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Game Draw
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Game Draw
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Game Draw
I was playing checkers against pedro95. At the end I was with 2 pieces and pedro 95 has 1 piece. Suddenly game was draw however as per rule moves was not completed. Can you check and guide
Hello Zahoor,
When there are no captures or promotions to king for 40 consecutive moves, the game is drawn.
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I well know about the rules however while plying the game I referred game was suddenly drawn with moves in hand. You can check that game both rules were not implemented.
Good morning "Zahoor", 

To find out the rules of the “checkers” game, simply go here by following this link.


Which will give you the rules of the game as well as the explanation on the redirection of "Dreaw" (as well as the explanation).

The game is drawn when there is no capture or promotion to king for 40 pairs of consecutive moves.
The game is drawn automatically if there is no winner after 200 moves (100 each).


Good game and good chat room

Friendly,  catsgirls
These rules are wrong. I have played games where I capture opponent's pieces and just when am about to capture last piece, the game draws, which is in itself unfair.

So, I no longer care about these rules, they aren't clear at all.