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Top 10 connect-4 players.
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Four in a Row
Top 10 connect-4 players.
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Four in a Row
Top 10 connect-4 players.
I'm trying to compile a top 10 list of connect-4 players and I would be glad to get some help. Please leave your nominations. It'd be super great if you could leave them in a numerical order starting with the best. You may nominate yourself as well, if you think you are one of the best 10 players in the world.

Furthermore we can debate and discuss the nominated players. 

I will leave some suggestions you can give your opinions of.

fstal86, o_o_loil, qwern, roszkozny_dotyk, christopher, steeldragon, shishapower, madnessa, jer0me, jops, eliten, timpan, klikware, devilgirl, el_muppo, mr.gordo, i_andre_i, oldtimes, imab, nameless, siemens, l_samuel_l, hasek87, unicorn_x

hi divine!

you're still a pro in my eyes :)
I was once a pro...until I toke a connect4 to the knee.

bonjour, non au début on jouait normal et quand je l'ai breaké nous avons commencé à jouer hard. Même les bons joueurs peuvent se faire breaké =P 

Moi le meilleur joueur que j'ai joué c'est " Lapin " en 2008/2009. 

Quelqu'un pourrait me dire des nouveaux départ 100% gagnant pour les rouges ? Mis à part 417, 116, 326... mais comme 43 61 2... ou 477653... ou d'autre ... Merci d'avance !

Bonne chance !


hello, not the beginning we played normal and when I breake we started to play hard. Even good players can do breake = P

Me the best player I've played it's "Lapin" in 2008/2009.

Could someone tell me the new 100% winning start for the Reds? Apart from 417, 116, 326 ... but as 43 61 2 ... 477653 or ... or else ... thank you in advance

Good luck !
Petit, in 1st of all thank for you guess me one of the good players of here, but that's not true.

 The Cymantex got the sign because he wanted. He was testing the FOD's system. He is one of the best player of this. And when you played him, he is playing with bad starts. Even he is perfect in bad starts also.
Couer, yes you have right, but a good player can see almost directly when a player use program

Hello, for relfson, cymantex I breake and we played as hard ( he had the sign out) strange humm. I'm sure a lot of supposedly good players as they play hard they use their knowledge but also the PROGRAM :p . apart from playing for real, we will never use that program or not during a game. Since Kurnik even when we ^ could see the person switch windows but we can not know if this person to two computers
Hi relfson!

I thought this were ALL TIME list that means how the player was in their time, but if it is a current list, then golbez would be Nr1. 
Lol, what are you talking about suffy...
london stopped playing years ago.

Golbez pwns everybody on that list today.

This game is not an art form, as 'weird french phone guy' say, its pretty dam simple: The best players must know all starts, including the weird ones, and be perfect in atleast 5mb. Thats the easy part.
But it get harder when it comes to anti and breaking skills. There is not one player i have ever played, who play perfect breaks, exept gzzo and cyman.
aa, sorry i just watch on the list

Suffix that maybe true. But I did say that my list was compiled based on the players I have played. I have not played London or ever seen him play, therefore I cannot possibly add him because I have no idea how good he is ^^
hi Tetris, i think your list has errors, for an example you take  golbez insted of london 

Yes I have played 5 good players from Gametwist...
- EwigDum
- Learn 4 win
- Lam1a
- Zanmanto
- ZeigSchliefe

All good and close games.

I want to name my top player list... but it's based on overall skill not just knowing styles.

1) Cymantex/Bradspelaren - Both same person
2) Eliten
3) Qwer
4) GoodDraw
5) Sphinx/OwNeD
6) Dreddz
7) Relfson
8) FantasyGirl 86
9) Black Vortex
10) Golbez ( yes he played 436 everytime.. but he can play 4,1,7 perfectly as well, I played it vs him)
11) Jerome
12) o_o_loil

These are all players I have played, may be better players I have not played. But these players in my books are some of the better ones

hi, petit couer or something, haha :P

Facebook has some good players, but most people there  cheating, by using the program, waits until time runs out and so on.

I've only met one good player on gametwist...

Bonjour, casey jade , boorklyn des bons joueurs ? Et moi je suis le pape lool. Je les ai jouer pleins de fois et ils programment tout les deux ( pas besoin de dire qu'ils jouaient toujours pareil ) 

Dire que brooklyn et CJ sont de bons joueurs. C'est comme dire que lyonnais est le meilleur joueurs mdr

Après pour les autres je ne les connais pas tous mais je suis d'accord :p

Une personne connaîtrait un site ou il y a des bons joueurs ? Car ici il n'y en a pas beaucoup et sur gametwist pareil. Merci d'avance 

Bonne chance à tous ! 


Hello, casey jade boorklyn good players? And I am the Pope lool. I have full play of all time and they program the two (no need to say they were playing always the same)

Say that Brooklyn and CJ are good players. It's like saying that Lyon is the best player lol

According to others I do not know them all but I agree: p

A person would know a site where there are good players? For here there are not many and such GameTwist. Thank you in advance

Good luck to all!
translation of my previous message :

Hi all,

Too bad there was much more good players, or players that play differently! Different variant or different styles!

Getting back on departure, there are tons of people I do not know the lists (maybe I was not there yet or they have several nicknames)

Sorry to the people that I forget but I think players who have a good level (in order)

- Sirius (long time I did not see)
- Lamia
- Angelica
- Kimberley
- Icedragon (I played it a few times)
- Cymantex (I played it a few times)
- Brad (I played it a few times)
- Nameless
- Fstal86 (name)
- The new mike
- The blue devil
- Bandicoot
- Parasita
- Unnamed
- Dreddz
- Relfson
- Reiki
- Muggaz
- Suffix
- Eliten (name)
- Master P4

I see several times back in the nick Jer0me first place: o For people like me parasita, Lamia, Angelica ... are much stronger than him. He always plays the same (it does not even play the 437 let alone 417 or 116 ...) Thurs very very small and very classic! I breake full of times (it always finds an excuse "I was doing several things at once." I play several games at once and that's not why I do breake, and no excuses is not worthy of a good player)

I saw a pseudo loil, is this the same person as o_O_loil?

I forget full, because there are tons of good players (although this is not the best) and other good players that I do not know. But you can never tell who is the best.

It must be based on anything to be a good player?
- Speed?
- Victory?
- The number of break or draw?
- Fair play?
- The number of variant you know?
- The number of strategies we know?
- The quality of play? art of the game?
- One who is anti the good?
- One who plays hard?
- ...

Too bad there was more good players as before!

Have fun with it!

Teflon, Where is Cymantex, london, loil and so on...
Top 10 c4 players are the following:

Deadly Silence
Casey Jade
brooklyn(New York)
the nameless
Petit, i'd be great if you could translate into english
I'm not good enough to determine who is best

but i'll try.

1. eliten 
2. cymantex
3. loil
4. london
5. qwer
6. fstal86
7. jops
8. relfson
9. nameless
10. devilgirl
and some of those guys arent here anymore
Bonjour à tous,

Dommage qu'il n'y a plus beaucoup de bons joueurs, ou des joueurs qui jouent différemment! Différentes variante ou différents styles! 

Pour en revenir au sujet de départ, il y a pleins de gens que je ne connais pas sur les listes ( peut-être je n'étais pas encore là ou bien ils ont plusieurs pseudos ) 

Désolé au gens que j'oublie mais moi je trouve que les joueurs qui ont un bons niveau ( dans le désordre )

- Sirius ( longtemps je ne l'ai pas vu )
- Lamia
- Angélica
- Kimberley
- Icedragon  ( je l'ai joué quelque fois )
- Cymantex   ( je l'ai joué quelque fois )
- Brad       ( je l'ai joué quelque fois )
- Nameless
- fstal86    ( de nom )
- The new mike 
- The blue devil
- Bandicoot
- Parasita
- Sans nom
- dreddz
- relfson
- Reiki 
- Muggaz
- Suffix
- Eliten      ( de nom)
- P4 master

Je vois plusieurs fois revenir le pseudo Jer0me dans les première places :o  Pour moi des personnes comme Parasita , Lamia, angélica ... sont beaucoup plus forte que lui. Il joue toujours pareil ( il ne joue même pas le 437 encore moins le 417 ou 116... ) Jeu très très restreint et très classique! Je l'ai breaké pleins de fois ( il trouve toujours une excuse " je faisais plusieurs choses à la fois". je joue plusieurs jeux à la fois et ce n'est pas pour ça que je me fais breaké, et trouver des excuses n'est pas digne d'un bons joueur )  

J'avais vu un pseudo loil, est-ce la même personne que o_O_loil ? 

J'en ai oublier pleins, car il y a pleins de bons joueurs ( même si ce n'est pas les meilleurs ) et d'autre bons joueurs que je ne connais pas. Mais on ne pourra jamais dire qui est le meilleur. 

Il faut se basé sur quoi pour être un bon joueur ? 
- rapidité ?
- victoire ?
- au nombre de break ou draw ?
- au fair play ?
- au nombre de variante qu'on connait ?
- au nombre de stratégies qu'on connait ?
- à la qualité de jeu ? l'art du jeu ? 
- celui qui trouve des bons anti ?
- celui qui joue hard ?
- ...

Dommage qu'il n'y a plus de bons joueurs comme avant! 

Bon jeu à tous !! 

1. Brädspelaren

2. Wikipedia

3. Loil

4. qwer

5. london
1. Brädspelaren

2. Wikipedia

3. Loil

4. qwer

5. london
After 13 pages of nonsense, haven't you guys realized this is a fruitless argument?
Petit your explanation is so "vague"!! You know better players then them in fod, then why you say your friends are the best? The only reason is you are them friends correct? You know the best player are or were better than me and you. Your justify is they are learning well so they are a good players. It's the same i say my football team SL Benfica is better than Barcelona and Real Madrid. I say it because i like the team. But, obviously, i know my football team isn't so good than these 2 spanish teams. So i was lying to me. It's like you are doing now. You are lying to yourself and to your friends too.

Obv i'm jaloux too!!
moi je trouve que maintenant il a un meilleur niveau qu'avant ! et j'ai vu beaucoup de joueurs qui ont évolué! Comme jolie fée, lamia, blackcat, rko, soccer22... et rencontré d'autre bon joueur comme 07HARD07 ...

Et "très bon joueur" c'est vague. Car il en a qui s'entraîne avec un programme ( ils ont un avantage ), d'autre qu'ils jouent très bien certains styles et moins bien d'autres styles, d'autre qui joue rapide et d'autre lentement...  ( ou être fair play entre joueur fair play )

Parasita toi qui n'est pas jaloux lool. Pourquoi tu dis ça ? (ton message juste avant) Chacun pense comme il veut ! le mots "bon" joueur a plusieurs sens ! Et si on penserait tous la même chose. Cela ne servirait à rien d'en parler ! 

Bonne chance à tous


hello, I think now he has a better level than before! and saw many players who have advanced ! 

And "very good player" is vague. Because there are some who trains with a program (they have an advantage) else they play very well some styles and under many other styles, one that plays fast and other slowly ... (Or be fair Play fair play between player)

Parasita you who is not jealous lool. Why do you say that? (your message just before) Everyone thinks as he wants! the words "good" player has many meanings! And if we all think the same thing. It would be pointless to talk about!

Good luck at all
Hey guys i'd like to know the reason or the reasons why you make the choose of these top 10. And also i'would like a justification!

The topic's creaters they made them choose with sense. Actually, the people makes top friends list. Who makes these top lists, they are players who have known the best players here. And they know the current best players here. The new players have an excuse because they don't know best players.

So you could be more honest in your top. This topic was created for that.

I'd like for a justify for you choose these tops. One thing is a player knows many starts. Other thing is the player plays perfect all these starts. If i felt good with that, i'd consider myself the best player too! :-p

I don't consider myself so good, because i still missing in some variations such as hard styles, simples styles, anti-break and as breaker. That means i'm not perfect in this game. That means i'm not so good player like the real good players. When you choose your top list, you must think these reasons, and not choose some players to flirt them or because they are your friends.
Poker I challenge you to a game of poker!
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6  captain2010 
7  snake & monkey 
8  ƤƲяέ Щҥї†Ԑ   547  
9  мι¢нąĕł ja¢ќsǿй.   
10 Reverze 2011  

If any of you read the old posts on this topic, you will see what connect 4 was really like back in the good days. I cherish these days the most when I was on this site.
Top 10:

1.Cymantex (Phenomenal player, knows almost all variants)
2.Sphinx (Also a good player)
3.Alliance (Plays several different variants, nearly unbreakable)
4.Ice Bunny 
6.The New Mike
9.Petit Coeur

Those are just some of the many good players that I've played. I'd also like to mention other good players such as 07HARD07 who plays several different variations and a guest which I played on Blip sometime ago. 

lol most them programmers :p, cept coeur which i beat 37.5- 33.5 *o*
Phone is the best player, along with coeur and vadlo bitofak, pipirs, lucas, champion 7110 etc.
Thank you, Parasita, but I am not worth being included...

Though, in my turn, I would like to mention some players who I highly respect, value and like, and from who I learned and still learning how to play C4. All of them are strong, distinctive, 100% fair and trustworthy opponents in my objective opinion.

Since I want to underline the equality in attitude, I will not set by places, like from 1 to 10, and just list them in alphabetical order: Bradspelaren, dreddz, fstal86, golbez, Madnessa, muggaz, Oldtimes, OwNeD, Pumadoll, relfson, siemn, Sirius, spyders, The Nameless and recently met Timpan.

My best wishes to all of you!
The true top c4 players.

1. Eliten/Bradspelaren/qwer/ftsal/london/Johnny Lynch and much more...
2. Relfson
3. The Nameless
4. Madnessa
5. Devil_Girl
6. Garfield
7. Jerome
8. Muggaz
9. Angelical
10. Lamia

(I'm in the last position!)

The best player is those player who knows all the possibles starts. There's not talent in this game. It's like a memory game. In the 1st place there's many ppl.
well tbh i suck but i can beat u so ha ha :p but i can be good when i want to be good and thats hardly ever :p
Undead Beast dont boast about the 1 time you beat me :p (Dammit you cost me the championship, but I dont care now, too many proggers here now), what about the 100 times i've beat you? :p
oh lol that was posted on 19th of september my bad :p
dani i thought u wa shaving internet problems ??? and btw i should be in front of blue devi :p cos i owned him on showstopper when he was champion >:)
hah she doesn't like me cuz i always pick on her
hey dani, thats not what my list would look lik but thanks
best connect4 non program players:

1.Unforgivable and his brother (evenly matched)








9.The Blue Devil

10.Undead Beast

11.The New Mike



14.The NameLe$$

15.witch 007

16.GarfieLD PM No1

17. $UNNY

18. 4_In A-Row LegenD


20.S.F.T CIass

i know all these people cuz iv been playing since 2005 :p
i like when old big post returnes to the surface =)
So Eliten did u ever compile the list? If so what is it? Thanks in advance 

La Maravilla
Maybe you should click on the link for starters... and than look at the military time compared to our time...
those are all my acounts for those of u who dont know. some of them i shared though :|

loil ill play u but i dont know the time zones

Hi Animal_Hysteria :)
It has been a while...
D-Dog, wanna play on Kurnik tonight? 20:15 when the tournament starts in room rogowo? =)
Madnessa :O *major kick* How dare you? :O

Well... At least NAMELESS wasn't on the list *hmph* because he's not good at all :p
4.Law Dog 
6.Ace Holliday
9.White tiger
10.joe and muttly

Who are all those guys? Never heart of them...:O
I think you deserve all 10 places. I have never heard of those 8 other players but everyone knows and respects you.

Your biggest fan, Jops
4.Law Dog 
6.Ace Holliday
9.White tiger
10.joe and muttly

i was bored and decided to admire my self before i went to bed :)
lol only just noticed it yesterday mate. i'm not on so much
little late with that comment dontcha think lol
lol ...It's impossible to judge the top 10 players lol. I'm gutted not mentioned once sniff sniff lol.
Hi! Do you know where i can download the cheat-program ''Vianiato''? Thank's from kingpinh.
Paha xD !! 
 - Really don't know what you're talking about, Fstal!! 
madnessa if not for u this thread woulda been over 5 pages ago, so don't gimme that "im not innocent" crud!
The first.... 2-3 sites was related to the subject? :p - the rest is a 
... off topic :D

Get a grip people (I'm totally innocent)
lol, this thread must be the biggest and most random. we move from connect 4 to progs to secual related stuff and now americas future president :O what next?
lol she's just playing the campaigning game, i don't look at it as her being a dishonest person.  U gotta use BS when campaigning, otherwise you'll get no publicity and you'll just quietly get beaten by the person saying a bunch of meaningless statements such as, "I will unite this country" or "I will bring change."  What changes will Barack bring?  He has yet to say.  What he's basically saying is, "I have a magical plan and it's gonna be really great, trust me.  U wanna know what it is, elect me then you'll find out."  But from what i hear, he surrounds himself with knowledgeable people, and in the white house it's the people around you who do much of the decisionmaking, so that is a plus.

My decision is narrowed down to Hillary or McCain.  But all this talk is futile because i already know McCain will be president.  He'll get more of the middle vote than hillary or obama, plus voters will like his experience.

Whoever wins will be much better than Bush so i'm not stressing over it.  I'm just paying attention to it all so i can hear all the great things being said, like Hillary's sniper encounter or Pastor Wright's sermons lol.  All McCain has to do to win is sit back and let the other 2 talk, he doesn't hafta say or do a thing!

Jeremiah Wright was my new pastor after i heard his wise words, but that only lasted a few weeks till i found an even better pastor, Fred Phelps =)
john u have a problem to me u can stop talking on furoms and my msn is AceHolliday@live.com and argue with me there i said nothing to offend u in my last post and im not fat im under wieght but i am self centerd and ignorent w/e that means and kocky also. :)

;D I don't know where you went, Nameless - but normally DK is overpriced for... all others than Danes :p Besides... You were like to Copenhagen (overkilled prices) :p

Fstal: this only works ONE way around :P 
 never see 
Been to Denmark before...it's cold there...
And yes, you can drink there...if you have enough cash with you...;)

u never see me?  i never see U.  so *hmph* to that!
Hey - Who says I want to be with fstal? After all I almost never see him *hmph*
 - come to Denmark? one is allowed to drink when 16, well ... to buy at least... :p - but... ? hmm ;)
and nameless ur more than welcome to join us, but i get first dibs :D
hey hey hey, while most americans are ignorant, he certainly does not epitomiZe us.  Cuz even the average ignorant american knows that Washington D.C. is not in Washington state, or who the president before Bush was, or that there's an election coming up, or that the Underground Railroad wasn't a railroad (and that Hilary Clinton isn't old enough to have built it), and who Malcom X was, and a lot of other things.  In fact i would bet most 
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its no offence to u ddog, i wouldn't know those things either if i lived in a cave that long :p  I just had to defend my fellow americans like a true brainwashed patriot
lol? u epitomise the majority of american people. fat, ignorant and selfcentred. just because america has a legal age of 21 for drink in most states does not mean that england does. and i dont understand what u mean about mexico. if they have legal age of 14 for drinking then im sure you can go there and drink. but be careful. LITTLE GIRLS cant handle their liquor. :|
dweeb so if i went to mexico i can drink there since its like only age 14 or somthing to drink ther e:D:D:D   (probly not but i can belive what i want :p)
im currently located in england dog so 18 = legal drinking age. i probably said that to you madnessa so you didnt know who i was. and eliten nice offer, but im a day person sadly :( nameless can fill my spot for me althought its a very big thing to fill :p thanks blue. and it was a good birthday too :D
(something went wrong in this forum :p)
lol, Nameless... :p  !!! What makes you think we want you with us? :D !!! 
 - Of course you can come with us ;) Just behave!!! :p
> im 18 today aswell

Now that you're of age you may join me, fstal and madnessa for some ... alternative ... nocturnal activity.
and dweeb milk wasnt me milk was my brother...
dweeb u have to be 21 to drink smarts...
The Dweeb: 
madnessa i dont belive i know u
:O how could i not remember you ? :p
Ohh... It's Johnny? :O - Then I'm mostly disapointed that you apparently don't recall to remember me ;D

and I know you don't cheat ;) - of course I do ... That's why I said that someone could write on MSN :p !! 
im 18 today aswell :D :| :P. now i can drink legally and gain access to clubs. fcuk off ddog. 
Who told him :@. madnessa as im sure you are aware i do not click off every move and never have done unless i tell someone why im doing it. ddog you wont get an apology off me cos u dont deserve one. and you did beg me when you were on your milk nick. and i love it that no mod or OP has banned the nick for forum abuse.
dweeb, i've analyZed your posts and reached the conclusion that you are JohnnyLynch :p
sorry fstal86, i am not allowed to tell. otherwise the dweeb will...be very...mad...:(

But just play him and the ask who he is. I'm sure he will tell, right dweeb? :D

yep, that's what I mean with that modesty...;)
lol ;D !! 
 - I know ... I'm good... (cough)
lol and you know what I like most about you?...Your modesty ;)
 I know I am? :D !! Of course - pfft... I'm like an oracle :P 
Madnessa, you are sooooooo wise :) I really admire you :D

dweeb, don't worry, I won't tell fstal86 who you  are ;)

Ah, and FlameDragon is D-Dog...lol, that says it all...
Well - it is offensive to accuse people for cheating. But it doesn't make it any better that one start by accusing the other too ? 
 - then it's going to be a never ending discussion... I see no reason for that ... :)
madnessa i dont belive i know u but i take it offended what he wrote on the page b4 this witch was very imature and boring after the 10th cus word and would like an apoliogy he wouldnt give me :(
Ugh guys? 
 - Stop accusing everyone for cheating. 

Ddog, especially when it's unrated games one couldn't care less to pay attention to a game. He could write on MSN, even though he wanted to play you, because: It's unrated. 
And btw, it really doesn't matter what a person has done once, as long as he doesn't do it anymor? 

dweeb show me a screen shot and i rember beating u in kurnik and when u went first ur name alwaysed flashed 

nameless and fstal im not accusing anybody im just saying his name flashed every1 his moves on kurnik and it anoyed me because why did h want me to come if he was eather using program our not paying atetion to game.
dweeb i never cheated and u may have broken me b4 but i never beged for draws.

> And how many ppl would cheat in non-tourny games with no ratings?

You'd be amazed to know what some people does to get attention. ;) 
k, fstal. nameless dont tell him who i am :P
well well well. ddog is flamedragon? i remmeber on fod when u used to beg me (before you started cheating) to give you draws or lose everytime i broke you which was everytime :D
yh ask 50 kurnik ppl about thedweeb i bet they'll all say the same thing as nameless.  Ddog u haven't been around long enough to start accusing veterans.  And how many ppl would cheat in non-tourny games with no ratings?

thedweeb i think i had u on my list of ppl in my contacts who i've never played.  let's play sometime ;)

and thx madnessa ill add u next time i go on
I don't know Flamedragon, but I sure do know The dweeb,
and I know he is good...and fair.
So Flamedragon, don't accuse ppl of cheating when you don't know them.
also. mike your dumb, can you not see sarcasm. and flame dragon i do think im good. you no what i know im good, im better than U
I'm not allowed to access MSN at work...
Actually, I'm probably not allowed to go on this site either :S

Risking my job here for you ;)
flames dragon. u chat sh1t. my name kept blinkin. ive never even heard of u and im sure, i dont need to cheat. you absolutely w@nked it. i cant believe howq stupid u r . dont ever talk bout me again u thick, ignorant sh1t. think before yuo come out with absolute b0llox like that. you make me sick. u acutally made me irate with that dross u said. fcuk me, ive never seen such lies and sh1t.
Oh - that's a lot ... 
 - Give me your MSN? :D I'll entertain you 
Madnessa, fyi I'm working :D...at least pretending to do so ;)

Still 7 hours and 20 minutes to go now...
Counting down..:p
Mike: I think if one have to be a nerd he must be very school minded :p ...

Ohh... You know what school is? :O NERD !!! xD
OMG, your the dumb one, everyone is being scaractic and then you come in with mr. attutide and mess up all the fun we were having. I know what school is and I'm not a nerd...
mike u dork, u no full well what school is. without school, the world would be full of ignorant, dumb people. eliten. school helps a true connect 4 warrior get where he is. without basic maths some one may not be able to count the 6 rows and 7 columns :O
A true connect-4 warrior's life involves only playing connect-4! There is no time for school or work ;)
Don't you ppl have to work or go to school or something? :p

I have to... :( for about 10 more minutes lol :D
u can email it to me duhh

fstal86@yahoo.com is the one i check most

i'm virus-proof so idc who knows it :p

So fstal... How can I get you my Skype? ;)
I'm not gonna write it to the whole public :p (pfft ppl I know you'll gonna abuse it haha!)
Why can't we have any fun toghter??? :-(
it's okay there's plenty of me to go around ;)

madnessa my msn is broken =( i can only use Skype so get on skype like a good playmate would do. Ur missing out on alll the fun me and eliten are having every day :p
HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lay OFF!!!
Don't know if I want to be your playmate anymore, you're never around *hmph*
this is a distasteful thread full of sexual innuendo!
ur everyone's playmate aren't u madnessa...
Oh no ...
 - Can a girl not have more than 1 playmate? :D
havnt been keeping up on this thread but i got to 800 with out cheating more then 3 times :p fstal and it was just to make people mad why i did it and i only cheated on the times thank you.
No surprise indeed :D

But I thought you were my playmate...
Nameless, did that come as a surprise? :D
tss Madnessa, you ALWAYS want to have the last word :p

oops...does that mean I have the last word now..? ;\
Ohh - this is what it's all about ;)
 - Fstal can decide who he wan't? ;D I'd always liked a playmate, Eliten
fstal u hussy.
u tld me i was the only 1 4 u. :(