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A public thank-you!
A public thank-you!
A public thank-you!
Well, I don't really know if this is the done thing ... but I would like to say a huge thank-you to Kittin whose help in preparing me for TA has been over and above the call of duty!!

It's lovely to've received such a warm welcome :-)
I didnt help but wtg and glad to have yea with us sir:):D
LOL :) Hey Lilmey, Domie is a Girl ;)

And your welcome Domie :D  

There have been Tons of Peeps help me (and I Greatly appriciate all of the help I have received) with stuff all the time, and so I just feel I need to pass it on!

Thats what the Larky Family is all about!  Am I right Guys?

Kittin_101 :D