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You tell Stingy Fano to transfer a little sum to the King's account. You find the transaction costs a little too much...
"You've completed the conditions for leaving the island. Now you can do this whenever you want... Until you find a suitable ship though accept this small token of appreciation!" - You get an antiballast.

Now just nine more levels and 5 mil for a boat!  :)
I have just finished paying the king off as well.  Isn't that great.  I might have to subscribe just so I can go to TA.  Just 4 more levels and 5 million silvers to go!
WTG! Im half way paid off but have not reached 1 million yet:p

i just made to TA today :):):):) my digger has been working furiously for the past week or so .. and im finally there at TA :)