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WIMBLEDONE - whos gonna win
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WIMBLEDONE - whos gonna win
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WIMBLEDONE - whos gonna win
henman or andy murray ty - p.s i am an optimist
p.p.s i spelt wimbledon wrong lol
Federer on the mans side, sharapova on the womans side, and henman and nadal are out already, i really though they were gonna go farther in this tournament
Can anybody give me a website that gives an in depth bracket of both the men and women's rounds? I'm really interested but haven't been able to find one yet.

Isn't federer number 1?

yes, federer is number 1, www.atptennis.com
Thanx! Its funny that all 5 teens are still in. 

i wanted murray or henman or greg rusedski or grosjean to win but they are out
Sharapova also went out :-O...i expected her to win...so maybe venus will light up the sky again?

ALso federer shud win..hes so good...hat-trick?
yup, federer is going for the hatrick, too bad sharapova is out, next year ....
Sharapova, darn what an upset. She was lacking bad in that last game. Williams had it all going for her. Might be a USA vs USA with Williams and Davenport. Wouldn't know who to root for really. It's been too long for Williams to be out of the loop. I suppose its kind of nice to see her in the finals again. Her sister Serena has been taking the spotlight for some time now. It's her turn to rise again. 

As for the men...haven't decided yet.
How old is Venus Williams? It seems like she's play tennis for a really long time. :)

Hmmm, I have no idea how old she is. I know she is the older sister though. And I know it's been two years I think since she's made it in the majors and maybe five years since her last Wimbeldon win...ehhhh...I think. I don't know if she is old or not though. Tennis players now and days make it to the pros at a very ripe age seems. In all sports actually. Wasn't Sharapova only like 18. What a career she has ahead of her then. I wish I would of kept up with Tennis when I was a youngster. But I have this complication with my right knee, so it probably wouldnt have mattered anyway. Oh well, dreams do shatter at times :p
Yes Sharapova is 18. She was the second youngest to win Wimbledon (after Hingis). I just found a site that said V. Williams was born on June 17, 1980, so she's 25. Thats not old at all.


Nopes, not old in the least bit.
and she won wimbledon, federer will win tomorrow
I know. You know srs, when I first read your posts, I got the impression that you were middle-aged. lol. I guess that shows your maturity and knowledge. I still laugh when I think about what you said, 'that your husband sometimes tries to scare you because its good for you heart' :)


Lol, thanks a lot :p Calling me middle-aged, the nerve of you...I'm just kidding. Ya know, I at times feel that my soul is that of a flipping 110 year old lady :p An old soul I suppose I may be, but I like to think every now and then I have a heart of a kid...or else I wouldn't be on this site playing this games :) 

Oh yeaa, I don't remember when I wrote that :) 

Being scared can be fun though. Especially when it is your turn to get the other person back :D



well gl to him coz hes gna win the next 10 wimbledons.

well done absolute class
To Henry
: Maybe Sharapova will be luckier next year

To srs
: Thats true, I feel like that sometimes too. I sometimes think I've been spared the stresses of adolescence. I mean, true, I've been stressed before, but not as many people around me. Even during the college application process, which gave a lot of my classmates rings around their eyes, didn't stress me out that much. I supposed thats good:) My parents say I have too much energy and that I don't sleep enough:)

Oh, one more question to srs: How many places did you move (I lost count) :) :):)

Cool, seems like you are a light hearted - laid back type of person. We need more like ya! :p Energy is a good thing, so is sleep. Get some sleep!! When I was 18 and attended my freshman year in college, I got absolutely NO sleep. You are going to be in for a fun ride. College is great, just keep up your studies too ;) 

I listed the places I moved to in another post where you asked. I can't remember the exact count. I just remember the places I've been to. Never actually counted them :)

Where are the places you've been to?

I was born in NYC in 1987 and I moved to Lexington, KY when I was 3. Then I moved to West Virginia when I was 13 (so actually two moves, but three different places). I'm moving again next month to New Hampshire. How many colleges did you attend, or did you stay in the same one for four years?

Are the numbers after srs your birthdate? 1981?