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No Move Room
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No Move Room
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No Move Room
Please create a 'No Move Room' for those that do not like to move. So tired of moving and being called names ... even in different languages.
There is a room already for this, it's called 'Blackball Pool'.
Should rename it to 'NO MOVE ROOM' so that it can be know that room is no move
It is part of the game so it is there problem if they don't like it. That said, it could be a good option to add it to the pro rules.
Oh I agree... just tired of being called names
dont let it bother you. its only a game
In the lineup for Rooms there are:
English Room
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Unrated Room
Tournament Room
and more

99% of players play in Room 1 and the 'overflow' at times I'll play in Room 2 until I can get into Room 1. 

Hardly ever see players in the other rooms. 

Suggestion, rename Room 3 to 'The No Move Room'
Suggestion, use the room that already exists, Blackball Pool.  There are 8 rooms in there, all for you.
It isn't me that wants a No Move room, well, sort of, because I move. Want a No Move room for those that do not want to move. Players do not know that Blackball Pool is the No Move rooms thus all that play mosting play in Room 1. 99% of players play in Room 1 and if there was/were a No Move room listing where they could see it then Room 1 would not be so flooded with both those that move and those that don't move.
That way those that do not like to move and play in Room 1 can actually 'see' the new No Move Room