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Tight squeeze...
Tight squeeze...
Tight squeeze...
Well I KNEW it would be close going into today's clicks, seeing as Little Boo isn't exactly the best created character in the game.  (OK, she's pretty awful actually.)  BUT,

Little Boo  [-4/850]

Hitpoints: 23 / 1155

Your powerful attack has scared your enemy! You've made 121 hitpoints damage with your stingpusher!
Your weapon vampirizes 21 hitpoints to you!
Your enemy lifts its hand for the final strike, but doesn't have enough strength to finish it. You've won!
146746 experience points earned for the victory.
You've found the following items:
3 necrospells

You feel more powerful! You've reached level 50!

WTG Boo!  Monty very impressive with the artwork today fitting for achievments.
"Bootastic" wtg on leveling - the cheek of -4 clicks, who can say u don't have class :p

Grats on getting through your exams as well

Crisis :)
Wooo Whoooo!  Our Little Boo isn't so little anymore!
WTG, girl!  

Smiles, :) :D