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rock people out there.
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rock people out there.
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rock people out there.
heya. i was just wondering if any of u guys out there listen to rock, play an istrument, currently in a band, or fav group and song. let me kno. I listen to hard rock, my fav band is submersed or theory of a dead man.
i play guitar and have been for 8 years. i play both the classical and electric, mostly play really old stuff like led zep, dokken. guns n roses songs are great to play too. i used to be a lead guitarist in a band
I would cut off my left leg if I could play the Piano. I have tried taking lessons and well I just don't have the talent for. I think it is harder to learn when you are an adult though, rather then starting at an earlier age in life.

I like rock. I like classic rock a lot.
yup, i listen to hard rock, metal, heavy, from the oldies metallica and iron maiden, from the new ones linkin park, Slipknot, SOAD, Disturbed, 3 Days Grace and stuff like that, my favorite band is The Offspring, and my favorite songs are "Vermilion" by slipknot and "The kids aren't alright" by Offspring
i like some old rock like red hot chilli peppers californication and queen-bohemian rh@psody.i can play the piano been playing since i was like 5 but im a bit outta practise havnt played for a while
my favorite kinda bands have to be under the top9c types of slipknot thoery of a dead man 3 days grace and the nes and old rock. so point blank i like all rock, except 50-70s rock.
alot of people here r rock people which i really like. keep on replyin.
I listen to a whole variety of stuff but my fav band live is Placebo. I saw them for the first time in a small venue with a cigarette and 'erb haze around the room - it was an amazing atmosphere, and they are so good live as well!
ive heard thyer pretty good. thats awesome.
Placebo are a band I can listen to but wouldn't choose to listen to. 

My favourite band is probably Funeral for a Friend at the moment but I like lots of others. InMe, Fall Out Boy, MCR, The Used, Three Days Grace, Lostprophets, Trivium, Muse and Taking Back Sunday are only a few of them.
have u heard of submersed? theyre pretty good. i luv their song hollow and in due time.
I saw Muse at a festival last year, they were decent live. I have never heard them before or since :p
i dont mind limp bizket or linken park
i like linkin park. i have all their cds. i think theyre supposed to be comin to detroit sometime. i dunno.
I may be seeing Bullet for my Valentine in October. :)
awesome! hope u have fun. tell me how it goes.
well i heard that song hello lonely by theory of a dead man and i thought of a lot of stuff. then photograph just makes me cry wehn i think about my graduation in 2007.
Due to a ticket mix up I may not be going. :( 

Still hopeful though.
awww. im sry. i hope u do get to go. have fun tho if u do. and tell me how it goes.