol
You people need to go outside more. lol
Patience is girl with a pretty face , called Grace dont remember the rest.
Those 6 years werent even strict enough.

Not enough players so what, forcing people to play a game whenever its not being updated anyways? Nice pacience to play till 2034...