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i have returned
i have returned
i have returned
i have returned 2 lark after quite a while, i have been majorly surprised that the upgrade actually happened, can sum1 fill me in on wats bin happenin, thx

-michael rules AKA x-cessive_hunter
Theres a new island,TA.Thord Artin.
Cost 5 million to get a boat and theres more new ppl then ever:D
and whats whit dat nu item, teh watchamagig
lol lil
well michael i think u should read the news section and the help files bout TA(the 2d island)
oh and wb!
thx, ah i was wonderin what dat "hull" did,wow i just realised meh digger had 200k waitin 4 him in teh market
jeez michael if you want us to help you you would think that making your message to us a bit clearer. Had to read your last 2 messages twice to decipher what you were trying to tell us.
Anyway, how about finding them out the hard way, something more thrilling about finding things out your own way trust me;)