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Favorite/Least Favorite aspects of the game
Favorite/Least Favorite aspects of the game
Favorite/Least Favorite aspects of the game
If there's already a thread for this, forgive me.

As for me, my favorite parts of the game consist of these two:

1.  Clearing out the arena
2.  Noticing that the more time I spend in chat, the more people say hello and goodbye when I arrive and leave.

Least Favorite:

1.  Not being able to fight back when an upper level player steals from me, though I've gotta admit I've done this a few times too!
1. being able to play without interaction--find it therapeutic to figure things out for myself as I move from level to level and to play a game within itself between my characters.
2. the interaction with everyone else through the forum and various player websites
    Ah...the dichotomy of it all

Least Favourite:
1.  when you pay for something it should not be a trial--for most of you funneling funds through paypal is no big deal, but I have friends who have thought about subscribing but the roadblocks set up for them just to pay  became to frustrating--they'd rather just go to the video store and plunk down fifty bucks on something else.  This isn't a big grievance or even a minor problem for me, but I feel when you give someone else money for a service it should be simpler than this.
Favorite aspects:

1. In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of the game: The community. You guys are the most diverse, intelligent, and kind group of people I've ever got to meet online. It's a huge leap from the chat rooms of other games I've played, they don't even compare. I think talking to you guys has even led to some personal growth. :)

2. Secondly, the level of your characters depend on dedication to the game, and not how few hours of sleep you can handle in a day.

Least favorite aspects:

1. So much of the game is unnecessarily hidden under wraps. Some secrecy I can understand, but even donimoe's basic formulas are not accurate. I mean we should at least be able to predict how our character will turn out.


       1) My favorite thing about this game is robbing and the way you can devolope a character is the best i have seen yet.You can desine a char that has my traits and i think that has a lot of outcomes you can play with.

       2) Of course i gotta have the chat on here, the people in here are the kindist, smartist, funnyist group of people i know. Sure of course im not talking bout new people but as soon as you get ok at this game people become much nicer to you.

Least favorite:

              I dont like the way the market is, i think they should make it so that you cant put stuff up for more then 300%. I know people want to make money but somethings they put to high (like building stuff).

I also dont like how much of your money gets wasted to pay the guy at the bank. I just think its a bit too much.
mmmm, interesting thread....
ok I know everyone else has put it but I definately think chat is my favorite part of the game (even if it's not part of the game in itself)....The reason this is because at school I was never very social nor confident for that matter and in the chat I can relax because people don't know what I am like personally which means they don't have to judge me like the people at school do...anyway enough with the rambling....And also I'd like to say to everyone in chat that you're all good friends even if you don't think so likewise...:D
Dislikes of the game
I really find it slow leveling up my theives and robbers, it's more a nuisance than a dislike and I guess some people think so to but I am persistant and will carry on leveling by only stealing and robbing...
I also find annoying is that even though mages are good and powerful thay waste so many clicks on resting or moving about to get mana back....and the fact that to do so and so damage it takes a lot of mp....again just rambling so don't mind me
To braves: The banker charges roughly 10%- sometimes he rounds up.

My Favorite Part: The fact that you can create not only specifically focused characters like digger or mage, but there are so many combinations. My best Character has done stealing, digging, fighting, and spellcasting. 

Least Favorite Parts: Normally when I get robbed its by someone like 10 levels higher than I am. What makes me even madder is when that same person strikes 3 times in a day. believe me- its happened.
hm........the things i like in larkinor..
well i love the cool pictures of the monsters !when i see a new monster i just laugh and laugh for hours and then i return to the game just to find another new monster and do this all over again....:)
i also like the house i just bought for my mage...
actually i really like the whole game and i enjoy playing it every day !
but the thing i like most are my friends in chat !(present and future ones )
the only thing i dont like about this game is that my clicks finish to fast ! well guess i m a larki-hollic
have fun playing larki guys !!!!!

1. Having so much freedom in developing your charcter.

2. Variety in missions and monsters.

Least Favorite: 

1. Getting robbed by and stolen from players I cant defeat. 

2. Have tp go to the temple to pray.
haven't found the prayer wheels I take it One;)
or the aqui dees :p...lol

ria :p
aqua :$
serves me right not proof reading :p