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An announcement for yall:)
An announcement for yall:)
An announcement for yall:)
Righto as a Christmas present I will draw a pic again....

So if you let me know pronto if you want to be something specific in the pic...You will all be mentioned but if ya wanna be a monster for instance...

Jaird wants to be a blue axe fighter.
Arlo wants to be some sort of mage:p

etc....so :D have fun looking forward...
I'll start it tomorrow....
I might not be able to upload it til after christmas but ah well:)

Katie<<commissioned artist:D:D
i dont want to be anything specific but i wanted to tell you how much im looking forward to ur picture and i am glad you are such a wonderful artist!:>

Hey Katie howzabout a dunggolem :D 

Seriously...a dunggolem for me at least would be very challenging to draw. Or maybe a foating dozeneyes. :) That would look very nice considering your talent :D
you can make me either a clonekiller, a giant fighter, or an alien (any one)... you decide what you think is best for me :p
cool u got some good ideas:D

Right a two dozen eyes is no problem and Jason u'll be an alian lol:pOh and one more thing, I won't be copying any original pics of the larki artwork, it will be my interpretation of each monster:)

Katie I'd like to be a expirienced Waterwizard please.:D

For A Robber Near You
lol ill be the balloon :p

just thought i'd ask Ria... is that cos your full of hot air :p  righto let me think.. it'll have to be a mameluk :D just because !!  

-- Crustyfur --
How about a hideous amazon for me.


Im looking foward to it and id love to be a Lone Wolf since wolves are my favorite... Or even a Bush-Fire Elemental because of my love for fire and my personality!
Just looking forward to seeing the finished product Noo!
yeah  fire!  fire!  heh heh heh  that would be cool!

just being included is honor enough. flex those creative muscles, katie

can't wait to see it.


I think one of the ghosts (100 yr old 1000 yr old) would be appropriate for Boo....
could i please be a breeze-elemental

hey noo could you make me a ork chieftain...if not that then a fallen angel.. :) thanks

Ralph is of coure the Armpit dog.  Even though the Vamp thing is blue I'd rather not be one of those lol.
Would love to be in this picture as a 
Drunken Sailor with big Hairy Feet:D:D
Could mage_smasher have huge muscles and a heavy lookin weapon?
Id consider myself a Titan, of course:D.
so katie, demon didn't actually give you a monster for him... by his description though, it sounds like you're gonna have to add the weapon from the mengornian adventurer to the hand of the heavily built bully.  have fun :)
ok then ppl I have had enough ideas just about to complete the project so no more ideas since I can't do them, sorry to all the people that didn't get a chance to say what they wanna be but now it's too late...
Sit back and relax and wait until xmas day for the final product, I'm sure you will all love it:D