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New Addition
New Addition
New Addition
Ade and Deb happy to announce arrival of baby boy...6Lb 15oz, Mom and son doing well.

Congratulations!!!  Keep him away from Larki, don't need anyone else beatin me up  ;)


Congradulations Ade!  You told us his weight but not his name.
He don't have a name yet LD, but I'm recommending the go with Ralph :D

WTG Ade  talk about Newbie can't get much newer.
concrats ade hope everything goes well :D

And those Elvensteel Booties are adorable!

hehe welcome to the land of sleepless nights, pile of nappies, and a smell of stale milk that just NEVER seems to go away :D:D:D


Wow....that is great.  Enjoy him.  Congrats to you both.  That is wonderful news that all went well.



Always Hanging Around
congrats!! tell us what u name him...
I thought of that name Sandy but then the other kids would shorten it to Lord and the kid would have all kinds of trouble.  
Maybe just Callum.
If it's a boy, definitely don't go with Sandy.  Believe me, asexual names which aren't actually asexual in the culture you're living in are a bleeding nightmare.

Baby's name is official: Isaac Asher