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Top 10 connect-4 players.
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Four in a Row
Top 10 connect-4 players.
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Four in a Row
Top 10 connect-4 players.
I'm trying to compile a top 10 list of connect-4 players and I would be glad to get some help. Please leave your nominations. It'd be super great if you could leave them in a numerical order starting with the best. You may nominate yourself as well, if you think you are one of the best 10 players in the world.

Furthermore we can debate and discuss the nominated players. 

I will leave some suggestions you can give your opinions of.

fstal86, o_o_loil, qwern, roszkozny_dotyk, christopher, steeldragon, shishapower, madnessa, jer0me, jops, eliten, timpan, klikware, devilgirl, el_muppo, mr.gordo, i_andre_i, oldtimes, imab, nameless, siemens, l_samuel_l, hasek87, unicorn_x

Killing Power is the best.
Motivations would be awesome as well, ie the players' strenghts. It'd contribute to further discussions about the players.
The Blue Devil: Strengths - Good Antis
                          - Mixes Strategy's
                          - Can play made-up variants
                          - Fast play

               Weaknesses - d - e - b - a - b - a 
                            (4 5 2 1 2 1) :p

Top ten (no particular order)

john lynch

To _____

The New Mike programs so he can't be rated
(And I know that you are Mike.)
Forgot to mention that spyders and garfield are good also
i dont really agree with ____ mikes h ad a program sign on his i agree 90% with blue devil but mainly becasue i dont know every1 there kondtone or w/e i hear is good and should be there to
Mike don't even lie. I have seen program on you and it wouldn't come off. Plus you told me on msn you couldn't open vianiato or mustrum.
ur just mad cause I banned all of ur nicks LOL :p for point banking
Mike, its not my fault u have no life. Stop blaming others. D-dog is absolutely right. You are just spam.
mike u never banned any my names and i really only had like 3 names ive ever really used and only one of them was banned so far. mike stop anoying ppl please u barly even play the game any more now.

Thats why i kinda agree with blue john :p

oops nm i thought u said what about john ;\ dont know who that person is
i. rambo i the one from blip, hes testi on FOD hes best ive played.
My top 10:

1) o_loil_o (unbreakable, awesome with blue, knows almost all variants > the best in my humble opinion)
2) steeldragon (see comment above, unfortunately, only one 
can be best)
as from here it gets difficult, all following players are very equal to each other
3) muggaz (great with antis)
4) jerome 
5) fstal86
6) XXXtestiXXX
7) shishapower
8) siemn
9) oldtimes
10) blue devil

Heart are also very good players but haven't got the honor to play them yet:
devilgirl, mr.gordo, jops and eliten (I think I played u eliten, but not enough to tell how good you are exactly, but no doubt you deserve a place in top 10 as well...)
Are good as well:
John Lynch: just back from South Africa, after some games he'll be in top 10, I'm sure ;)
Spyders: still growing to the top, and getting closer every day

I probably still forget some ppl, I'm sorry

btw I'm the Nameless, just so you know ;)
oops, the name of the best is of course o_O_loil.
Sorry o_O_loil :$
Vlammen u missed one of the best... Yourself :p
loil i agree with u except i think jerome should be higher than 8th and devilgirl should be 5th or 6th. Also think siemn should be in the list somewhere
Hey guys .. I guess I'm going to "rate" some ppl too. 

 (Why am I even taking you in this top 10? :p hmm... 100%, knows too many different strats to a start and a good antiplayer)

 (Danish player, and he has been holding a short break, but he's an excellent startplayer and knows many different strats to a start too)

 (unbreakable and really good anti-player)

 (unbreakable and good anti-player)

 (Not played him so much other than on flyordie, but he's a good starter and anti player too)

 (Not easy to find him, but he's excellent)

 (really good antiplayer, he knows his start too, but mean antis)

 (I'm mostly fooling around with him :p but he's a very good player, starter and anti-player)

 (not seen you playing so much, but excellent strats and always new starter"moves")

 (Danish too. Althoug he's not an international player, he's still a very good starter and has some good antis)

I guess I would put myself somewhere from 15-20... Just to get myself included? :D
 - I don't know wether I've forgotten a good player?
omg i just typed a huuuge message but it logged me off after so long :@:@:@::@:@ i'll try another time
some additional info on fstals top 100 ;)

konstodane = kodotone (I think..)
thedweeb18 = Johnny Lynch
Comba = Julien, and he doesn't play anymore (which makes
me the best Belgian player ;))
I thought icedrag0n = Steeldragon (but I'm not sure)

i think ice dragon is pimpin5 / silv3r drag0n / nielot_swos but im not sure
that's right cross icedragon off the list it's nielot_swos.  And comba wasn't on that list i know who he is :p   And cross lepitshtroumpf off.  And yh dweeb is johnny i remember now.  So that's 3 down, 97 to go :P
oh my top 10 is wrong.  Best player ever: PowerZiom LOL
hahah yea best player playing themselves
lol? own me? nobody owns me :@ (except jerome)

the tourney where he took 2nd and you took 3rd :D :D :D
yea some nut broke me coz i slipped =(

but it was MY WINNNNN boooo
Fstal - I'm so disappointed :p - you don't name me in the list ;D !! *hmph*
lol u didn't even remember who i was 2 days ago, now u want me to put u in the top 10? PFF lol

u were just being nice when u put me in urs, u played at tv2 and blip a lot so i know you've seen better players than me.
Oh will you shut it? :p
 - I'm dead serious with my top 10 ;D
i mentioned u in "people worth mentioning" under "the people eliten mentioned that i didn't" 
ohhhh i just noticed with the icedragon nick i was thinking of silv3r dragon, so maybe icedragon isn't nielotswos.  I see her enough i'll just ask next time.
Yeah - you mentioned Own - because I did? :O
lol i trusted your judgment that he's at least worth mentioning.  I don't think i've ever seen him
isn't it a little late for you to be here? go to bed :p
Because I 
 talking with you ...


and btw...
Nwo and own are the same... 
ohhhhhhh then i did play him once on tv2
Why are you never on msn fstal? =( I miss you!
lol i'm a bum i told you.  I miss you too hun :D i'll go on again some time promise ;)
oh and i don't know why i put kodotone on the list i do know who it is: lilbrow  (not konstodane whoever said that.  Just like konstadone is kamil not konstodane lol.)
i thought konstadone is lil brow aka jbl who gets broken by easy antis. hell b fumin at tht 1. 
I guess there are a lot of wannabes out there. =P 

But fstal, msn should become one of your internet habits! 
The best c4 player was and is mr gordo he has no equal knew all styles with red and had the best antis.By experience no one ever broke him.
I wonder is there is some type of wolrd record to do with connect 4??? Anyone know???
Ok fstal, are u on drugs? Mike the best fod player? LOOL
Socom ur freking anoying u and mike have ur little fights and then ur be like i love u mike then and act like ur his friend.

mikes a program and so are u u guys like to gamble and thats all this site of connect four is to u guys gambling with a program.

Can some moderator banned this guy please??? he's so stupid... Your the one who wanted me to teach you... Your the one who wanted my email.... Your the one who uses a program.... Your the one who has been banned for point banking... Your the one who hardly comes to connect 4 just to bully everyone else.... Your the one who needs to grow up and leave everyone else alone because no one is going to care about you sooner or later if your always mean to people online or whatever you do in real life....

Just please stop your non-sense please...
Mikes right but so is D-dog ;)

last i checked ur curntly banned for point banking and this is a ban evasion mike. i dont use a program i admit like i always have i did for like the first month i played here on d-dog but i stoped and i dont play perfect but i belive i do win in  the 90%s of the games im red who ever said im perfect i always played freinds who wernt perfect and when i play ppl like mike and killing power there idiots who give up when im red mike ur really anoying all ur posts mention me so i defend my self and u act like im out to get u i can care less about u.

-D dog
lol i didn't say he's 100% i said he's "100% fod" meaning he trained at fod not at other sites.  And yes he's improved he's one of the best (i didn't say THE best) "100% fod" players because there are hardly any good players who are "100% fod".  If there are, my memory is bad so tell me who i'm forgetting.  If I were gonna do a top 100 ranking of players from all sites and times, i'm not sure any "100% fod" people would be in my top 50 lol.  Bluedevil i'm not sure if you're pure fod or if you played a lot at *****.

mike and ddog you 2 need to have a fistfight once and for all and stop ruining every thread you see.  I don't know who would win, that's like trying to predict a catfight :O but the great thing about catfights, u never know if they'll start kissing :D
oh and i like how, in one thread (the one about blackouts) i wrote a response talking about a free adblocker people can download and i guess some mod blocked my post cuz i wrote it days ago and it's still not shown up lol.  Seems kinda fascist if you ask me.
I'm a 100% FOD player...and I'm quiet good actually :p
ga vaek veriac why you do such a childish thing as that, theres no point bannin my accounts i have more than youll ever know :p
grpfft .. 

FOD is just a gathering point for good players to challenge each other with ratings.
***** is just a place to check good players on FOD whether they use prog or not .. and to play tours.
no, ***** is a place for good players to play each other.

FOD is a place for big egos to make themselves feel good by accumulating as many points as possible by whatever means necessary.
I respect your self-criticism ;)

lol, controversial comment by mad , which is exactly what she is :P

witty comment by the operator, although such hostilities were not needed. madnessa is right. ***** is the place to check the cheaters out. FOD has declined as a result of its cheaters. operator do something.
lol ***** the place that shall not be named.  I forgot we gotta keep it a secret that there are other websites on the internet besides Flyordie and the adult sites it advertises.  To think otherwise is internet paganism.  There is only one god and that god is the FlyOrDie dragon, whatever his name is.

and the people i was criticizing are the people whose main goal in life is to get 800 points and will do so by cheating, running and receiving point banks.  To be fair, this also happens at other sites with ratings, not just flyordie.  And it's not necessarily fod's fault, cuz there's no selection process to decide who can join.  I can think of 2 reasons fod has more cheaters than average.  1 isn't quite politically correct so i won't say it, lol.  The other reason is, the lack of the zzz next to the name when someone switches a window during game.  I'm sure if other sites didn't have that, more ppl would cheat at those sites.  People are opportunistic

basically when i said "fod is the place for..." i meant "people have made fod the place for..."

anyway i'm done with this topic so whoever wants to can have the last word.  Just like O'Reily's No-Spin Zone.
ill have the last word, thanking you fstal for allowing me the chance. id like to say that flyordie has had many champions who dotn cheatm like jerome and blue. operator/anyone could you inform us of the dragons name please that would be very helpful. and heres an unpoliticaaly correct statement. 75% of cheaters are white.  
black power!!! w00t

i lied, i always get last word :p
You're all wrong.. I Get the last word :P
Hey madnessa, welcome to fstal's kingdom!

With the authority of being fstal's princess I hereby designate you to be my playmate for life.
fstal u hussy.
u tld me i was the only 1 4 u. :(
Ohh - this is what it's all about ;)
 - Fstal can decide who he wan't? ;D I'd always liked a playmate, Eliten
tss Madnessa, you ALWAYS want to have the last word :p

oops...does that mean I have the last word now..? ;\
Nameless, did that come as a surprise? :D
No surprise indeed :D

But I thought you were my playmate...
havnt been keeping up on this thread but i got to 800 with out cheating more then 3 times :p fstal and it was just to make people mad why i did it and i only cheated on the times thank you.
Oh no ...
 - Can a girl not have more than 1 playmate? :D
ur everyone's playmate aren't u madnessa...
this is a distasteful thread full of sexual innuendo!
Don't know if I want to be your playmate anymore, you're never around *hmph*
HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lay OFF!!!
it's okay there's plenty of me to go around ;)

madnessa my msn is broken =( i can only use Skype so get on skype like a good playmate would do. Ur missing out on alll the fun me and eliten are having every day :p
Why can't we have any fun toghter??? :-(

So fstal... How can I get you my Skype? ;)
I'm not gonna write it to the whole public :p (pfft ppl I know you'll gonna abuse it haha!)
u can email it to me duhh

fstal86@yahoo.com is the one i check most

i'm virus-proof so idc who knows it :p
Don't you ppl have to work or go to school or something? :p

I have to... :( for about 10 more minutes lol :D
A true connect-4 warrior's life involves only playing connect-4! There is no time for school or work ;)
mike u dork, u no full well what school is. without school, the world would be full of ignorant, dumb people. eliten. school helps a true connect 4 warrior get where he is. without basic maths some one may not be able to count the 6 rows and 7 columns :O
OMG, your the dumb one, everyone is being scaractic and then you come in with mr. attutide and mess up all the fun we were having. I know what school is and I'm not a nerd...
Mike: I think if one have to be a nerd he must be very school minded :p ...

Ohh... You know what school is? :O NERD !!! xD
Madnessa, fyi I'm working :D...at least pretending to do so ;)

Still 7 hours and 20 minutes to go now...
Counting down..:p
Oh - that's a lot ... 
 - Give me your MSN? :D I'll entertain you 
flames dragon. u chat sh1t. my name kept blinkin. ive never even heard of u and im sure, i dont need to cheat. you absolutely w@nked it. i cant believe howq stupid u r . dont ever talk bout me again u thick, ignorant sh1t. think before yuo come out with absolute b0llox like that. you make me sick. u acutally made me irate with that dross u said. fcuk me, ive never seen such lies and sh1t.
I'm not allowed to access MSN at work...
Actually, I'm probably not allowed to go on this site either :S

Risking my job here for you ;)
also. mike your dumb, can you not see sarcasm. and flame dragon i do think im good. you no what i know im good, im better than U
I don't know Flamedragon, but I sure do know The dweeb,
and I know he is good...and fair.
So Flamedragon, don't accuse ppl of cheating when you don't know them.
yh ask 50 kurnik ppl about thedweeb i bet they'll all say the same thing as nameless.  Ddog u haven't been around long enough to start accusing veterans.  And how many ppl would cheat in non-tourny games with no ratings?

thedweeb i think i had u on my list of ppl in my contacts who i've never played.  let's play sometime ;)

and thx madnessa ill add u next time i go on
k, fstal. nameless dont tell him who i am :P
well well well. ddog is flamedragon? i remmeber on fod when u used to beg me (before you started cheating) to give you draws or lose everytime i broke you which was everytime :D
> And how many ppl would cheat in non-tourny games with no ratings?

You'd be amazed to know what some people does to get attention. ;) 
dweeb show me a screen shot and i rember beating u in kurnik and when u went first ur name alwaysed flashed 

nameless and fstal im not accusing anybody im just saying his name flashed every1 his moves on kurnik and it anoyed me because why did h want me to come if he was eather using program our not paying atetion to game.
dweeb i never cheated and u may have broken me b4 but i never beged for draws.

Ugh guys? 
 - Stop accusing everyone for cheating. 

Ddog, especially when it's unrated games one couldn't care less to pay attention to a game. He could write on MSN, even though he wanted to play you, because: It's unrated. 
And btw, it really doesn't matter what a person has done once, as long as he doesn't do it anymor? 

madnessa i dont belive i know u but i take it offended what he wrote on the page b4 this witch was very imature and boring after the 10th cus word and would like an apoliogy he wouldnt give me :(
Well - it is offensive to accuse people for cheating. But it doesn't make it any better that one start by accusing the other too ? 
 - then it's going to be a never ending discussion... I see no reason for that ... :)
Madnessa, you are sooooooo wise :) I really admire you :D

dweeb, don't worry, I won't tell fstal86 who you  are ;)

Ah, and FlameDragon is D-Dog...lol, that says it all...
 I know I am? :D !! Of course - pfft... I'm like an oracle :P 
lol and you know what I like most about you?...Your modesty ;)
lol ;D !! 
 - I know ... I'm good... (cough)
yep, that's what I mean with that modesty...;)
sorry fstal86, i am not allowed to tell. otherwise the dweeb will...be very...mad...:(

But just play him and the ask who he is. I'm sure he will tell, right dweeb? :D

dweeb, i've analyZed your posts and reached the conclusion that you are JohnnyLynch :p
Who told him :@. madnessa as im sure you are aware i do not click off every move and never have done unless i tell someone why im doing it. ddog you wont get an apology off me cos u dont deserve one. and you did beg me when you were on your milk nick. and i love it that no mod or OP has banned the nick for forum abuse.
im 18 today aswell :D :| :P. now i can drink legally and gain access to clubs. fcuk off ddog. 
no1 told me im just smRt :D
Ohh... It's Johnny? :O - Then I'm mostly disapointed that you apparently don't recall to remember me ;D

and I know you don't cheat ;) - of course I do ... That's why I said that someone could write on MSN :p !! 
:O how could i not remember you ? :p
The Dweeb: 
madnessa i dont belive i know u
dweeb u have to be 21 to drink smarts...
and dweeb milk wasnt me milk was my brother...
> im 18 today aswell

Now that you're of age you may join me, fstal and madnessa for some ... alternative ... nocturnal activity.
lol, Nameless... :p  !!! What makes you think we want you with us? :D !!! 
 - Of course you can come with us ;) Just behave!!! :p
(something went wrong in this forum :p)
im currently located in england dog so 18 = legal drinking age. i probably said that to you madnessa so you didnt know who i was. and eliten nice offer, but im a day person sadly :( nameless can fill my spot for me althought its a very big thing to fill :p thanks blue. and it was a good birthday too :D
dweeb so if i went to mexico i can drink there since its like only age 14 or somthing to drink ther e:D:D:D   (probly not but i can belive what i want :p)
lol? u epitomise the majority of american people. fat, ignorant and selfcentred. just because america has a legal age of 21 for drink in most states does not mean that england does. and i dont understand what u mean about mexico. if they have legal age of 14 for drinking then im sure you can go there and drink. but be careful. LITTLE GIRLS cant handle their liquor. :|
hey hey hey, while most americans are ignorant, he certainly does not epitomiZe us.  Cuz even the average ignorant american knows that Washington D.C. is not in Washington state, or who the president before Bush was, or that there's an election coming up, or that the Underground Railroad wasn't a railroad (and that Hilary Clinton isn't old enough to have built it), and who Malcom X was, and a lot of other things.  In fact i would bet most 
 even know this stuff.  He is not a typical american, he is a typical caveman who has not been exposed to anything but darkness for the past 10 years of his life.  And not the cavemen in the Geico commercials :p  Those dudes are so cool! But Geico probably sux!

its no offence to u ddog, i wouldn't know those things either if i lived in a cave that long :p  I just had to defend my fellow americans like a true brainwashed patriot
and nameless ur more than welcome to join us, but i get first dibs :D
Hey - Who says I want to be with fstal? After all I almost never see him *hmph*
 - come to Denmark? one is allowed to drink when 16, well ... to buy at least... :p - but... ? hmm ;)
u never see me?  i never see U.  so *hmph* to that!
Been to Denmark before...it's cold there...
And yes, you can drink there...if you have enough cash with you...;)

;D I don't know where you went, Nameless - but normally DK is overpriced for... all others than Danes :p Besides... You were like to Copenhagen (overkilled prices) :p

Fstal: this only works ONE way around :P 
 never see 
john u have a problem to me u can stop talking on furoms and my msn is AceHolliday@live.com and argue with me there i said nothing to offend u in my last post and im not fat im under wieght but i am self centerd and ignorent w/e that means and kocky also. :)

lol she's just playing the campaigning game, i don't look at it as her being a dishonest person.  U gotta use BS when campaigning, otherwise you'll get no publicity and you'll just quietly get beaten by the person saying a bunch of meaningless statements such as, "I will unite this country" or "I will bring change."  What changes will Barack bring?  He has yet to say.  What he's basically saying is, "I have a magical plan and it's gonna be really great, trust me.  U wanna know what it is, elect me then you'll find out."  But from what i hear, he surrounds himself with knowledgeable people, and in the white house it's the people around you who do much of the decisionmaking, so that is a plus.

My decision is narrowed down to Hillary or McCain.  But all this talk is futile because i already know McCain will be president.  He'll get more of the middle vote than hillary or obama, plus voters will like his experience.

Whoever wins will be much better than Bush so i'm not stressing over it.  I'm just paying attention to it all so i can hear all the great things being said, like Hillary's sniper encounter or Pastor Wright's sermons lol.  All McCain has to do to win is sit back and let the other 2 talk, he doesn't hafta say or do a thing!

Jeremiah Wright was my new pastor after i heard his wise words, but that only lasted a few weeks till i found an even better pastor, Fred Phelps =)
lol, this thread must be the biggest and most random. we move from connect 4 to progs to secual related stuff and now americas future president :O what next?
The first.... 2-3 sites was related to the subject? :p - the rest is a 
... off topic :D

Get a grip people (I'm totally innocent)
madnessa if not for u this thread woulda been over 5 pages ago, so don't gimme that "im not innocent" crud!