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P/S vs S/S
P/S vs S/S
P/S vs S/S
If you HAD to choose, which kind of weapon would you choose.  I currently have a lvl 23 fighter who has trained ranged and P/S but is currently trying to train S/S but it would be a pain to do so.  Is it worth it?  Thanks for your help!

No not if you are up to speed with your current weapon type... Choose one and stay with it... Unless you have an amazingly high dext.
Id say s/s...both are good but s/s is better.Dont know why though.
hmm...debate: smashy smashy or slicey dicey? 
Which do I think is better? I think it would be more my style to go with hyperactive smashy smashy...but slicing sounds good too...oh well, I guess it doesn't matter as long as it causes total anihilation to your enemies :D
I'd have to say that they are both equal... It depends on your character also... If you have a large amount of luck... P/S is the way to go since their is that jucy weapon called the dimension blade on lvl. 32 I believe. Otherwise S/S seems to hold a VERY small advantage overall, though from lvls 20-22 P/S is decidedly better...
Well now whats a dimension blade do thats so special? :D
I originally only swung a P/S weapon but now I develop both.  I don't know if it's an omission on the larkinorguide.com website (hard to believe given how extensive the site is) but there are a number of different levels at which it lists only one type of weapon - ie the web site doesn't list a P/S weapon for level 20.   I ended up swinging a level 19 weapon until I made level 21.

Also, while it may not be universally true, over the last several levels, my level 29 character has been reaching 199% in weapons ability long before I reach the next level.
One remedy to this autorock is give ur character another dex point.

And not much is missing from the larkinorguide site. If one isnt listed then its because there isnt one ;)
Smashy Smashy definetly. All of my fighters have s/s and ranged weaps only from their start.

i tend to find s/s generally has better weapons (yes, some lvls, like early 20's p/s appears better).  and yes, the dimensionblade (which is actually lvl 28 or 29, not 32 as someone said earlier) is a great p/s... depending on your char.  it does something like 396 damage, but has 395 scatter i believe (average is 198, just slightly lower than other p/s of that lvl).  however, with high luck, it may help... or alternatively, if you have intel=lvl*0.4, scatter is reduced ;)  (though i'm not sure how severely... maybe it would become 396/200?  giving an average of 300... very impressive!)
back to the s/s vs p/s debate... up to lvl 32 as high as i've been, and actually checked), if you can train both, do it.  there's a few lvls that one just doesn't work well at all, and having the other would be great.  of course, it isn't easy keeping both trained... let alone catching s/s up to lvl.  talk to some people in chat... most would be willing to give you more advice on lvl'ing it quickly if you want.